Another Story nr 29 Dream

My story today is a dream that I dreamed of today, it is half past eight when I woke up. This dream was just beautiful. I dreamed of difficult times and better times. The whole world knew me. At the beginning people knew about me but I I did not know about them, when people forgot me, I remembered about them, and finally I knew about them and they about me. The whole world finally went crazy about me. But before that I had a hard time. You could say when I did not remember people I was at the bottom. Everyone seemed to remember me, but I did not remember something. My days were gray, full of fear that paralyzed me. The further I went through my life of fear there was less and less, but people forgot about me more. At first they remembered, they were nice but later getting worse, more indifferent, both strangers and family. At one point something opened my eyes and I looked at them and noticed people and they me. But in what In the context, strangers were getting closer and closer, my family had a good time at my expense, but they had me somewhere, but I enjoyed it, everyone in my dream loved me, even the biggest fools of the world. I remember at the end of my path in life as I did I knew and strangers knew my family thought I was nobody, and I was the biggest in the world. It was bad women who were thrown for me, women were throwing away bad guys for me. Women's taboos ran behind me, few heels did not break, bold lips I remember that and I was still myself. I remember how my aunt and uncle invited me and my parents to their house, so rich, thinking that we poor people have nowhere to go, but the gesture was important, they reached out, so later I reached out to them , I remember how they cried because of that. The rest of the people who doubted me now were flying behind me like a shit, why because they thought I had a lot of money, ay and I really didn't have anything. But it was all going to change thanks to me. I didn't get to the end of my sleep but I knew how it would end, even though I woke up too early. I saw people looking through the lens of the cash register, for some I didn't, how their attitude changed when they knew I had a lot of money. For what I did, but everyone loved me, you asked what I did, I just showed people what they are, what is important to them. What was important for people, money, popularity and beauty. I had it all, that's why everyone was eager for me, but I felt sorry for them that they are so shallow. For the last thing I cared about, I failed, and it was love. It was probably the worst when I gave it I received a lot of contempt, so at some point I decided to be alone and meet someone who was not burdened with life again, and for now I wanted to be alone. I laughed at them all in spirit u, because I knew what they were like. Virtually everyone was no exceptions, maybe except for my parents, they were good in their unconsciousness. The dream ended when I woke up but I knew what would happen next. Everything was to clear up and everyone was to know me, I had to lead a prosperous life by the end of my days alongside my chosen one. I enjoyed life, I really enjoyed it, people probably with me. I guess they finally looked at the eyes of what matters in life, above all the good for myself and another person. So today I had a dream, really wonderful, until you didn't want to wake up, but I woke up happy. It was a beautiful dream, I wish you this too, you will see things important in life. I did not describe the dream exactly, but because it was too personal. Now I finish my story and dream. For the next story or reflection.




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05 February 2020

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