Another Story No. 17 Dream

Dream still this dream. Today I dreamed of life on earth, the one that is, so apathetic without much purpose. At some point I decided to change it, show people the right way, direction. I've seen people move like mechanical toys, a bit like zombies that do something but don't know what. I decided to change it, gathered a team of people and said that we would change our lives and others. We went to people who collected all their lives, we moved them from one place to another checking what it was, until we came across a machine that allows you to travel in time. I was their leader and I made the decisions, I said we will change the world. We planned to rob a train with a lot of money, it was a long preparation and a complicated plan. Before we did that, I moved to alternative realities to see different situations that can happen to us. The plan was almost perfect, but one can't take into account the human factor it is changing. In my dream we stole this money with the help of many people, I remember how I was running on the tracks and chasing me, when I was hiding behind the scattering beams and refracting my field of view. We ran and almost an accident did not happen, almost two trains collided, but we also predicted it, we had test models and we knew when the accident would happen. That train derailed fell off the track, but ours went on. We were almost safe, but really everyone was looking for us, the only place we could hide was Venezuela, it was the only country free and not dependent and we went there. When we got there I started walking around and suddenly I enter the block, but it was like abandoned, but there were people there and there were a lot of them. Suddenly I see my friends and more. Everyone is looking at me strangely, as if they wanted to check me if it was me or if it was me. Then I began to wonder what was wrong with me, but everything was fine. I was wondering what they all want from me. They did different approaches, maybe you can sit with us, maybe talk, but I didn't know what was going on and I was a bit scared. At one point someone said come, we'll sit next to the fire and smoke and then I agreed. I lit a cigarette but hooked on the fire with my sleeve and started to smoke, but I did not extinguish it after a while. I helped light a cigarette to a friend because I had a lighter, but he thanked me and said he would use the invention. In fact, where I was full of inventions, I was wondering where all this came from, but it was invented by people. I lit a cigarette, sat, talked and went on. There, the ballroom was still waiting for me, most of them were already dancing, waiting for me to join. At one point I joined, I played a bit and asked someone why this party for what reason? Someone answered from yours, or mine, but I didn't know why so I asked why? I heard the answer, because you showed us the way, you were the ignition spark, the spark in the tunnel. I realized that I actually started everything, I showed how to live with a purpose in life. I stood there and talked and asked about where all this is, where do you have cigarettes that do not addiction to which you do not get sick and many other things. Then I heard the answer, we came up with a long time ago, but thanks to you our products are not harmful because we do it for other people and for ourselves. We do not use artificial carcinogenic substances, only natural, tested all this is healthy. This is the human factor. You can think of many things but it will help us or kill us depends on ourselves and other people. Then me and many others understood what a human factor is and what it is when we poison others, we also poison ourselves. Every evil comes back to us sometimes with double strength. Everyone wanted to thank me for the world I created them, which I helped create, and I thanked them that they did not misuse this knowledge. They just used it for good, they invented various inventions that served and did no harm. I felt there as if I was receiving the Nobel Prize for good for the world. It is a strange dream but interesting. In fact, I am showing us that we can think of different things, but if we do not follow the pursuit of money, and for purely human reasons and creating for humanity, we see that the world is starting to be better. We really enjoy it, as if we had a share in it, as if we had added a brick to this world, so if everyone approached in this way we would have healthy food and prices adapted to different situations and many more inventions that could serve humanity. I had a dream today in which I felt like someone great. Now I finish my story, until the next dream ...




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05 February 2020

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