Considerations No. 35

Today I will start thinking about people and their behavior. As I mentioned before, I am on Facebook groups. Today we started a topic about judging others. Often people get upset about being assessed, being patched and patched on a life that other people don't know about. The problem of society is deep, it is connected with habits that society had years ago and it continues. People used to be stigmatized for being different, because they behave differently, look differently, behave differently. You think it's passed, we're 21 and it's still in people, these old habits of judging others. Once, when someone had a tattoo, they were definitely in jail. As a mother alone with a child, she probably let go of her married wife. People patched such patches on the basis of first impression. That's how the older generation had it and still has it, it still judges others by skin color and unusual behavior or clothing. What do these older people teach young people the same, and young people absorb. Usually grandmothers and grandparents raising grandchildren because moms and daddies don't have time busy working. Young people absorb like a sponge, from a young age they say who is good and who is bad, ask don't hang out with that. That's what they taught us and they still teach us. We have democracies but most people don't know what democracy and tolerance are. Someone may look different sometimes because of illness. But when we don't teach tolerance and understanding we only stigmatize behavior, children stigmatize other children. They brand for clothing, appearance, behavior is just hate speech. Hatred that spreads later. Some people scoff at others, talk, destroy and humiliate. This is a disease of the society that is affecting us. It started when someone gave a post that annoys us and there were different answers. One of them is judging by the cover. Well, since our parents taught how to judge by the cover, how should we not judge, how should our children not judge others. This should finally end. I am glad that now there is stress-free education, that they teach tolerance and understanding, but we still have a long way to go. It takes generations for such things. However, it is already visible that the youngest children are more tolerant, have a fresh view on many issues, teach schools in tolerance and understanding for others, so that only at home parents would teach. My generation was frightened, children were frightened, they were afraid to speak without being asked, but this is already changing, children are bolder, more joyful because they do not have as much stress as we do. Let the old generation learn from young people because there is something to learn. We should go to school and learn understanding and tolerance. Our parents, when they saw Wiśniewski and his red hair, said what a freak he was, the children he named in his own way. This is the lack of understanding and tolerance. They should go to school and learn how to be human. I run a Facebook page myself and put a lot of my photos on Facebook, I need them for later conversions and montages because I am a computer graphic designer. When people look at it, my sisters said that I was abnormal, that it bounces off me, and I ask what is wrong with it, I beat someone, I killed, no, what is the problem. Recently, I met my friend and says and what do you you promote yourself, full of photos, you record live, you talk stupid things, but I can tell who is stupid for this stupidity, but maybe for somebody this knowledge will be useful. That's what our parents taught us, you don't know it, don't go, better leave it, but how do we learn something, how to do something new, if we don't try. It's an old way of thinking, it's best to lie down and do nothing, these are the people who talk so. I do something in my life and what they do to those who talk so much, I don't even want to say because I'm ashamed. In my life I go to school finishing computer graphics, I run broadcasts and record them, I do live from time to time, I write a blog, I sing sometimes I record songs, I write computer programs, I create websites, I know many things on electronics, computers , telephones, computer programs, I play with computer graphics, sometimes I even draw with a pencil and create my own music. I have three professions electrician, computer scientist and I will have computer graphics this year, when I finished computer science I went to a national computer science competition because I was the best in Bialystok in the field of studies, it means something that I'm not a fool and a bum. All the people who blame me that I am promoting myself, that it reflects me wrong. My sisters can't turn on the computer well, a colleague who rated me doesn't have the same achievements as me, but they have the most to say, let them be happy that I don't sum them up because they would fall out pale. But I will tell you why they are, through jealousy. Because they look worse than I do, they don't know as many things as I do, which can shine with criticism of another man. They are people who have no life, so they take care of the lives of others. If I have my life in order, I don't have to be interested in what others do and how, because it's their business. I have not seen such behavior. I developed modern behavior full of tolerance and understanding. These people have neither tolerance nor understanding nor their lives, they feed on the lives of others. What was once in the home today has moved to the internet. Going to facebook, we see how people evaluate one another, after the photo, after what he wrote, and these are loose conversations and writing at ease the same pictures, but you need to mature. Most people think that Facebook is used to judge others, so most people think. A friend posted a picture, look how scary it looks, look how it promotes, etc. Facebook is used for communication with other people, for conversations for fun, and not for judging others, because if you are to judge, leave Facebook, people understand the essence of Facebook, because you behave worse like children. Facebook is supposed to connect people and not divide into better and worse. Do not go back to the old behaviors that have been inculcated in you for years, be wise and learn something in your life yourself, and do not imitate other people who have been equally impaired by years of tolerance. It's easy to attach a badge to someone he is angry it is hard to fix it. I would suggest stigmatizing such people in whom there is no tolerance, then maybe they will understand their mistakes. The best way to brand these people is to stop contacting them until they understand where they made the mistake. Better to be alone than with toxic people around. In life we ​​meet different people, we choose those who do not judge and are tolerant, at least I do, I do not maintain contact with toxic people and I have less nerves and a great feeling of well-being. Dear, you need to free yourself from toxins, and life becomes pleasant. I already have a different way of thinking, I avoid such people, as they say, I do not think about it, I do what I do not want others and my life is happy, even though I am alone. I have my world, not the one that others want to build because they would give me hell. Think about what I said and live happily. With this accent I will finish see you.




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25 February 2020

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