Another History No. 3

History begins with my birth. I remember how I was born. I remember this moment. I saw darkness alternating with red and dark red. I felt the warmth surrounding my body. I heard a rumble, or rather my heart or mother's beating. I heard voices, although I did not know what it was at the time, but it was pleasant and strange alternately, because I did not understand what they were saying, although at that time I did not even know that it was speech, for me it was more and less pleasant sounds. I heard water overflow although I didn't know what it was then. I lasted for some time, sometimes I saw a brighter red, it was probably light, although I did not realize it at the time. The day came that it suddenly became cold, most likely the waters were gone. I felt something pulling me down, I was very scared and I didn't want it, I wanted to stay where I was, but it was stronger. I felt cold and suddenly I opened my eyes lightly, the light was very light, very strong bright light, so I closed my eyes, I wanted to rest and needed peace. I remember my scream and suddenly everything disappeared from my memory. I still remember when I was inside those brighter moments when the light was redder it was warmer and more pleasant. I remember that a liquid surrounded me, but it didn't interrupt my breathing, it was pleasant. Once I went outside, I didn't remember anything for a long time. From my youth I remember when I was lying on the bed, I had my leg on my leg and I was holding a bottle of milk, drinking milk, I will never forget the taste of this milk. At the age of 5 I was a cheerful and agile boy, maybe a little inexperienced, but with many friends. We had a parcel, the youngest, the rest older than me. Andrzej, Grześ, Tomek were not all, there were more of them, although I remember the youngest with them. We made a hut from blankets and racks. Every day or every day we gathered and came up with what we do. We usually played cards. These were not ordinary games because they were winners and losers. The losers got spanked, the winners were beaten. Of course, it wasn't some beating to demean or destroy but for fun. Sometimes we played on the beat on the hands, who lost was given to everyone depending on how many times he won hand in hand, there were also more extreme actions, such as beating cards on the butt or hand, and if someone broke the cards then the roles changed and this the person who hit was getting more or less spent as there were no computers or games today. We played kuk or war, today children play war on a call of duty or battlefield computer or cs: go. We had such fun then. Or we were gathering with the boys and playing mole. In Krec there were various actions, either on the ground or on the trees. My favorites were the trees. Climbing and climbing on the branches so that someone did not catch us it was great, especially when climbing the willows where the branches were soft and easy to move on them, and so I played in the mole until I ran and got caught on the root, turned over and fell on a broken beer glass. Arm broken, blood peeing in tears that I would die hehehe and with my burp to my mother to save. My mother for those days without thinking for a long time, without going to the home doctors tried to help. She took out the glass sitting in the wound, I still have a trace, washed my hand, applied unsalted bacon and bandaged the wound. I walked like this for a week, maybe two, the wound healed quickly. All that is left is a scar, or rather a strip after cutting. This is my short story ...




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05 February 2020

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