Considerations No. 30

Today's my considerations will revolve among doctors, but maybe not only. I talked to my friend today. He is suffering from a mental illness, for some it is terrible because they do not understand these people. As far as I know it is schizophrenia, or some similar disease, many diseases are possible, including depression, constant depression. He is afraid all the time what will happen like parents, and there is something to be afraid of, because he will probably end up in the center for such people. Can I get out of this disease, in my opinion can be. He is still scared, what will happen in the future when parents run out. This is a constant depression. She thinks that she is adding drugs to her, and you know why I feel bad and does not know what is happening to her, but it is because of the drugs she takes that she feels. They fool her, she doesn't know what's happening to her. Besides, she doesn't look good because she doesn't like her. Also, she doesn't believe in herself when I asked her to promise me, she couldn't do it she knew that she would try, but she does not know how it will come out, because she does not believe in her abilities, because she lacks a person who will help her to believe in herself. Generally, she does not love herself, she said that she constantly strives to be good, like people with dove hearts and does not realize that she has pigeons herself. It follows that she does not believe in herself and does not love herself as she is. She strives for perfection, and in the world no one is perfect. Look how such a good person suffers, so suffers not believing in yourself, not loving yourself, not accepting yourself as it is. Seeking acceptance in people, and she can't accept herself. It's really sad, but healthy people would say this is a psychic person, but they don't know how much they suffered and how much he still suffers. Where are the doctors who are to help, I ask where. I know how Polish doctors heal. When I had the flu and my doctor was gone, I went to the head of the clinic, she accepted me, she hardly said anything, she wrote to the world a prescription paper, and even that was not a prescription, but the medicine I had to buy. She wrote so that the woman in the pharmacy could not read, additionally one medicine that she could read cost a massive price. What I did, I asked the pharmacist for a cold medicine much cheaper That's what the doctors are like and they complain that they don't earn enough, I would dump them, knock them over and not heal. Dentists make teeth similarly, but only for cash, they treat the National Health Fund like a blacksmith, I found out on their skin. they pretend to be clever, they fight for their own sake, just for themselves, not for ordinary people, in the place of the government I would sign bills in agreement with the president and these fools, he did not care at all, because they want to rule Poland, and as they have ruled so far, how many people lost their property by prolonging their hearings, they would be ashamed to do such stupid things as they do. They call on the European Union to follow them, putting Poland in the wrong place light, where their conscience is and they want to judge people, it is worth laughing. They only demand their rights and not justice. As for the girl who is treated with schizophrenia, she should get a psychologist to help her, but they have already put a line on her, it is better to stuff with medicines, because pharmaceutical companies will not have an outlet for medicines. That's the truth, the whole truth about doctors and pharmaceutical companies. They don't cure people, I know a boy who has been treated for about twenty years and has never talked to a psychologist. they cure on watch, because one person found the disease, then all the drugs only write, and what if the first person was wrong. Do they load the medicine into a healthy person? So in our country there were already cases of imprisoned prisoners who were not guilty, the same is true with doctors, incorrect diagnosis and they load drugs into people for years, and later people become addicted to drugs and must take them. Pharmaceutical companies e earn a lot, this is the pharmaceutical business. This is where doctors and pharmaceutical companies live. The easiest way to make a diagnosis, and let the rest nod. I decided to describe it because it was taken from life. I'm on Facebook groups and on one question someone asked if if you love the other person, and suddenly get sick or leave her. One of the answers was that it was not provided that it was not a mental illness. What my friend might think of such a statement that it is deleted, that her world is over. But the person who she doesn't know that she can get depressed and get sick herself, or her child and what she will say is best left? Or maybe if you're healthy, help yourself recover. Maybe you're already sick if you can't help, a healthy person helps, a sick person not because it has its problems. Sometimes they are everyday problems, and sometimes they turn into depression, which can get worse. By being healthy quickly, we can be sick. Every stick has two ends, as they say once in a cart once under a cart. Tomorrow you can be sick and nobody will help you either. That's my reflection for today.




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06 February 2020

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