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My story today is about people and God. People have been prepared for God's coming for centuries. First, they were stories about God. When the story was told about God in the United States, this country changed, it began to grow in power. Today, the United States is power, so it was Poland, when she received the Baptism of Poland, also changed. Christopher Columbus discovered America, and then information about God began to flow there, these lands changed forever. To this day America is the strongest or one of the strongest countries in terms of economy and not only Yes, because wherever there goes strength. It was in America that black people began to be treated equally, there happened a lot about equality, equality also for homosexuals and not only. This is a country that showed how to live, how to be tolerant. When all countries they were waiting for God, he appeared in various countries in America and also in Poland, usually in stories. However, the time has come for him to appear as a normal person. I had a dream today. I dreamed that I was going on a trip with friends, and more precisely family. We went abroad, nice nice place. However, everything that surrounded us was some strange. Beautiful nature but people looked like half people half animals. First we thought it was decoration, but later it turned out they were real people. At first I thought they were playing a scene, they had hidden legs and other members. However, they didn't have hidden members, they didn't they just had fins and other animal members instead of legs. It surprised me very much but I didn't want to ask why it was so, I thought I would get to it myself. Soon I came to understand why it was so. All were extremely nice, but sometimes they appeared strange creatures that wanted to hurt us but could not, something protected us. They were birds flying out of the earth with big beaks and mouths, but something always bothered them to hurt us. There was a dog that I wanted to stroke, with a big snout that would suddenly step back to bite me. There were many such creatures, but the further we went there were fewer and fewer until they finally disappeared quite then I had time to think and then the voice inside told me what is happening in the world and who I am. I realized that I am God, that where I am going the world is changing. I had this dream once, this time it was expressive I saw that where I am there is peace and calmness, and where there is no war and bad things happen. In this place where I came across it was a massacre, there was nothing but evil, but many people were waiting for me because they wanted to survive and finally have peace and quiet, everyone was so nice there. These remnants of evil tried to hurt us despite their will because they really didn't want to. I also noticed one relationship if I went to the wrong places, they got good and the bad ones, I noticed that I had to travel to level this level. I walked down the last alley when the dog attacked me, it was the last evil that could hurt someone, nothing further attacked us We went and my mother wanted to call my sister, so we turned into the street. We went to the phone, it was an old telephone with a dial with buttons. She took out a card and began to dial the number, I was in a hurry, so I hurried her. She had a problem typing, because she could hardly see , and the number on the card was barely visible. At one point I could not stand and say, let me type in. I canceled the connection and then coins dropped out, a few even, it was probably a broken phone, because it spent more coins than it was thrown, and maybe for us they could talk longer hard to say. I took a few coins and started tossing then started dialing the number. Suddenly a guy with a child started to squeeze through the narrow door and stairs, I let him in and I was about to continue dialing the number when I woke up, it was about five in the morning. I thought I would describe this dream because it was interesting. Such as we were surrounded by nature views and people strangely changed, but I was not afraid of them , I knew that they would not hurt us because something is stopping them. Otherwise we would die, but not because I was God. The whole world was afraid of me and not me. It was a cool feeling when you don't have to be afraid of anything , even the most terrible things. Everyone who went with God was not afraid, all these monsters were counting on my arrival so that they could survive, that they could have a better tomorrow. When I understood that I was very happy that I could help even those monsters. It is beloved, another dream in which I felt God and felt what it was to be him. I could do everything and was not afraid of anything, but I had in me restraint, understanding, tolerance and understanding for the other person. Such dreams sometimes I have. These are interesting and exciting dreams, with a beautiful landscape around. I read a dream book about what it means to be God, it means more or less that I have undeveloped talents or these talents are not noticed by others. Is it true, maybe, maybe these stories are a talent, but not noticed by others. In this dream I saw a lot of people unfriendly to me, but they later understood who I was and that they would not win with me, reconciled with me and the state of affairs. writing, so in a moment I will go to sleep again, I will sleep for a few more hours. This was my dream today, now I will finish my story. Have a nice day ...




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05 February 2020

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