Considerations No. 26

I will tell today about Facebook groups. I have been on groups for a year. In total, I visited more than ten groups on the subject of let's get to know each other, love, etc. Groups are fun to laugh, cool posts, but getting to know each other has nothing to do. On most groups where people should get to know each other, older people of forty plus are sitting, there are also sixty-year-olds, etc., young people are exceptions. At the age of twenty, thirty, they have no time for such groups, and if one is on one's fingers you can count, the more Young people are overworked, and the old have more time, although not everyone. The women who sit and raise children without working have more free time, those who work have almost no time. Talking with such ladies is a waste of time because they have to take care of the house. or children, they don't have time to talk to somebody. They all look for love, but only when the guy tries and gives them time. they don't work looking for a sucker who will later hold them and profess great love in public sometimes. It has nothing to do with true love and relationship, such relationships are doomed to failure, of course there are also those who take the risk and get it done on their fingers You can count. Most sit to get some fun, pasting posts and inserting sometimes idiotic games of which nothing arises. At first, when I got to such groups I was hoping that I would meet someone sensible, but soon I realized that it makes no sense, now I'm going to have fun reading all these posts, most people probably sit there for fun, but why do the groups call, let's get to know each other, since when you speak to someone, they don't answer, or wriggles that they only keep their family on faceboook. They don't really want to meet anyone they just want to laugh at posts, make fun of people and see what comes out of it. society has fallen so low. These pretty ladies, if any are pretend inaccessible, great ladies, and most who look like Kipeski pastes not their photos to find admirers, or are afraid that someone will meet or see them. They don't even have the courage to show the real These nasty people still write that they are looking for love, but they do not look good themselves, but they are looking for a prince from a fairy tale like so many guys are up for grabs, but what does he not answer because he has a crooked nose, and look in the mirror how you look. Everyone psize that look is not the most important thing but everyone wants beauty, everyone says that character and heart count, but when you say you don't work, you are crossed out. Today I was on Badoo, the chick looking at my photo clicked heart, so I talked to her, everything went beautifully ready to arrange a coffee, but when I mentioned that I'm not working right now, the chick said, you know we wouldn't get along, so g I thanked her and said goodbye to her. I think we would definitely not get along, she was about a guest made with cash, there is no feeling here, We are growing in such a society that for money they will do anything, even sell. How do people write to me in groups that counts the heart, I want to laugh where they have a heart in their heels or in their wallet. I sympathize with all this neglected men and women, because they have the least chance of finding someone nowadays, either appearance or money, most of it is about There are people who have fun in groups I also belong to them but there are some people who are looking for love, but I doubt whether they will find it in groups, unless they meet a similar person and accept it, but you have to be lucky and want to accept the other Most sit and lose time instead of meeting someone in real life, maybe they just hope they meet the one or the one, maybe they will meet a person who will be strong-willed and will be so slow-witted that he will convince them because that's probably what they are all about. To get to know someone you need to give someone a chance, not posting nonsensical posts, putting in various positions your photo, it's in the gym, it's on a walk, it's legs apart, legs crossed, that's the truth, and inserting photos with your boobs dumped will not attract a real prince prince and a guy who will send compliments or naked pics on a vagina, but probably this ladies, this is about these compliments to appreciate. But worse are only those who do not put their own photos and someone else to appreciate how many guys will write a compliment to them, but they do not realize that these compliments are to another woman and not to them , but probably only the words not important to whom they are addressed are important. Guys like young children are happy about such pictures, yet half the ass discovered al because a piece of breast can be seen is their love of life, it personally makes me laugh, because they behave as if they haven't seen their ass or boob in their lives, I don't know, maybe they haven't wet the stick in their lives yet, I can only sympathize. People on facebooook are adding to friends but to write hey, what's going on are no more friends, the best are those who have a thousand friends each, they fly in quantity, but they don't talk to anybody, friendship really flourishes heheh. I might as well go down the street and say that it's all my friends. Once I talked to Zenek Martyniuk for a moment, it's probably also my friend already starting from teog assumption, just laugh worth it. Think in real life this is your friend who you talk to from time to time, add on facebook and not even order words , but it is your friend, I wonder if it would spoil you with bread or if such a friend would help you, I am curious. If you get sick to death, help you, talk with you? Will even your death not care, he will probably say and what you did not know him at all, he added me, I added and as much as I did not order a word with him. Computers and the Internet is a good thing, but you have to do it smart people, not morons. People have internet and they can't meet, some want, some are scared, and others don't have time. In my opinion, time should be on everything for conversation, because you will be seventy or eighty years old alone and you will talk to the walls. Will someone care about you later, probably no one friends in thousand on Facebook. People do not appreciate what they have, hopefully the new generation will be smarter. This is how life looks on facebook groups and on facebook I use facebook because of the funny things that can be found on it, to keep photos on it because it is a good backup and to observe human behavior. I have seen it for today, I can see it now and until next time.




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05 February 2020

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