Another Story No. 6 Dream

I had a dream today. I dreamed that my friends are taking me somewhere, they say that I have to go with them. I think what I'm going there. I go to such a room, they ask me about various things, and then I dress in a zomowiec outfit. At first, I am surprised because for what, but I dress. A heavy outfit weighs around 20 kg. Later, a moment of attention and punish together to go somewhere. We go, we go to such a dark place, we stand, smoke cigarettes and talk. After a while they disappear from my sight. I run looking for them and finally find a circle of such garages. I ask why you escaped, but they say nothing. They hid and waited for what to do so I deduced. I was still trying to find out why they had escaped, and they say quietly someone is walking. A stranger comes out of the garage. We, in secret, suddenly one of the friends grabs a long stick and the guy who left, swung and tried to hit. I say what you do, leave him alone. Suddenly my friends started running away, they left me alone, this guy to me, I am trying to explain to him that I had no intention of smashing him with anything. Finally, I am leaving wearing a Zombo costume and a militia helmet from that time, all this dress was quite heavy. I go and I can't find my way home, I jump over some fences. I'm standing next to a pond and tired of a heavy outfit, I take off my militia helmet and run without it, looking around the house numbers because I can't find my own, as if everything has changed. But finally I find the house number and enter it. Everything seems different. Spotlights, loud music and people from television, as if I was in a studio, it reminded me of "BigBrother". Another guy on the stairs is trying to stop me, but I'm pushing him down. I run to the room and all my family are sitting there. The dead brother-in-law, sisters whom I have not seen for a long time. I ask what is going on here and they don't remember me? I say but what? Some army guy sits and says you know what to do? And I say so light up. He wants to give me a cigarette, but I say I have mine. He says this time light mine. His were bigger and longer, some sense it had, maybe it was about life, that it would be bigger and full of variety. I came over, took it and lit it, it looked like a cigar. I sat down and asked what you were doing here and they were waiting for you. The sisters were smiling, the brother-in-law was watching and saying nothing. I realized that all these years I worked for Polish intelligence, I was the so-called landmark around which everything revolves. Such a combination of the real world, and not real, as if it were some higher technology. I as the focal point like the sun, and the rest revolves around me. I don't know how to explain it, as if what someone would do was also up to me. Like a grid tied together, the movement of one person means the movement of another person. Everything was supposed to be short, but it lasted longer due to complications. I started to tell everyone that what is in the country today is thanks to me, even television programs. They just looked nodded and said we know. Everyone sat on the sofas around and watched me. I was aware that I was waiting for someone, specifically my wife and children. I waited and waited, but they didn't appear, I wondered why, but it must have been so. Maybe it was supposed to be a surprise. We sit and start talking about different things. Why didn't I tell them that I was working for the intelligence service, I say why you said nothing, but I realized that it depended on it, the security of the whole operation. I realized that the whole family was involved. At one point, waiting for my wife and children, I woke up and started writing, writing about my dream, of course, smoking a cigarette ...




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05 February 2020

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