Considerations No. 27

Today's reflections are about who and what a person is today. I had a dream about people today and decided to write my reflections. After a deeper reflection you have to look at how a person ends. And when a person ends, he dies. I read what happens when a person dies, microbial particles break down in a person, i.e. we are a cluster of smaller systems, so-called creatures. They are responsible for the fact that we live, nourish us and thus live. So who are we or rather what? Also a creature only a little bigger and one that thinks in its own way because we have a brain. Other creatures also think only differently. Everyone thinks only in their own way, nature has created us, that we have brains and we think. We are a creature like others, like a fly whether a dog or a cat, we are only more developed than them. People go to church, once believed in priests and God, today they walk only for God, or to show everyone around that they are believers and walk. They are more focused on belonging groups, people who walk it too. So often it is done for show even though they don't get used to it. They think that if they walk they are better than those who don't walk. They really want to be perceived better, they walk, but do they believe in God, in part probably yes, because you have to believe in something. So beloved you have to believe in something without faith, you can't see the goal or see the wrong goals. You have to believe in something higher and first, it's God for us. It is this faith that leads us to a better one, directs our actions. You thought what would happen if people did not believe in God, in the good, the world would go crazy. What would happen in the world does not even want to think, it would be a massacre. The strongest would rule, and if he ruled, ideally for himself. The world would be a farmhand and would be tired and intimidated. Only so many countries are free because people have believed in goodness and freedom for centuries, that's what we have today We have all this responsibility. Faith, faith in something higher, bigger, better tomorrow. If we took people's faith in what they would be today, just animals, there would be the law of the jungle, who would rule it stronger. If it ruled it would turn out , it is not known whether it is better for the world. What if people take away the faith that there is no God, that there is no life after death, people would realize that they have this only life and they will not repeat it again. Maybe they would start living otherwise, better and some worse. I think everyone would like to be remembered somehow, because memory is important. Will people realize that they have the only life and will not repeat it anywhere, they can live with dignity, be someone in the eyes of others, be someone in our eyes. Because it really matters what we think about ourselves. I, in my own way, believe in God, in something bigger and better. However, I do not believe in priests, in rich people, in money and in all the evil of this world, for me below all that I believe in. Do I go to church sometimes by the way, sometimes to see how it is because I have not been there for a long time, I am not looking for God there, because God is everywhere, sometimes in the church there is less God than in this is how it looks and I think so. For me, God is everywhere, he is close to me all the time, he follows me all the time, surrounds me, I don't need to go to church to meet God, because God is next to me all this time as. If someone claims otherwise, he is mistaken and raving. Are there people who do not believe in anything? Everyone believes in something, most people nowadays believe in money, so they run after them, losing their health like a shit, but they also believe. Faith gives strength to man. If I tell you that after death nothing awaits you, you turn into ashes, then you will be better people or worse, think about it. Knowing that you have this one life, will you want to experience it exceptionally? You want to enjoy life ? Will you push ahead for money? First you have to answer what is important to you in life. Are these trips around the world or the people who surround you, among whom you live. As I look at facebook today, most want to show off where there was how much she saw why you got it, you think that you will make more friends thanks to it. real friends, they show it where someone would appreciate it, but do they appreciate it? They make them jealous, because the others were not there. Is it important to be in Madagascar or in China? No loved ones, no matter where you are and how important you are. everyone is looking for a soul mate and now you see that the most important is man. It's all about human considerations. These are not trips, only people are important, for them you go on these trips, sometimes alone, without realizing that you need something other than a trip abroad Sometimes it is worth staying at home but with people who are close to you. Those who understand it are happier than those who go on trips. The most important is a man, you care about him, doing everything to be closer to someone other than ourselves. You know what is important on Facebook that you can meet new people quite cool, although there are also not cool, but we have a choice with whom we want to ę friendship and who deserves it. After death there is nothing, you cease to exist, so you should appreciate life while you have it, appreciate the people who surround you, be able to enjoy life because you have one. How you will be remembered depends on you, nobody remembers me personally does not have to, important that I remember myself every day. Belief in a better or worse tomorrow gives me strength. And what gives you strength? My faith is greater than what they say in church, because I believe in greater things. you believe? Think that you will not survive the second time, whether you will be other people, better. Will you be more understanding for other people or depressing them. You should enjoy life and give life to other people. I always say live and let live Don't take freedom from yourself and others. Learn to appreciate your and others' lives, because everyone has one life. Do what you enjoy without taking freedom and pleasure to others. Just enjoy life and think about what is important to you in life, not to others. Think about what should be important and whether it is important to you. Freedom and good are important above all, at least for me. Would you live your life differently knowing that you have it and nothing will wait for you later, I think yes, you would enjoy life more, value it more. I end my considerations today .




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05 February 2020

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