Another History No. 2

Another story begins with a queue in heaven, and what is behind all, behind the wives that God assigns before sending to earth. I remember when I and my mother entered the corridor, I am standing and asking, why are we standing here? Mom says, I will show you your wife, because she already knew who she would be. And I talk to my mother, Mom, but I want to choose myself. Mum says, God chooses, and I will talk to God and I will convince him for my choice, Mum says that it is impossible, I say impossible, I will see Mum that I will succeed. First, I decided to look around. I look around and I see different girls, my mother showed me one, she says it will be your wife, I looked at her and I see a blonde, she is so mean that she will be mean, I did not like her right away, I never say in life, I prefer to be alone than with her . I think I will look more and suddenly a girl with blond curly hair comes in smiling with a nice mom, I immediately thought that this would be my wife, I show my finger and talk to my mother, my mother will be my wife, and my mother is already busy you see that boy, I mean that mean guy? You're kidding me, I won't let her be with him. I say I will do everything so that God would give her to me for my wife, my mother says it's impossible and I will see it. I stand, I think what to do here, I think there is nothing to wait you have to act. Without waiting for anyone, I opened the door to God without knocking, I come in and say, God, I would like to talk to you. God tells me wait for your turn, I say I can't wait because it will be too late, but God insisted, says leave, I say no. Suddenly Jesus and Mary enter, Mary was talking to someone else there, Jesus would stand next to God and whispered something, unless he asked who I was. I just heard God say he came and gives me no peace, I don't have time for him now, take care of him. I think I'm a son of God, I'll talk to him maybe he can advise something. I am asking you would help convince the Father that I could choose my wife, he says to me there are other rules here God sets and parents. I am asking if these rules cannot be changed, he says, rules are rules, it is God's law and that of people, it was agreed from the very beginning. I say Jesus help, I will help you, I promise that they will not crucify you again. He says it's impossible, if people sin a lot, I have to go down and redeem their faults and I'm just waiting for when it is to happen, because probably soon all the sky is shaking what they are doing, says on earth is the second world war, brother kills brother , I have to go down and give my life for them, because the world will end if I do not do it, says the father also has enough of them, he even thinks about finally giving up on them, because how many times can you send your son to death. I think, I think, I look, Mary approaches God and talks to him, then approaches Jesus and says you have to go down to earth and give your life again, Jesus with a certain grimace of face, says again on the cross, if something worse will be, I see that he also has enough. Suddenly I think this is my only chance, I say Jesus will make you all happy, Mary will be happy, you and your Father and probably other people that you are not dying this time, but I have a condition, I will choose my wife and every man on earth will have such a right regardless of religion. Jesus was glad, Mary began to wonder and tried to convince me that it was Jesus' duty, so without waiting for a long time, I came to God and I say God, I will come down and give my life for Jesus or I will convince them not to fight with each other again and I say, if I fail, you will destroy the whole world and you will have peace of mind, just ask for one thing, give me some talent and I want to live part of my life as I want and I will do what I like vividly and I will have so much luck, that I will succeed, and then you can do me a hill, and the talent I want to have, I'll tell you in a moment. I think what to choose here, strength, but how many strongmen died on the battlefields, e.g. Goliath and Dawid, I thought that Dawid was smarter, he won, so I knew that I wanted to be smart, but I think what else, I will probably he could have had more of these talents. I think intelligence is ok, but how to expand it and then I thought of my imagination and dreams, if I would dream, I will think of what I want, and intelligence will help me realize it, no matter how. I approach God and say God apart from my wife, I want to have intelligence and imagination with dreams, and to be born if there is no war and remember childbirth, because as far as I know, no child remembers it. God says, that's all, for my son I can give what you want, I say so much for me. God laughed and said, my son did miracles and crucified him, and you only want to experience something like that? I say, I believe in you, God, that you will help me because your son will not have to suffer. God says, and why do you dream, I say when a man has dreams, he has a purpose, and when he has a goal, he tries to achieve it, a man without dreams has no purpose, so why try, why do anything, oh what I found out when I was on earth, but more on that later. God smiles and says ok, but you will have Satan on his neck, I wonder what he says, I also say I will convince him, but I say he is probably worse, so I would like to have some time to talk to him as soon as I am on earth. As I left, I was pleased with myself and started thinking how it would be with Satan, but I think I will show my mother that I convinced God and I can choose my wife and others too, but I have priority. I walk over to this blonde and say you will be my wife, apparently I liked her, but she says to me, my mother told me that another would be my husband, I say your mother is wrong, she says, my mother is never wrong, and I say this time is wrong because I chose you myself. She is surprised and says it is impossible for you to choose yourself, I say, from today the rules have changed, I changed them, she smiled and says, I want such a husband. He says, mother, you can see my husband, my mother is surprised, but you could see that she was also happy, because that was some kind of sly guy, he would probably hurt her. I went to my mother and I say we can go now, we've done what we were supposed to do. We were coming back and I was so happy that I would have such a nice wife, smiling and cheerful, but on the other hand I was afraid of this devil, I wonder what he will come up with. Another nice thing was that I would not live like a war, more and more pros and cons. I think what it will be, with such talents, it can't be bad. On the second day, I was to be born on earth, I remember that I still asked God to be born normally, like any other child, which God heard ...



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05 February 2020

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