Another Story No. 8 Dream

I had an amazing dream today. I lay down at 3 am because I was listening to the radio and woke up at 5 am. The dream was extraordinary, although it started normally. I dreamed that I live normally as I really do. At some point, however, something changed, suddenly the technology accelerated, but that's not all. As if my life has changed, I began to see things that are about to happen. At first I didn't know that, later bigger things appeared, later smaller ones. However, before this happened, my family tried to help me in my life, it was not easy, but pleasant. My parents lived even though they were old, as if it was up to me, I was happy though I missed my own family. Once upon a time, I had the impression that either the police or the military were helping me. I felt that they wanted to meet me with someone, it was probably someone important to me, as if my family about which I did not know, or maybe hiding from something, maybe from other people. I felt like I was going to meet my family as if everything was planned, exactly everything down to the smallest detail. I wait and suddenly someone says that I have to go, so I go approaching the car and get in it, I only hear the sharp clang of something sharp on the roof of the car, but I sit and smile. I'm driving this car to some strange district, when we get off, and with me a few people, they start talking to each other, but someone takes me and we go towards a block of flats, I hear screams from a distance, and then a few shots, I understood that someone was killed and that in a moment I'll die. However, this did not happen, we entered the house there was a wedding, or rather a wedding party, but nothing happened as if everyone was waiting for me, at my sign. They asked what to do? I say, since this wedding is to have fun and the party started, I stayed with them a bit and went out they were happy that I was with them. I was walking along the road and suddenly I stopped and sat on the curb. A young woman came up and sat down next to her, she was slightly undressed and I noticed that she felt like me, but it is rather a desire of the type, I have to get it, as if I was some other. I left her and went on until I came to my block, there were various people. But before it happened, as I told you, the army helped me, but before it did it, tested me if I was the person they were looking for, it turned out that yes, they did not kill me in these blocks of flats, I would even say that they were killing each other about me. Well, let's move on, I understood that everyone adores me and wants to help and is worried about me. I was standing in front of the block of flats and a girl suddenly became important and very important to me, she got into a vehicle not from this land with someone else, so I ran after them and also got in, but to another. However, before I tell you this, I will tell you that those military men who helped me promised that they would take me and my family on a journey into space, I was happy to be on the moon, I would see how weightless he is. All right, but let's get back to the moment I move a ship behind a girl who also moved by it. I saw their ship, they and I left behind streaks of light, we were probably moving at the speed of light. Suddenly we got there, they landed first, but I didn't see them anywhere. When I was there I saw a lot of clocks like these, they counted the time, each differently. At one point I saw a hand that flies over these clocks, I thought the hand of God, but after a while I realized that it was my hand, for a moment I felt like God and suddenly the whole situation turned into a movie, a movie that someone wanted to shoot. I woke up at that moment it was 5 am. I thought I would describe you my dream, maybe not too much detail, but too much writing. And this girl with the other person for whom I flew the ship were strangers who were on earth, but apparently wanted to return to myself, I felt that the strangers are closely associated with God. Thinking to describe it to you, I went for a glass of milk in the fridge and lit a cigarette, listening to my last broadcast I started writing, it took me an hour at 6 am I finished. Now I finish my story and invite you to the next ....




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05 February 2020

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