Another History No. 19

Today I will tell you the stories of a boy with schizophrenia. Most people are afraid of mentally ill people, but because they do not understand them. A later statement is crazy, freak, tip. Most people do not know what they are going through in their lives, what hell, many of you would receive life after such experiences. I don't know all the cases of mentally ill people, but it comes first from depression and then deepens into a more severe condition. I'm not talking about people with Down's disease because they were born with it, but part of society he acquires mental illnesses at a later age, first being healthy people. Usually this happens after some experiences, trauma. In fact, most of the population is sick, only the majority is afraid to go to be diagnosed with what is wrong with them. When I see people every day, I see how depressed they are. or maybe something more, just never admit it, why, because society stigmatizes people mentally ill, being sick themselves. They are afraid to face the truth that something is wrong with them. They often laugh at the mentally ill, of course outside the eyes of the sick, but they are already sick at the moment, because it is an attack on a sick person so that others do not see our disease. Healthy people are intelligent enough to not make fun of sick people. A really healthy person is composed and intelligent because nothing is wrong with him and does not have to make fun of someone to hide his own illness, a healthy person thinks how to help such a person, not depressing. Those who are oppressed are simply mentally weak, it is also a disease, only not recognized by doctors, because most of the society would find that it is sick. Every second person in this world is depressed. Even children already have depression by parents who only require them, fortunately in recent years there is stress-free upbringing, which reduces this depression, but parents are overworked and do not have ace for children do not teach their correct behavior, which may later cause them to become depressed. Well, but I will move on to my story. People with schizophrenia and not only often hear voices in the head, sometimes doctors ask whether inside the head or on outside.It is not a nice feeling when the voice tells you what to do, often this voice prompts you wrong.That later, these people do various stupid things that are stigmatized, but that's not all.The people besides the voice that prompts them often hear other voices, for example. voices of other people, voices of screams, moans, screams of people who are dying. It really is scary, these people are terrified terribly, even of their own shadow, they often do various stupidities in life for fear, for fear of their own lives, and yet they are stigmatized. I heard a story like a man walled up in the bathroom, he ate nothing for several days, until his family found him, called the police and smashed the wall, the man was so afraid of people that he walled up, you imagine what anxiety it must be, what he had to survive to take such steps. You play games, watch horrors, these people experience such horror in their imagination believing that someone wants to hurt them. I knew a boy who went to a psychiatric hospital, and there is no silence, there are screams coming from other rooms, these screams intensified his voices in his head, he began to hear the sounds of war from afar, he began to hear cries of begging for the life of his own family ny, in his imagination he saw how the Polish-Russian war broke out. With his eyes he saw them approach the hospital in which he was lying, he heard the screams of his family, he saw with the eyes of the imagination how the Russians cut off the heads of the whole family and go to the hospital to do something worse to him , he believed it as if it were really happening. Think of the situation that is really happening in your life, because for him it was real what you would do. He at first wanted to break the glass and a piece of glass to kill himself. he wondered for a long time where this glass would knock to die quickly and another thought came that he would not give up, that he would fight until the end, that before he would die take a few soldiers with him. He did not want to give up without a fight. Later another thought came whether he could to kill a man, unfortunately he could not, so he made a different decision that he would fall asleep and kill him in a dream, reconciled with death in that At that moment, he was ready to die and fell asleep. Everything was gone and he felt better. Now you see what these people are going through, is it worth laughing at them? How do they hear these laughs in their heads later. And what if it happened to you, you would laugh when you were one step away from committing suicide, for such a reason. Such people just need to be brought together, and this is not easy, medicines alone are not enough, drugs only stupid, so that they do not think of stupidity and not they heard voices. But if you don't work with these people, the drugs stop working, and the disease gets worse. They need a conversation and a smart conversation. How to cure schizophrenic disease, doctors really know little and just stuff their medication, but it's not exit. This friend of mine was not sent to a psychologist for 15 years, he wanted to go alone, but nothing came of it, he has not been to a psychologist so far, maybe he did well because he did better than that a psychologist would help. I have seen many psychologists alone, who advise others and are not able to deal with their problems themselves, how they can help a sick person, I do not know what they taught them in these schools. Everyone just counts on private visits and that it is fast to checkout and the boy helped himself, he takes the medication himself, because he has to take it for so many years, but he can't hear voices, he has no fear, he even came to the