Another day of reflection

I like to browse Virtual Poland and read news, the search for guilty has started. The heading "Settling pedophilia touches the legend of JPII", they will immediately make any pedophile. I understand that there may have been pedophiles, but don't artificially fuel this story. The words "Don't tell anyone" are not necessarily true, it is possible that these people just wanted to tell someone, because they suffered a lot because of it, but were afraid of people's reaction and went on it, or maybe they just stopped after this one event, nobody does not know. In everyone's life comes a moment for reflection and examination of conscience, they will either forgive themselves or not. In fact, they should judge themselves, not others. Are others guilty? Already in Christ's day it was said who, without a fault, let him throw the stone first. Your judgments are these stones, you may throw at yourself. Further articles in the style I wrote or wrote a book what he or she was for me. It's better to write good words about someone, not bad ones, it's better to remember good moments, not bad ones. If someone has to write the truth, let them write, choose or describe evil or good, some have to throw out what is bad, some what is good, maybe this is the year of clearing the atmosphere around, that's my thought for today. Maybe it's the portals like "WP" that allow us to see the truth and form an opinion on something. There used to be newspapers only, today we have internet everyone in our home and we see what is happening in the world and in the country, some even in our own home, it is mainly celebrities and famous people who experience it. Think about whether you would like to be known characters that others read everywhere and make judgments about you, or just ordinary people. I will tell you that making a pedophile or a pervert does not make sense, we should all look at the eyes, because some people will later be children. Do you know why? Do you remember stories with sunflowers in minors or galleries, after all, they may also be stigmatized someday, I would place all this year on the spot, let me make an examination of conscience and reconcile with the past or settle and end this whole campaign against myself, it will help everyone, but let everyone hit their chest and say that they are guilty when they forgive themselves, forgive others. On the other hand, it is good that the media write about what happened in the church, in the world, in the country and in the life of celebrities, because thanks to this you know how not to act and how it ends, after many years. You know how these people now feel, both of them are the perpetrators and the other victims in public, what a shame it is for both, what a pain. Let it be the beginning of something new, without going back into the past, unless someone needs it, it will pass over time, but let's not make any more mistakes from the past, just the past shows us what is good and what is not, the memory of it should remain, but we should live again from today, maybe some with the new year let them start living again it is your choice, you cannot force yourself, but you cannot make the same mistakes. It is the past that teaches us what is good and what is bad, that's why people have memory, not only for the multiplication table, that's why history and various writings are written so that we don't make mistakes and that's why we develop, because we remember ...




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05 February 2020

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