Another Story No. 13 Part of Youth

I will start my story from an early age. I was a cheerful and cheerful boy, very religious because that's how I was brought up. I have always been able to handle any situation. My mother began to teach us to write and count at the age of 4-5. I gladly studied because I liked to know a lot, more than others. At the age of 2-3, I knocked over my cousin, after which I was shouted terribly by my grandmother and his parents because he cried. They scared me so much that I started to stutter. I stuttered terribly, I couldn't speak a word. I even stopped speaking at all because I was ashamed to stutter. My mother drove me to the doctors, but it did not help until one doctor offered a quick quit from Orla. We went there, she prayed, waved something over her head and gave bread. Something had to be thrown out at the crossroads and prayed at home before bed, stand on the threshold, eat a piece of this bread and throw it with my right or left hand, I don't remember what. Strange because it only helped, the stuttering began to subside after a week, after a month I already spoke normally so far I speak. Such a strange situation, but it's important that it helped. At the age of 5, my mother's aunt took me to her son on vacation, under the German border to the city of Kostrzyn. It was enough to cross the bridge and Germany was already there. They had their own home, such a villa, and I had my own room, I liked my uncle right away, my aunt didn't like me too much, because my uncle favored me a little, but she was also ok. Their daughter was pretty, I even liked my cousin, but she was very mean. She had a friend broadcasting me together. It was a kind of youthful love a bit, but I didn't realize that this love didn't make sense anyway, we often argued, mainly at the table, she was a spoiled mistress. Once we argued, an older neighbor came out and wanted to pour it in, he just knocked over, but I got so pissed off that I grabbed a stone lying nearby and wanted to throw it. Fortunately, my mother's aunt came out, I called her grandma. She calmed me down and I didn't quit, she was a good and religious woman. After this action ne spoke to my uncle's daughter until my friend and I started to pick up on me. We talked to each other and parted on the bones. I remember when my uncle went with the dog for a walk, I went looking for him. I'm going down some hills, I'm downstairs and I see my uncle and dog from above, I called him, the dog suddenly started running towards me. I didn't know him, I think my uncle and I got scared together. Uncle shouted that I would not move, that I would not run and I did. The dog was near me at the moment, it was a German Shepherd larger than me, I stood still and tried not to be afraid. When the uncle ran up he caught the dog and I was no longer afraid. The dog just rounded me around and sniffed me, I stood dead. Uncle probably wanted a son and he had a daughter maybe he liked me so much. I remember when he took us to a lake, the nice houses were highlander's there. During the day I bathed in the lake, I could not swim, and my cousin with wings on her hands pretended that she could and teased me a little. In the evening we roasted the pig on a bonfire on a spit. I didn't like meat, but my uncle convinced me that it's good and I tried it. I ate a piece even though I was terribly fussy and I was to meat. It was a great time bonfire songs, other people could also hear the songs around. Such a nice atmosphere prevailed then, laughter and fun. When I was coming back by train with my grandmother, it was also fun, people were different, more kind and helpful. Even then I was taught that elders should give way to the train. It was a nice adventure, such a journey through all of Poland by train. As the eldest of my siblings, I have always had to look after my sisters. I often stood up for them, such karma. I was taught that women are fragile, but today it is changing, they are more powerful than men. So in my youth I looked after not only my sisters but all women. Not once did I fight over girls to defend myself. At some point, however, I gave up the fights, because it gave nothing. I only made enemies, and they were as they were. So I started sticking with the guys. It was with them that I played various games and played. We played mole on the ground and in the trees, in war, we played cards, at a later age I played basketball and football, sometimes with older ones, but I was good at it. I assumed that if you do something, do it right and I did it. I finally went to school, I had a piece, I was most afraid of dogs because they were flying homeless, once so big with red eyes ran terribly, I was afraid of him that he would throw at me, he looked terrible and he was bigger than me. I went to school from an early age, my mother led me a few times to show where the school was. I met new people, it was fun. There were pretty girls in the class so I had a crush on some, but I was shy enough not to accost them. At school, at first, I passed with a red stripe until there were teachers who discouraged me from studying. I remember the historian "Barszczewski" had his name, he looked so bald, everyone was afraid of him. In class he beat objects or an open hand, sometimes in the back of the head or on the hands. I remember one girl was terribly afraid of him and she hid in the bathroom in front of him that he was in the toilet. He went to get her to the middle of the class and told her to undress, I don't know what he wanted to do. She started to cry and gave up, the whole class was shocked, everybody was afraid of him ever since, but nobody said anything. He was reportedly bald because of some illness. I prayed that there would be less lessons with him, I think I never liked history before, probably because of him. Now I create such a story myself. Elementary school had my package, Artur and Wojtek stayed together. Arthur was crazy, he always got us in trouble, various ideas came to his mind. Wojtek was our defender if he was, he was the largest in the class and the strongest, sometimes when he stood up for us he was fighting with older boys from older classes, he was a peasant. What we didn't do together, sometimes we would pick apples from people, and then we would run away, even with dogs we would be beaten. Artur has always got us into something. In later years we met to play football or basketball