Another Story No. 7 Dream

I had a dream today. I dreamed that I was killed, maybe because of the movie I was watching, or maybe not. I sat in a chair and a knife was put to my neck, and I was stabbed. I woke up and read the dreambook, It wrote that it could be the beginning or end of something or some kind of enlightenment of the mind and suddenly enlightened me. I saw many things in my mind. What is life here on earth what life after death looks like. I thought about my family and sisters and came to the conclusion that there were no families in heaven, no brothers and sisters. Everyone is equal there, no division into strangers, sister or brother. Why, because we distinguish such people. I felt how they feel there, equality with each other and another person, we do not even put ourselves higher or lower relative to someone. It was a strange feeling, but pleasant. I saw people go to heaven before they die thinking that they would meet their loved ones who died and actually meet, but there feelings are different than here on earth. They meet, they talk, they talk about how to live there, they are informed by relatives from the land who are already there. that's how it goes to heaven. Why do people see light when they die, because some particle that is to reach the sky is flying at the speed of light there, hence the light, possibly faster. Why are they coming back because it is only the soul that goes there, when the body comes alive, the soul comes back. Probably there is some time for it, because when the soul is already in heaven it will not come back for long, you can see it too well there until they know how it is really coming back, or the mission they have to do on earth and then they come back to earth. I will tell you what else I see that there is no hell down there, we have a pit down here on earth, here on earth we experience hell, each one own. But this is not a bad hell, this hell prepares us for heaven, we learn from our mistakes. You can see who survives hell here will be a better man in heaven. I saw in heaven how we remember all our lives from the earth, that we would not make the same mistakes there. The worst are the killers and those who did and terrible things because they remember it. But really they go through hell here, some kill them until they stop, others commit suicides, and others end up in psychiatrists because it reflects them from the burden they carry. I have my own theory about people. In my opinion, people are connected to planets and stars, and our every movement here is reflected on these celestial bodies and vice versa. I feel like the sun at all, when I run out I may run out. That year was abundant for me in many events, which now translates into high temperatures this summer. Maybe I am connected to the sun. And you think what planet you are connected to. Although maybe since I am cancer, I am connected to the moon and he is affecting the sun and hence these weather anomalies. These are my thoughts on people and the planet. But I would like to go back to heaven, so I see it this way, there are all equals there are no rich and poor, there are no better and worse. Although everyone looks different, it gives us diversity, but we're still equal. And here on earth there is no equality. Although we have brothers and sisters, we make them stand out, and after a while we are our greatest enemies. As a man says to a man with a wolf. I like "facebook" and read the entries of some people who make me laugh. When I see entries with a photo of someone with their backs turned up, and there are knives in the back, I want to laugh. Let these people say that they never stabbed someone in the back with words, stalking someone or saying something wrong. They did it themselves, and later they feel sorry for them and in addition they have to tell the whole world. For me it's just funny. When I read all these entries, half is funny, but I prefer to watch cabarets, listen to music or recommend a good movie, or watch some funny movie. There are groups where you can joke, talk, meet new people, that's cool. But dumping your regrets to the half of the world is embarrassing and funny. Seeing guilt in others and not at home, a big mistake. I am entertained by such people, but maybe they are there to entertain me, in the end you can see the diversity. But it's better how differentiation in appearance is human than such extremes in character, but don't judge it. You probably would like to know what I see in heaven, maybe another time, although I could write a little more. Maybe I will say from a different angle, each person has their own destiny, but sometimes you can change them, if you know in advance what will happen. Everyone has several ways in their life that they can follow, I chose the way I have. As for these roads, you can't change your life at any time because it requires a lot of courage and sometimes it ends badly, but in our lives there are forks in which we can change something, these are our choices that puts us in life when we have to choose something, or one way or the other sometimes there are more to go out. I can compare it to a tree that releases its branches, sometimes it is one branch, sometimes three, and sometimes more. This is how it looks in our lives and in our destiny, it is rare that there is only one way, it usually leads to death. That's how I see it, and maybe someone sees it differently, one could argue. I will end well today because it is 6 am ....

I got up at 9 am I had a dream again. It started normally, I was going with my girlfriend by car and suddenly I arrived at some clinic, and there my parents and my next girlfriend. They look strange and talk to each other normally. I go with one of them says go to the room, as if I were going to make a pension for "zusu" and there was a resonance test waiting for me. I left after all my parents talked to the doctors, everyone looked at me strangely and whispered among themselves as if they were hiding something. I was a bit nervous about them all and they say go to the other room, I walk in and there are disabled people sitting on one side and a commission on the other. I approach them and they say it is over and sign my pension. By associating the facts, I understood that I was dying. I left the office and ask everyone what's wrong, tell me the truth, don't fool me, I say I have cancer? I only heard that ..... I ask where? I heard in my head ... and I feel like I'm leaving as soon as I pass out, I lose consciousness and I fell. After a while they awakened me, I knew that I would die, it would be a matter of a month, maybe less. I thought for a moment and thought my life was not so bad I can leave. My parents say, we'll take you to the clinic, they lead me like that, we get in the car, we drive, I close my eyes and swim away, I feel that I'm dying and I wake up at 9 am, death again is probably some spiritual revelation. That night and morning twice a dream about death in different circumstances, it's strange, maybe it's a sign. That would be enough for today ....




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05 February 2020

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