Another Story No. 9 Dream

Today I had a dream, or rather a nightmare, lasted about 2 hours, because I checked the watch. I dreamed that I live with my parents and sisters in an old cottage, where I lived as a small child. Apparently everything is normal at the beginning. At one point, the atmosphere at home became heavy, but that's not all. I dreamed that I could see the future of my family with details and it was from these details that it began. First the night came, so we all went to sleep. I slept on the floor alone in the room, the rest of the family on the ground floor. At that time I was lying before I fell asleep and suddenly I felt someone's presence in the room even though there was nobody, I looked around and asked someone was there, but no one answered, which chilled my blood even more. I decided that I would fall asleep, lay down and closed my eyes, but a chill spread over my whole body, I was a bit scared, but I think I'm asleep. I almost fell asleep when I felt something strange. What was that?

I felt like someone was twisting my arms, I tried to defend myself against it. I opened my eyes and looked at my hands if I didn't think they were, but they were twisted the other way, in some strange indescribable position. I helped myself with the other hand so that it would return to its place, finally succeeded. However, this is not the end I suddenly felt that something was crushing me, but rather pressing it into the bed, as if a heavy person was lying on me and pressing me to this bed. However, there was nobody there and I realized that they were ghosts. Rather evil spirits looking at their behavior. I managed to free myself, I ran downstairs and told that ghosts attacked me and that I saw the future of the whole family. The family believed me they said we have to do something about it. Suddenly we started to help each other. The first thing I saw was a house in flames, I even knew who set the fire. We left the house to see if it was burning or burning anywhere. My father said he was going to the garden to check if everything was okay, I still had to watch everything. Suddenly I felt smoke and more and more smoke, so I started shouting that it was burning somewhere. I ran into the garden to my father, but he began to behave strangely, not doing what was needed. He started sawing something saying that it would be useful, but I knew it would not be useful and saw my father change into a strange person. At one point it seemed to me that he would do something to himself without being aware of it, maybe with that saw, because he was holding his neck very close. I didn't know what to do, I realized that he also possessed evil spirits like my hands. I was afraid of what would happen next, fortunately the fire was not too big and I managed to suppress it, it was only smoking, but you had to be careful not to take it again. However, I had a more important thing to do to help my father, I ran to look for my mother, I said to my sister that I had to call for an ambulance for my father because it was lost, my sister called 112, but I had to find my mother. In the end I found and say that my father needs to be taken to the hospital or call an ambulance. I knew my father would not voluntarily agree, so I called. Mom was also changed, but in a positive sense. As if she woke up from sleep after years. I liked it because in the end she was an energetic woman, not subordinate to her father, so she started working with me to protect her father. I was afraid that this was the beginning of evil spirits' action on my father. At one point I was even afraid of what would happen if he would go to this hospital or do something to him. My thoughts were mixed up, but I knew I couldn't stay at home for the good of everyone. I saw the power of ghosts, how they manipulate people, how dumb they were, it was terrible. I understood that it was all because of this house, that terrible things had to happen in it, hence the evil spirits in it. I was thinking maybe something happened here during the war, hence so many evil spirits. An ambulance was about to arrive when I woke up, I thought my arms were twisted, my heart was pounding, I woke up nervous. The funniest thing is that I never really liked this house and I remember it badly and never wanted to live in it after I moved away. I described this dream for an hour and now I go to sleep again. I hope that the nightmare does not happen again, that you dream of something nice or nothing at all. However, the ghosts have power ..... it's good that it's just a dream ....




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05 February 2020

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