together, despite my short stature, I was doing very well, I had a goal to the basket from far away, I threw and hit, and I was a champion in football, many times a sieve was put to my friends. Sometimes we played for a few hours, I came home all wet and I felt like going crazy, I never had a problem sleeping. Later, the era of computers came. I remember my mother enrolling me and my sister in the club. They were supposed to dance, but they gave up shortly after that, my mother enrolled me in the amateur radio course. I broadcast, or at least tried, I was more interested in the computer in the amateur radio room, but the boys were older and did not let me play. Once I noticed a different course for computer scientists, I knew immediately that I had to go there, I only needed permission from my parents, but they agreed. I was always attracted to technology and news. Our classes consisted of learning to program, and at the end of the hour playing, what a joy to play something, one of the games "Kung Fu Master" or "Bruce Lee", we played as much as possible. I went there for a long time until I got the flu and couldn't walk. Later, Dad bought us a game, these two joysticks were, if you can call them that, just sliders. A square ball was flying and there were two sticks that bounced it, we played for hours, or at least me. I remember the first Russian color television, pale colors, but there was a color, but what a joy that you can see something in color. The first video player, I wouldn't do anything but watch movies. I used to go to the market to buy and exchange films. What films were Rambo, Rocky, Robocop movies of my youth. Cassettes were bought and lost to have in their collections. Later they introduced coding in rentals, I got a decoder that decoded the cassettes and I could also record. It was a time of combining to have something. Later, I persuaded my dad to buy another computer it was "Spectrum +" there were only games there, I sat at night playing them. Not everyone had a computer and they wanted to play. Once I went to the arcade, he was in such a basement. When I entered, I knew that there would be older boys and they could take money, so I hid it in my sock and put one zloty per game in my pocket. I only played once and went up the stairs, three older boys crossed my path, they wanted money. I was tough and I didn't tell you that I had money even though they put a knife to my neck. I went out and smiled to myself, but it was close enough, it could end up differently for me. I didn't go there anymore. I went to friends who had a computer, so I played and sat down that I had to come back by last bus in the dark, but it was worth it. My parents made a brawl then, because I was young and I shouldn't go home at this time, they didn't know where I was, I'm not surprised. I probably wouldn't go home at all, but they managed to get through to friends because they were out of their senses, wanted to call the police, and I was playing the best without realizing what time it was. In elementary school I was only once at the disco, I didn't like it at all, he wasn't with whom to dance, the boys only ran like crazy, and the girls themselves did not know what they wanted. I preferred to sit at home and do something. I used to like playing such a small piano that I got or drew. I played the piano by ear, when I heard something I tried to play it, I think I have it to this day, drawing too. I never liked singing, I make up now. I remember we went to camping in class with tents, there were showers there, and colleagues talked to peep the girls, it was just a heca. We went looking for bathing girls and ended up in the toilet. We wanted to roll out some number, my friends pushed me to the center of the toilet and the teacher goes out and says, and what are you doing here, we ran away from there, and I avoided the teacher during the whole camping. Now he laughs at it, but at the time I was not laughing that my colleagues got me done. In general, the bivouac was hit by my friends. Some colleagues started smoking early, and much later. Sometimes I went with them to school to keep company and talk, even though they did not smoke, I was out of order and polite. I remember when our parents sent us to summer camps, the sisters didn't like it very much, but I did, I lived in a room with older boys, everyone had to clean up after themselves a bit like in the army, once in a while it was the turn to clean the whole room. Nice place by the water, discos that I liked there. Cool Modern Talking music etc., eighties music, all hits. I remember an older girl, taller than me, who followed me at the disco to dance with me, and I stupid ran away, and she was pretty, but I think I was too shy to dare to dance with her, and it could have been love. Sometimes such occasions pass us by the nose because of shyness. I remember the first time I came across the Star Wars saga, I bought soldiers from this movie and I really wanted to watch it. Anyway, I liked playing as soldiers with various soldiers. At a young age I got a DIY book, everything I wanted to do with it, but I did not always have materials for it. I made my soldiers moving cable cars, I used matchboxes and threads, which I did not think of, I was a real DIY, but that was not my calling. I went to church at least once a week or more often, which is why I don't go now because I have probably heard all the sermons. I remember once when I had to go to confession, the priest shouted at me and my colleagues that we had come without preparation, since then I did not like confession and I was afraid of her. Now I am not confessing, because I believe that God will settle me not priests, God is everywhere I can talk to him at any time without the participation of priests, I do not need anything for me. My confession before God is enough for God to forgive my sins, this man does not have to, because priests are ordinary people like everyone and also make mistakes. This is my approach to life. And as for priests, in my opinion they should have wives legally, then there would be no wives on the left and there would be all this pathology among priests. Now I will finish my story. These were the times of primary school and early youth, maybe next time I will tell something different ....




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05 February 2020

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