Considerations No. 23

My considerations start with Netflix. I have had Netflix for some time and this is a great platform, nice and helpful service. Great addictive movies, the last time I went to New Year's Eve as bands played, I generally watch little television, but Netflix almost every day. Last movie " Two Papers' very interesting, shown the true Pope Benedict and Francis. Their problems are shown and what they survived and how they were later reflected on them. Conservative Benedict and Francis quite different, but how they get along, how they interact with each other , a beautiful story. Shown how much both had to survive how their fate turned out, how God directed them to follow this path. How one learn the wisdom of life from one another. Very nice movie, however, on Netflix many movies are good and addictive. The Witcher film is so scared that I don't like it weak, I like it very much, effective fights, interesting stories, pictures made perfectly, interesting characters, all this is great for these times, and the main character also plays the witcher well and these creatures in the film refined. In general, most movies on Netflix are addictive you can not get bored Another movie that I can recommend "House of Paper", this movie can not be bored and this is not one such movie . He tells the bank robbery refined and predicted to the smallest detail, a real masterpiece just like the soundtrack of this movie. A lot of such fantastic in Netflix is ​​but very addictive. Another movie "You" or you, telling the story of a boy who kills his father at a young age protecting mother, which translates into his later actions, to subsequent murders. One of the murders will be delayed by another no, although it explains that it's for the good of people, but he still does it, killing more people looking for love. He is just thinking about when his girlfriend says that she is pregnant, but she is no better because she was killing, also in her youth she killed what left a mark on their whole life, the movie ends well, they live together expecting a child, everything ends up at the end. The film is about murders but also good is shown in it and in it, they do it to protect people they care about, which doesn't justify them but it also shows that they are fighting for the good for themselves or others. Finally, they are simply honest with each other and tell each other everything. It also shows that the right person must be found for us, not everyone is important to us as we fight for that person An interesting movie worth recommending. Many movies on Netflix only teach us something, you have to watch with understanding. For me, this is a great platform and the prices are not too high to use all the more e account can be shared with the family. Rather, it is a platform for the younger generation of more intelligent, because not everyone likes movies where you have to think and think or watch such twists. Movies are at a high level and it is difficult to watch movies with such action anywhere else Rather, they are movies of the new generation. For children, there are also interactive fairy tales where decisions have to be made and the film takes place just like the child made the decisions, it teaches children to make decisions sometimes are right sometimes, but teaches thinking. I used to like to read books with action, today I prefer movies because I watch them for a shorter time and these effects and music are something beautiful. Such are my thoughts on Netflix.




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05 February 2020

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