Another Story No. 11 People are weird

I will tell you today what people are like today. I am on several "facebook" groups and I like to give and look at people's behavior. I will start with an entry like "you won't meet me until you drink vodka with me". The author of this post argued with me that after vodka people say what they think or the truth, but I do not agree with it. People after alcohol usually make stupid things that are later ashamed, it's hard to admit their mistake. You can't get real friends with vodka either. There are many who say after alcohol you are my best friend or my brother and they drown you soberly in a spoonful of water. Stupid things we do after alcohol such as accidental sex or making a complete idiot or idiot of yourself is the norm, alcohol does not show the whole truth about us, it only distorts it in a way for which we are later ashamed or cry in the pillow. So the statement that after alcohol we are real is not true, pulls out the worst qualities from us without showing good ones. This is not a real picture of ourselves, we often suffer from it and we cry quietly alone when we see what we have done. This is definitely not a true picture of a non-alcoholic man. Many such sayings contain only part of the truth in themselves, but most people do not see it, they see what they want to see because it suits them so. When I see many sayings on Facebook and people support their theories with it, I feel sick. All these sayings turn around and a friend will put a knife in your back are only half true, because usually those who post such posts put one knife themselves in the back with someone's words and talking about or setting people against this person, that's why I do not post I put it in because they disgust me, show me a person who does not owe anything, who has never hurt anyone, just there is no such person. It is better not to just write to this person that you hurt me why? Inserting posts like friends hurt me, and how much friend or friend you are, how many people you have hurt. Facebook is a cool thing, people should get to know each other, talk to each other and not put in posts that are not well thought out because they have a bad mood, they don't feel good. And when one person put such stupidity, another imitates her because she thinks it's ok, I will also be cool, in the end I express my feelings, leave such feelings to yourself best. Feelings shown in public should be positive, not negative. Why, and because in a moment everyone knows your mood and how dumb you are, you won't find positive friends but negative ones who just like you will only complain, in this way you will deepen your depression instead of enjoying life. Another person who accosted did not want to add me to Facebook, because he does not know me, and has only trusted people there, I ask why he is establishing Facebook, he is on a group where people are to meet. One with the other is excluded. Since I propose that I add, I also risk being the wrong person, but sometimes you have to trust someone. Today people do not trust it, I think they are strange. She explained that she added someone and later she was ashamed of that person if we had to throw everyone into one sack. How did she know that she would be ashamed of me, am I doing something abnormal, I expose myself in public, challenge people? No, she assumed in advance that she could be ashamed of not knowing me, she threw me into one sack with the person she was ashamed of. She didn't even venture to meet me, I just wrote her that she should be ashamed of her person and approach. If we walk down the street and fall over, do not get up and go no further, do not try to continue to fight to walk, the same is with Facebook, when we do not know someone we can give him a chance to find out for himself, we block at most because it is possible. People who close themselves in a small group finally remain alone and they beg for friendship later, but it is usually too late. They just understand their defeat over time. She was ashamed of someone, I was ashamed of her that such people exist, those who cannot reach out to someone, cannot give a chance. Probably this girl is ashamed of her whole life and will be ashamed because she has no opinion. First she was ashamed of herself, then someone, then her parents that they raised her so much, finally before God she will be ashamed of what kind of person she was in her lifetime. Today, people isolate themselves, enclose themselves in 4 walls, it is said that it was once better, at least in terms of relationships between people. I think that today people are strange and with this accent I finish my today's story ...




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05 February 2020

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