Hello everyone.

I will write some stories here, whether they are real or not, you will find out later. I hope it will be interesting and nice to read. Sometimes I will give some useful information in my life. It will be written as if I were telling someone, I just like to write in this way. In fact, this is my first blog, I have never been an eagle from Poland when it comes to style, but in my opinion style is not only important story and what it wants to convey. Maybe you like it, maybe not, I will write it because I like to add classes to myself, invent something new, have a job at all and not get bored. Sometimes I like to stimulate my imagination. This is my first post and I will finish it here and invite you to visit ...




19 November 2020
I was about to stop writing, but someone persuaded me. I was pondering the topic. Today the topic of Poland
25 October 2020
Hello everyone, I have spoken about abortion today, but I haven't touched on many other issues. The government and the
25 October 2020
Hello guys, I wasn't supposed to write anymore, but maybe this is my last post. Today I want to raise

                 The ground is Imagination


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