Another consideration of "advertising"


Well, today beloved another material Siekielski gives up his earnings, is that good? If he has something to live on, he can afford it. Let's say that I will also opt out of ads on this blog, unless the owner of the hosting himself, it is not up to me. Is truth important? I think so. I just hope that after this film there will not be every priest taken as a pedophile, because it is unfair, a black sheep can be found everywhere in our home. Let it be a year of purification, talks about who hurts, regrets, but let it be quiet conversations, without screams, artificial harassment for one person, because each of us is guilty. You were born guilty, I hope you don't die. Maybe this is the time of cleansing from wine, maybe it was Mr. Siekielski who started this time, the time of truth. If you feel that you should talk to someone, go and talk, if you don't feel the need, forgive yourself and someone. Is anyone guilty? Everyone is and is not. It's just the life you are in. It's important to forgive yourself and someone. Then you will start to live really. If you want to keep making these mistakes, it's up to you. I could write a lot of my mistakes, mistakes of people around, but why, now everyone can think about where he made a mistake, you don't have to talk about it out loud, but try not to make it again. We are only human and we make mistakes, but we can try not to repeat them, it makes us better. I'll tell you something else, Mr. Siekielski gave up money, and Adobe is already preparing lawsuits for people who have not updated Photoshop. In a moment, it is not known who will pay the penalties, whether pirates or people who bought the original versions and did not update it. Adobe does not know that poor people who earn PLN 1000 per month in Poland simply cannot afford photoshop, and maybe they know, but they still want to block its use. Only young people need access if they want to learn how to use it, unless they have thought about it. Trial versions are often stripped down and you don't have access to all options, demo versions too, and if you want to learn how to use it, you must have access to all options. I would do it in such a way that the programs are divided into two versions, ordinary for everyone and commercial, if we go to work it must be in a commercial company, and the rest of the people use ordinary for home use. This would solve many problems with such programs. First of all, ordinary would not need keys, company versions would be with the key, the owner of the company would have to present such keys in the event of an inspection, both versions would be the same, so that a person could later work, just like at home, this would apply to all programs used in companies. This would allow anyone to learn about the program themselves at home. Multimedia programs for home use can be paid or free, it depends on the creator. You can also enter that such programs, if someone helps to develop, then the given version is free for such a person. I had it with the "Allplayer" version, I got the key from the owner of the program, because I created program appearances. It's probably fer of them and me. It gives the so-called "powera" to help myself. Such programs develop faster then. Ideas for programs could also be rewarded this way. We have "Windows 10" in the new version, we can pass ideas, let them write that they will give Windows 10 for the ideas they use, or employ them as good as you know, "Windows10" will grow quickly and how cool it will be, of course the developers will have more work , these will be new jobs, because if a given group does not keep up, you need to hire additional ones, so the market is driven. But enough of my writing on this topic. As for the ads in "Windows10" is a very good idea that they are matched to what we are interested in, because thanks to which we find what we are looking for, it's a great idea. I will finish my thoughts for today ...




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05 February 2020

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