Another amazing story No. 18

I will tell you today a strange story, but also a bit sad. There was God sitting in heaven for millions of years, he thought that he would go down to earth to people. But a boy said God, I will go down for you and check what fate awaits you on earth. God trusted people and he did not want to send the boy, he wanted to visit people himself, but eventually he got convinced by the angels and sent the boy. The boy wanted to be born in an ordinary family and it happened.Family with three children, the boy was the oldest and had siblings, two younger sisters he looked after, he only regretted that he did not have a brother because he did not know what it was like to have a brother. The family was ordinary with the problems of those times like everyone else, not a rich, not poor, average family. The boy quickly found himself in the world, got his friends, he was rather liked. In the early years of his youth he devoted himself to learning and playing. Until high school he thought only about studying, in high school first love. I guess he was amorous and believed in perfect love, but rather it's not in this world. He was disappointed in every newly met girl at one point, stated that there was no perfect love on earth and gave up her. He wanted to have just someone he loves and is close to. Altogether up to the age of 25, he had a happy life, he also met someone who he really fell in love with, was hurt and hurt himself. He felt at that moment a man like any other person. A person who makes mistakes. He understood then many things. You will ask what things? Just that there are no perfect people, you must be able to forgive your mistakes and the mistakes of other people. He was happy until he was beaten at the age of 25 and he did not get a cure for it. It was a blow to him when he learned from the leaflet what he was sick of, the doctor did not even have the courage to tell him the truth. In my opinion, it is better to hear the diagnosis from doctor than from the leaflet that the doctor gave him to read. Because the boy did not know what to think about this leaflet.It is as if I sold a car to a doctor with a nail in the tire and gave the vulcanizer leaflet, without worrying that he could kill himself driving fast, or by selling a car without brakes he gave a mechanic leaflet, for me it's sick. The boy, when he was aware of his illness, said to himself, you see God, what would happen to you on earth. The beating took place on the boy's 25th birthday, it is probably a birthday present from fate. What the boy had with him was taken from him, he was humiliated, because he had no strength to defend himself. If he wanted to defend himself, if it ended, there were more of them in addition with sticks. He had to let go, he felt humiliation that he could do nothing. If it was God, such a fate would meet God. The boy realized matter of the words God is in each of us, just God felt what this boy. Then the boy began to talk to God. The boy then asked God for two gifts, the gift of clairvoyance and the gift of creating the future. God gave these two gifts to the boy. The gift of clairvoyance is not so pleasant. When you see death all around this curse is not a gift. The boy saw many things also the death of the president and many people. He saw a lot of death all around in his family, he was very tired. these views had anxiety, until he began to control it. Because of this he was afraid of people. The gift of creating the future is also a great responsibility. You can give people everything and give technology that moved quickly, he did it also because of himself because he liked technical novelties. He was always interested in computers when he was young, he dreamed of having a computer at home to be able to play games. In his opinion, games unloaded emotions, thanks to games people could empathize with various situations, be a driver, farmer, fisherman, soldier, lead virtual wars, or drive at very high speeds without really killing each other e better to fight a virtual war where no one really dies. In his opinion, you would have to plant those in power who start wars, let them play computer games and let them fight a virtual war, not a real one. That's why he created fast-propelling technology. People invented more and faster different things, we already have cells, smart watches, electric cars. This boy gave people, but he wanted to see how people will use it or wisely. Answer this question yourself. Technologies are not bad, only people sometimes use them badly, you can give an example of an atomic bomb, they could build nuclear power plants, and they made an atomic bomb, which they killed many lives. The boy could think that it was supposed to be like this or that, but he was intelligent and fair and did something completely different. He started with himself since God was going down to earth, he felt a little bit God, so he couldn't let God do anything ę happened. He could choose for himself what fate awaits, but he did not want to, he wanted to leave this choice to people. He wanted God to be happy on earth, to feel what this family was. He said that first it would be 7 years hard for an average person, and then a wheel 7 good years. At this moment we have good years, we earn a better job easier, there is one more term of the government and everything will be explained where we are going. The boy wanted God for happiness, and if he would not be happy then as if God were not. The boy seeing the future saw two ways, a path of happiness and unhappiness. What would you call happiness? In my opinion, family is happiness, no money but a loving family. The boy saw all this at the age of 25. He struggled with the disease for years, he was alone. Friends left , the family looked like a UFO. He saw how it is to be a sick person, those who were not in his situation do not know what it is, be you dart. The girls he met wanted to have a tall, handsome and working guy. Note that usually at the beginning of the acquaintance the question from the lips of women is about what you are doing. If you are not working you are nobody. Even family will think about you that if you are not working you are nobody. This is how it looks when you are sick and not working. The boy recovered for a long time, but finally he got back on his feet at the age of about 40. He lost by beating 20 years of age. Are he interested in women? After what he went through, he would have to think carefully if he wants to be with one. Earlier they didn't see him, let him pound now. He is about 40 years old as God would have if he had come down to earth, as you think experiencing all this alone, you can be happy, that you would like for God, and maybe for himself or his children. The boy saw it all at the age of 25 and creating the future. He said yes he would see what his life was he will bring, he has suffered enough. His words were if he did not die, he would be happy, the world would end after his death, because the earth did not deserve God. For if he was not happy God would not be. For God, it would be a holiday on earth Nice vacation at the age of 25, battery, sickness and old age loneliness without family, without wife and children. That is why he said that it would be fair, the happiness of future generations depends on his happiness. Some people now collect wealth, make children think that they will give everything to children , and they do not know that children will not need wealth, but a quiet life, which they will not have, for which, for a generation of parents. Money does not give life only help in life, but when there is no life they are unnecessary. Such boys can walk around the world many, each of you can be such a boy, your children can be such a boy only if they get a chance to live. the boy will die unhappy, no money will be needed. The boy saw the end of this planet, and exactly several ends. One of the ends will be a terrible war that will destroy the planet, the other end will be asteroid impact on the earth, which will also destroy the earth, these endings saw several , but I will not describe everyone and I do not want to describe in detail, because it will be terrible. The fate of humanity is in the hands of this boy. As I said at the beginning a sad story, but today I wanted to write it. Maybe I wanted to open the veil of mystery, maybe something inspired me, I just like to write different amazing stories.




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05 February 2020

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