Another History No. 5

The next story begins with true love. Sometimes we know that it is true love. It consists of chemistry and feelings. What are we guided by seeking love? We certainly look at the appearance, then the character and what the person represents. That's how the next story begins. I worked in a bakery, I couldn't look at the sweet rolls and donuts, I could smell this sweet smell everywhere. I visited a friend, and I met new friends there, nice girls nice and all, but I thought too young only 18 years old, I will not be up to anything. We had a nice talk, I liked them and promised that next time I would bring something sweet, because I could not look at the sweet. Next time I brought some donuts and we agreed that we would go to a disco together. I arrived in the evening, the girls were not ready, so my friends and I went first, the music was great, the atmosphere was good, we took beer at the beginning from the bar to have a better mood. We sit, drink, suddenly a girl approaches a friend and says something in the ear, I do not know her. I ask my friend who is it? He says you didn't recognize? I answer no. And this is one of these friends, after makeup and hair change I did not recognize, strange but true. I liked it right away, but I had a dilemma, because earlier I stated that I would avoid acquaintance with 18-year-olds, although I was not much older than 22-23 years. But the hormones went crazy and were stronger. I played with the girls together in a circle, but the slow songs began, so I went over to her and asked if she would dance, she confirmed. We danced the whole disco together. After the party, I walked home and we talked. I fought with myself whether to take it a step further or not. We were approaching the house, there was less and less time left, when we entered the cage in the block I grabbed her hand and moved her to the wall approaching and asking if she wanted to be with me. She answered in the affirmative and then kissed her long enough, but not long enough for someone to surprise us. We entered as if nothing had happened, we agreed that we would not say anything to others for now. We went out to the kitchen for something, but only to kiss and touch with our hands. It was both exciting and mysterious. This is how true love was born, we only for ourselves, not for others. In this case, the distance that separated us was not very good, I would prefer her to live close so that I could see her every day. More than once I was worried about what she was doing, whether anything bad was happening to her. At work I talked about her that I had an angel, although my coworkers laughed and said, you'll see when this angel shows the horns, but I didn't listen to them. Once upon a time, my girlfriend led us to a fairy. The fairy began to foretell us, she told me that I would cheat on her with the blonde, which I did not want to believe, I loved her too much. At some point, she began to wonder and sketched a cross sign on my hand, I don't remember if it was a stick or a pencil, and I didn't know why. When we left, she shook my hand, but my girlfriend didn't, I don't know why. When we left, the girl tells me that this fairy supposedly what the prophecy works, that's what people say, but I said maybe, but I won't betray you. We got into the car and we talked for a while about what she was saying, but it was strange, because my girlfriend was talking about something other than me. We argued what we heard, I say one thing the other, but after a while I gave myself up. Everything was fine until my girlfriend called me to go to the disco. At first I didn't mind, but I joked that we were not supposed to go to parties alone and then she went crazy, she made me a quarrel over the phone, as if she wanted to break up, which hurt me a lot, I would let her because she was going with her siblings, but this argument was not needed. After a while I said go well, but I will go to parties myself. I wanted to crash like a barn, alone or with my friends. I didn't have to wait for a party for a long time, a friend called and wanted to meet and talk, I didn't know why, we saw each other once or twice. When we met, she invited me to my sister for eighteen, I agreed, because I think I will drink finally. I went, had a drink, ended up in bed with the blonde and it turned out that the fairy told the truth, I betrayed. I stayed with her for a week, after which I ended my acquaintance saying that I returned to my ex because I love her, because for a while she was ex. After the party, I met my girlfriend, she told me that she was dancing with a friend and kissed her, our paths diverged for a few days, after which she apologized on the phone and forgave her. We were together for a long time, but my conscience did not give me peace, I suffered every day. In the end I probably couldn't stand and told my friend that I had cheated on her. I lost my job, so we didn't see each other very often, and my parents didn't want to ask for money for the ticket. When we met, a quarrel for good morning, which was more killing me. At one point she called that I probably have a different one or that I was cheating, it was not true, one of the phones in which she said it was over. We met later to talk, she kept telling me all the time that I was cheating on her, in the end I could not stand and said that I had cheated, but only once with this blonde and it was true. She was crying, I hugged her, I wanted to comfort her somehow, I told her once she got back a bit that I was going and that she deserved someone better than me. I don't know if she came across someone better, she knows herself best. Our paths parted. I often thought about her whether she was all right or happy, but I really waited 18 years for the conversation, now we don't talk anymore. This is how it is sometimes with love, even the one. Surely each of you has a story of true love, each one looks different. Sometimes later we are with someone else, but we always remember this true love, whether we talk about it, it varies with it. Whether the fairies tell the truth, it depends on which fairy we get, whether the one that counts PLN 100 or more per visit, or the one that says nothing and is waiting for us to give anything. Whether I wanted life or fortune-telling, I don't think so, but what is written to us we will not skip it. From what I remember, there were many ways to choose, I went if it was the best, we'll find out after death, you too. I knew a few and knew the endings, I chose the optimal one for everyone.




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05 February 2020

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