conclusion that too much medicine causes anxiety, because these people are so stupid drugs that they do not know what is happening to them, like zombies, hence they stop trusting their surroundings and become anxious, and after the fears come again voices and drugs stop working then. The boy had such conditions that the doctor could not give a larger dose because he would dangerous to him, the boy looked like a zombie. He started with the fact that he reduced the dose of medication himself. Later he played in the psychologist and tried to help himself. First, he wanted to close old matters that were not taken care of, so that the past would not weigh him down. He got out who needed, he closed old loves to not love anyone, because it caused him suffering and began life again, without life luggage. First he wondered what his problem was. The problem was that he loved unhappily, he was not happy, all friends whose healthy he had fully left him, so he also took out because of them you had to start with that. Close old things. He doesn't keep in touch with his former colleagues because he wasn't in his life for all this time, so now they are not needed either, he couldn't count on them. He saw that no one could count only on their parents for which he is grateful. He came to interesting conclusions, through what he went through. Many times he could die and realized that he was one thing, and what if there is no next life, there is nothing after death and this is the only life he has. How would he live it? He thought happily and it was a priority for him. He always loved everyone around and helped as much as he could, nobody he did not help. He started to love himself and do something for himself, and not for others. He decided that he would be happy, despite how life goes on. He finally thought I have one life and wants to live his own way. Many people have criticized him before for any reason, he used to care about it this time, he didn't care, no matter what someone says, he thinks about my life and experiences it, regardless of the opinions of others, and then he started to feel happy. Other opinions, in short, have important things in his ass he thinks about it himself. He finally began to enjoy and enjoy life. He was not malicious, he did not take revenge on anyone, but he remembered how they were for him. Therefore, he had them all somewhere, counts for him only he, finally began to take care of himself and not about others. It was his whole problem. When he realized that life has one and more he would not survive, he knew that as little as it would not spoil his mood. He was nervous as everyone but he even smiled to himself and had somewhere or someone would say something about it. They really love fail, but when we count on ourselves we will not let ourselves down. When someone underestimates that he is with us he does not deserve us, simple and there is no need to cry after such a person, there will be another who can appreciate. If I fail something, it fails, it does not break down, it was supposed to be so I rise from the ground and go on, this is the way of things. we live to fight adversity. The boss fired you or threatens you to be crushed, you don't deserve such an employee, another employer will appreciate if it's not the first or the second one, and if they don't, they'll screw you up at work. donor, he will not pull it off. The girl threw for another, such a guy like me, he probably has no turn in his head, like me is nowhere. So explain yourself, make yourself feel good, if someone does not do it, then you did not lose the girl only she has a cool guy. You have to know your value. The same is with girls, the guy does not want to let him chase you, they will be better. In the worst case, you will be happy alone. Who told you that you have to be with someone to be happy, you can to be happy alone, that you have to be with someone are stereotypes that put you everywhere. You don't need a woman or a guy to have sex, you can achieve orgasm yourself. You should look for someone with whom you are happy, not to reach orgasm and show off in front of your friends, what a handsome and rich guy you have. You won't take all these houses, cars and money to the grave, you will leave and nobody will remember you o family, because family is the most important, but not at all costs. Remember, no matter how much you earn, it is important to be happy in life, do what you like, this is your only life, when you leave this world you will think whether you were happy or not and this is the most important thing, this is a summary of your life or you were happy. When you earn a lot of money all your life but you are not happy, you had a shitty life, so because you have money when you don't have time to spend it, you won't spend it after death Those who have little money should not worry that they have little, because in fact what is money, ordinary paper, which means nothing, helps you have something to eat and pay bills, but that's all. And whether you will be happy depends on you If you make your dreams come true, then you are happy, but let it be real dreams. To feel happy, you have to dream about real dreams. and implement them and do it for yourself not for others. Because buying a new house or car to show yourself to others is not a dream that will give you happiness. Dream about what is important to you not for others. Then you will be happy. The boy has recovered, he is happy, the disease despite the fact that he takes less drugs does not intensify, and even I say weakens. Such a story about a boy's illness, happiness and approach to life, wanting to be healthy. Now I finish my today's story and encourage you to read the next ones. Now you know what is important in life. You loved ones and your happiness without taking happiness from others.




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05 February 2020

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