Considerations No. 33

Today, my thoughts revolve around facebok.I am in my groups and the question was "How can you take care of your partner or partner so that it always sparkles." Answers were different, one lady wrote that cinema, bicycle, walking, dancing, antics, massage, joint cooking, swimming and trips. Partially I agree, you have to make time more enjoyable somehow. But surely you have to constantly try to make it sparkle, I think not, sometimes we need some peace. Frequent efforts to ensure entertainment can have the opposite effect. Sometimes after we just need to be just close. Have someone to talk to, hug, not a constant pursuit of impressions, because you won't even have time to talk. Today everyone is rushing for entertainment, forgetting what is important. There are countries in which there are wars who are starving, the glass of water and a slice of bread are enough, there are people who only want a quiet home and a normal life, they don't need to outcry to love someone. looking at Polish society and the general ladies need entertainment, preferably frequent. Now I know how many divorces because probably my husband did not provide adequate entertainment, or if they only provided money for my husband. women. Faceto needs a normal normal home, and a woman of entertainment, probably cheat for entertainment. As they say "bitch will not give the dog will not take", whether betrayal is the fault of women for sure, because the guy will not take force because he will go to sit. Do we need us entertainment, of course, when we plan it together and not one side and it will constantly need entertainment. This approach is a bad sign for a relationship, it means that something breaks, since we need additional stimuli, it means that we no longer interact as we did at the beginning. And what if you run out of these pastimes you leave this person? And this is the real question. It is a sign that you should not Not to be with each other, or time to talk.To want to be with someone is important not entertainment. People often forget about it and this is their mistake. But mainly women forget about it, although men also hit, but only when they have Too good. In life, entertainment is not important, only the other person. What if you travel alone after trips around the world, if you have no one to share it with, it is nothing, people often realize this after the fact when they are alone. from this when you look at some nice view when there is no loved one next to and that's what I'm going to, then the entertainment is not the most important thing but the second person next to you. Without it it is worth nothing. When you see what you can see with someone to share it is beautiful. But without the other person it is worth nothing. Therefore entertainment is not important in our lives. For one entertainment is a glass of water and a slice of bread to survive this day or week, for others a trip to the Canary Islands. but looking at the most important thing, we need a second person to give us a slice of bread, a glass of water, or go together to the canaries to admire the beautiful views, but together. So if anyone tells me that you have to constantly try and provide entertainment then I laugh I want to, or love the other person or not and expect only entertainment, because just being with this person is not enough for you. Something else to plan something together when you want it, and what else to expect a trip when the other person does not want. If the other person I do not want to talk is why I do not want, and nmie putting on their own. Diplomacy is always important and conversation is required. It is thanks to the conversation that people understand each other. To sum up all this, entertainment is not important only the right person we love and with whom we want to be. Today I finish my reflection with this accent.



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06 February 2020

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