Another History No. 12 God on Earth

I will tell you stories today and take on the role. In all these ages, God never once came down to earth. Why, because he thought that he could see everything well above what was happening on earth. However, it is different to see someone's life and differently to experience it yourself. In 2000, it was supposed to be the end of the world, at least all the soothsayers announced, but the end of the world was not. Why do you ask, because God wanted to come down to earth and live his life as a human being to see for himself what it was like to be human. Only then will he decide what to do with people. It was at this moment that Robert was born. Where does this name come from? Bob in English is Robert. And Bob turning the last letter upside down gives the letter g, meaning God, English has no Polish characters so God is God. Now you know who God is and what his name is, just Robert. It was a simple puzzle, but many people wondered what God's name was, you know. No, not Yahweh or any other, it's a human invention because they didn't know what my name really sounds. Did I know after birth that I am God, did not want to have a normal childhood and adolescence, moreover, if I told someone they would take me as a tip, I would end my whole life in a psychiatrician. I recall nice years of youth, there were turmoil like every teenager. Adolescence was interesting, I was successful because I was a nice, nice and handsome person. And then this unfortunate year 2000 was approaching, I remember myself I was afraid of the end of the world, I haven't seen that much in my life. But there was no end, it was rather the beginning of everything. Disappointed love, and then an accident, if beating on your birthday can be called an accident. But the week before I felt that something bad was going to happen, such a feeling that something would happen to me. Even less often I left the house, but destiny cannot be deceived. I could die then, but I only lost consciousness, it was saved by covering my hand as if someone were watching over me, probably angels I saw much later. In fact, after the beating I had different visions in my head, I saw things that are yet to come. Did I say yes to someone, but did this person do something about it? I don't think so, she probably didn't believe it until she saw what came later. Maybe she was afraid to reveal, maybe she is already dead, I don't know. I predicted what would happen and nobody did anything about it, and maybe he does all the time, it turns out over time, at the end he will get the appropriate payment as he deserved or deserved. In 2001, when I had an accident of loss of consciousness, I saw something that was, the death of the Polish president on a plane in Russia, the accident was in 2010, i.e. nine years earlier I saw what would happen. This is not all I saw, I saw death in the flames of my brother-in-law, I saw the accident of my uncle and aunt a year before it happened, I didn't tell them anything because I knew that they would get out of it even though they were roofing. I do not tell people what will happen, for what, no one will believe. Can I help you by talking about it, I'm not helping sending angels, even though something is about to happen, people are alive, those who are dead is because I didn't know who I was then and I couldn't help yet. Could the president live, if he would listen to me and believe me. It was their destiny, and I did not want and could not change it. Telling someone about it at the time, I didn't know who I was, I had guesses, but I didn't know yet. Anyway, I was scared and did not want to admit it. If I save someone's life again, if I deserve it, I will really save myself. Angels see good people and help them get out of trouble. Some of you probably watched "House of Paper" such a series on netflix, there the professor predicted all police moves wanting to rob a bank, it was the same with me, when I was to go down to earth I predicted all people's moves, so I decided that everything must go. What is to succeed so. Divine Plan. What is God's plan, only God knows. Do you remember the song Ronnie Ferrari "She would like that", it's a divine song, I heard it in my head before, I wanted this boy to sing it because I did it, I was always annoyed when someone loved Latte, I drink ordinary tea there , his idea was born suddenly in his head because it was supposed to be, he has a gift from God, if God does not know curses, he knows well and sometimes he uses them himself, so the song is great it has a kick. The song tells about the ordinary day of God and his ideas and ordinary days of people. God on earth funny for some but true. Satan thwarted my plans because it was supposed to be holidays and a happy life, but maybe just to see what people's lives are like. He took my sweetheart away from me, he did it with someone else, I have no children, neither a wife nor even a girl, but I think I'm so good, after all, everyone knows God as a loner without a wife and children, that's how you describe him, and in the church he is an example real family, a bit strange. Maybe I did it so that now there are so many singles without using any magic. I just opened my eyes to who they were hanging out with, drunks who didn't care, sadists beating their own wives, so many women left men. However, that's not all, I gave you a technology that opened your eyes, thanks to it you saw what is happening in the world, and how I did it in a simple way, giving you the talents thanks to which you created this technology, without any magic or miracles. Maybe I wanted to show Christ that people can be converted to wise thinking with openness and information instead of miracles. But everything takes time. You've been waiting for this for over 2,000 years. Do I see what will happen, I have already seen it, but sometimes I see news from my life. But why should I tell someone if nobody believes it, they will lock me in a psychiatrist, I will leave it to myself. I will tell you great to be God on earth, because I know where I will go after my death here, and others may find it differently. Do I care about money? Money would make my life easier, but it is not the most important thing, I could make some earthly dreams come true. But I approach the fact that nothing is by force, you can see such a plan I was in heaven. I don't have to know everything because I could be an ordinary person here. But everything works out what I told myself. I walk smiling because of this, often seeing who I am and who people are, they don't even know that I knew what they would be like before. It's funny sometimes when you realize that you knew what they would be. But the cooler thing is that I wanted them to be like that. It's like being on earth and having an impact on everyone without even talking to him. I like to watch the world change, how people change, it's a nice feeling. When you have an impact on people, how would you like them to be this is great. There are things that you will learn one day or your children or the next generations, I don't have to say everything. I am 43 years old I am a loner and I do not cry in the pillow that I am alone. I will verify my life after returning to myself and see who made the mistakes and where. Someone will answer for these errors because they were not my mistakes. I can already see who made them. Never mind, I won't settle you here only upstairs. They will see how it is when someone makes these mistakes on them. This is what God's life on earth looks like, ordinary with his and others' mistakes. This is how people live, they make mistakes themselves, someone makes mistakes for them. I'll tell you, something the dentist was treating my teeth, I don't know if she was doing it on her own or she couldn't heal, but in that world she would see herself, such a clone and heal her teeth, see how much pain I had to endure, the doctor prescribed a bunch of drugs in my opinion unnecessary , but he probably has something from it, since he writes so much, in that world all this drug cart will give her a clone and she will have to swallow all, see how it is, how do you take so many drugs. But that's the way it is with people who haven't experienced something on their own, they will experience it and then they will learn to be valuable people. It is like that in every profession. If a policeman puts him in prison wrongly, they put him in there and see how he is, the murderer here will be murdered there himself, by all those whom he murdered. The rich who cheated others to get rich himself will be deceived and be a poor man. That is after death, there is justice. Those who already got there know about it, those who do not know anymore. After everyone's death, purgatory is waiting, because no one will go to heaven before purgatory. I told you a little about life after death. Am I afraid of death, I do not know what awaits me there, but I am not in a hurry for that world, because I want to observe you yet. These are my usual days. Days of looking at you. Are there angels on earth? They are a year ago I saw twice, they helped me. They look like ordinary people, except for one small detail that I won't reveal to you. They may be a woman or a man, but one thing makes them stand out from the crowd, one day you will know, but not yet. Why did God come down to live this earthly life as a human being, as an ordinary human being with the problems of every other human being? With this accent I will finish my story ...




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05 February 2020

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