Another Story No. 15 Dreams

I had a dream, I dreamed that they wanted to lock me in a psychiatric institution. They have already taken me there, but I escaped. I was really running away from them wherever I could. Everyone in collusion against me would shut me up. It's a nightmare. I remember how I left the hospital as if nothing had happened, put on a hat borrowed in the waiting room and left, everyone was looking for me, as if I was a criminal and I hadn't hurt anyone. I walked through various nooks and crannies, I chose the less frequented roads because they wouldn't catch me. You don't know how a man feels like a hound dog. I already knew that the police were at home and they were looking for me everywhere, I really didn't have anywhere to go, I was walking ahead so that away from it all, at some point I even wanted to live, because what kind of life is it when everyone wants to destroy your life. Why were they looking for me at all, because I ran away, why they took me to the hospital because they diagnosed me with a mental illness, if I could defend myself, not because they knew better. At one point I was walking down the street between the buildings and someone noticed me and called the police, they were close. In the end, when I was running away, they were looking for me around, and I somehow sneaked away from them, but how much can you run. At one point, resigning from running, I simply walked, ran to me, threw me to the ground, overpowered me, although I had nothing dangerous in my hands. They took me to the hospital, and there whether I liked it or did not charge me an injection cart. After the injections I felt like a zombie walking around aimlessly. My life lost its meaning at that moment, I realized it and woke up. It was six in the morning and I decided to describe the dream, even though it was a nightmare, a terrible nightmare. Could this really happen? Has anyone survived this? Why did I have such a dream? I dreamed of this dream in a similar setting several times, why today, maybe because I watched the movie yesterday John Wick. In the movie everyone wanted to kill him, he had to run away, hundreds of corpses, at the end he almost died himself. I just dreamed of a hospital, but I also ran away from everyone. Now I wonder if something like that could really happen, I think it could. It would be enough if I was diagnosed with a mental illness and some idiotic offense of mine. Let's say that with such a disease I would like to protect someone, for example my father. My father tormented me for years, which caused mixed feelings. Suppose I have a strange feeling that my father may be hurt if I don't hit him. Strange, but such people can think so, so I come and give a blow to the face and go to myself. What my father does calls the police. The police come and instead of talking to me talking to my parents, they come to me and ask if I hit, and I confirm. What they do, they pretend to be friends, but at one point they talk to me, look through the window, and when I turn my head, twist my arms and throw my knee in the back, handcuffing me, although I was not threatening and did not throw myself, except father to no one, but let's say I did it for his sake. They take me away like some criminal I have never been. Putting them in an ambulance, they take me to the hospital, in the hospital I am waiting for a conversation, but the conversation is one I have to lie in the hospital, although I disagree they lead me to the room, because I will not fight with them. In the room a few people catch me, although I do not break free and give a few injections, after which I swim away. The next day they lead me to an observation room with several other patients and I spend some time there. How do I look like a zombie who knows nothing and has no purpose. Then they move me to an ordinary room with other patients and there they are still stuffing me with medicines, there is no mercy, they will tell you by force whether you like it or not, unless it is in psychiatric hospitals that they would make a sick person healthy. If there is anything you can do about it, they are kings there, you can't convince them. You have no rights there, you are nothing. Could this look like someone's life, possible and possible not one. I had such a strange dream, though I would pull it under a nightmare, a nightmare that can affect many people. And you think that in psychiatric hospitals there are only crazy people who want to hurt you, or ordinary people like you. Tomorrow you can be in their place. All you have to do is not your leg. Tomorrow you can run away from the whole world just like John Wick. Only if you have enough strength to run. Such my reflections today as a result of sleep and the movie I watched. Sometimes our real life turns into a nightmare for various reasons. First of all, because of the lack of understanding by another person. With this accent I finish my today's story ....




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05 February 2020

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