Another Story No. 10 Maybe it is a Dream, Maybe it is Delusions, or maybe it is the Truth




I start as a dream, so I dream that I'm in heaven. I'm talking to the devil and the devil doesn't like people. I am God in this dream. He tries to convince me that people are not worthy of my grace. I say, you can't convince me, the devil, I created them in my image, they were good until you interfered. The devil says if it wasn't for everything you gave them, reason, love and other positive qualities, they would be like monkeys, and even worse. I say you underestimate people, their good is only hidden deep. They usually come out of them when they suffer, so you have the opportunity to do everything to make them suffer, to show you that they are good. Even when they suffer goodness flows from them, and especially then, so you can't do anything good. The devil was up to it, he tried to approach me from all sides. He finally came up with an idea, a bit strange. He told me to come down to earth as an ordinary person and see for yourself what people are like. He emphasized that I can't have any powers like Christ who turned water into wine or raised people. After a while and reflection, I agreed. The devil was already rubbing his hands, but I wasn't worried, I'm God after all, I have my angels watching over me. I decided to be born like every human being in a natural way to feel human. I was born in Poland because it is a suffering nation, in an ordinary family with problems. My youthful life was not easy but interesting. High school, first love, disappointment, like any other boy can only with the difference that I attracted people to myself and my behavior and appearance. There was one love with which I had great hopes, it was true love. I thought about the wedding, but I couldn't afford it, much less to support my family, so I had to let go of such times, who doesn't risk it, but I didn't like to risk it. With work it was hard not what now. I didn't know who I was then. Love fell apart after I ran out of money to meet my beloved. Were there other girls? They were later, with one even a lot of time I was, but it was not a woman for me, I knew it. And after the breakup, I wanted to go crazy, I was so mad that I was hit hard. On my 25th birthday I was beaten, I lost consciousness. I did not go to the doctor, which got worse because I had a concussion probably. It started bouncing and I got to the hospital, the diagnosis broke me. I walked like zombies for almost 20 years, I didn't know what was happening next to me, I didn't remember yesterday, let alone a week or a month. My friends, if you can call them friends, have moved away from me. My best friend, whom I treated like a brother, never visited me in the hospital for about 20 years, and I lay there more than once. In the end I gathered together, closed old things, won out who needed and I feel great. I used to believe in friends, family and doctors and dentists. Friends left as soon as the leg should have taken, the family had a moron, the doctors only loaded me drugs in quantities of which they probably had something from it, the dentist treated my tooth so badly that she wanted to tear me as I felt, and that she couldn't give it anesthesia, I sympathize with her patients, I changed the dentist, for 250 zlotys she pulled out without any pain, unless they all mean money. I wonder what would happen if I won in the lottery, probably friends would find each other, the family would love how their own and said the smartest you are, doctors would find a golden mean, and the dentist would put all implants painlessly for me. But I will tell you this is life, I wanted to be like each of you, maybe not necessarily alone, I wanted to have a family. To have a wife, children, but have anyone heard that God has a wife, that's not why I'm alone. For me it was supposed to be a vacation on earth and I was to have fun, all in all I am having a good time without my own family. Some of you underestimate what they have. I gave you peace because I did not want to live during the war, which will be when I leave I do not know, but the devil will try to thank the world for my carefree life. He was already trying to take my life when I was beaten, were it not for the angels to die. Do Angels Exist? There are and are on earth I've seen twice, real but they had no wings, someone could be scared if they saw them. They have one feature by which they can know something that is important to me, but I prefer not to speak. A normal person will not recognize them because they look like ordinary people except for one detail that not everyone has the opportunity to see. That is why I am not worried about anything, I know that they are watching over me. If something happened to me, I feel sorry for this person because he does not know what awaits him. And we will all meet on the other side and everyone will be billed. If I had died after this beating, you would have no peace now. Remember how everyone said 2000 would be the end of the world, if I had died then. I didn't die because I had to humiliate myself, but it happens in my life. Fortunately I am alive, but Satan is still up to his problems, it is too late to make his combinations. There was a moment in my life that I knew all your and my future. I stopped caring when I came to myself. You probably would like to know the future, I will tell you that these asteroids flying towards the earth do not hit because they are not supposed to hit the earth while I'm here. They always fly by, but they fly because Satan does not give up. You see, that's God's ordinary life on earth. I used to wonder what it would be like if God came down to earth as an ordinary person, would someone believe him, how would people treat him if he had no powers. He would be an ordinary person who could live his life just like me. You won't take wealth to the grave, but even more so to heaven. There are other rules, there is no wealth. I am 43 years old, adding these two numbers comes out seven, magic seven, although my favorite number is 8, like infinity. What else you will probably ask, and I will live nothing more enjoying life at home and doing what I like best, i.e. broadcasting and listening to music, and there are also photos that I love to take and process, just like the creator who creates something. People who create something have a substitute for God, but not everyone can create something. I could say blessed you what they create and not destroy. How will my life end? When the time comes, it will end, just like yours. What is important in life? Good and love for each other, neighbor and the world around us. Making us guilty for something that's not bad is not good. Some should think about this. If we do not hurt someone or ourselves, this is not a bad thing. There are no specific rules that should guide us apart from doing harm. The most important thing in a person's life is to be fervent of each other and only approach fervently to others. When we're ferred to each other, we're ferred to others. The most important of the commandments is to respect your neighbor as yourself. Therefore, we should respect ourselves. All right, but I'm going through my life to meet you up there, and for now I enjoy life on earth. So my dream ends, maybe it is delusions or maybe the truth, but answer yourself who you would be to God on earth ....



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05 February 2020

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