Another History No. 4

Another story begins with responsibility. As the eldest child, it's hard for you. You have to bear this burden, you are on your own. Fun games, but you have to keep your finger on the pulse. My first responsibility was when the sisters began to eat electricity bulbs on the Christmas tree, thankfully I turned off the power in time, because it could be different. Successful sisters also once did a joke to me, once sent an advertisement to "Friend" such a newspaper at that time that I was looking for friends. Hundreds of letters, various offers were coming. The most amusing one letter, a girl wrote that I should buy her an engagement ring, and I was maybe eight years old at the time, it was funny, she probably also did something about it, looking at the spelling. The postman couldn't keep up the letters, he seemed to be upset by so many letters. The letters varied from postage stamp exchange to engagement. At first I didn't know how many letters to me, but later the sisters confessed, I was fed up with their jokes. Such an ordinary, unusual life. In elementary school, I had my pack of friends, we always came up with something and stayed together. I was rather a person who studied well, red bar, etc., although in the upper classes the enthusiasm for learning weakened, but I did not study badly. I remember primary school in such a usual way, learning rather than having fun or school disco. High school, it was difficult to choose there were not so many faculties as now. I wanted to go to electronics, but miraculously you could get there, so I didn't even fold the papers. I decided to go to an electrical faculty in another school, it was not the peak of my dreams, but it is difficult to speak. I had to undergo psychological tests, everyone had to try there. After the tests, when the results were checked, one of the examiners came out and said my name, I was surprised why he was looking for me, I thought something was wrong and he wanted to see me, because I wrote the best, I don't know maybe above the norm, he congratulated me and I thanked you. The first year was as far as I met new people. However, at some point I lost my enthusiasm for learning, maybe because I was older and wanted a little normal life like the others, playing football, basketball, volleyball, meeting new girls, bonfires and parties. As the hormones say, they go crazy. All in all, it wasn't a bad time, until I met a girl who wanted to, and maybe she did it by sending guys over, just because I broke up with her, I just got it wrong, I thought. For some time I preferred to be alone so as not to get in the same face and I preferred the girl living a little further, not to look when something goes wrong. The girls appeared and disappeared, but I tried to part without quarrels, so that it would be parting in a friendly atmosphere, I did it myself, without intermediaries, because I believe that such things are dealt with by myself. Finally a girl appeared, but I had to go to the army. It was difficult for me, because I did not know if this relationship would survive, so I proposed that we split up for the duration of the army, if it is love that will stand the test of time. However, it did not survive, so I decided that during the army no unions. This time was nice, I remember him well, I visited the town a bit and it was fun with the colleagues with whom I served. After the army I was looking for a job, it was not easy, but I found something that I was fed up with girls looking for by force, sometimes everything goes by itself. I started working, I assumed the possibility of going abroad to earn money, but life plays tricks and it is not what we assume. I did not get the visa, so I couldn't leave, I focused on work in Poland. I helped my father in the business, but it also failed because of the change of the president and new ordinances. Such a true, untrue, ordinary life for today, everything depends on small details so that our lives change, in this case the details are not completely positive. In my opinion, our lives depend on our choices, we have the choice to go abroad or not, these are our life paths that we follow and this is how our lives are created, other people also have an impact on our lives, those we meet every day or every now and then, even a leaf falling from a tree has an impact on our lives, it can save or kill them , I once thought that people are connected to stars and planets, if the arrangement of the planets depends on an individual, it may be that the death of a person can lead to a change in the arrangement of the planets. This can affect weather conditions, the planet changing the speed of rotation around its axis or re-polarization. Such my considerations for today ...




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05 February 2020

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