Considerations No. 37

Today's considerations will start with normalcy. Who is really normal? That's an interesting and relative question. It all depends on whether or not it hurts yourself or others. A healthy and, above all, normal person does not hurt anyone, is honest and has nothing to hide. Many of you consider yourself normal but you do not cope with many problems in life, I mean emotional. There are people who are easily nervous or completely normal, I say no to you. Are secretive and taciturn people healthy, not because they are oppressing them. These are diseases of the soul and character and habits that they have acquired over the years. How to be normal then? The worst are those who are easily nervous, nerves are difficult to control, they are neuroses acquired over the years under the influence of various stimuli. Can introverted people help each other, let me tell you so. You have to find courage and a means that will help. For me helps running the program. I talk a lot then and have gained courage to speak for years. If you have a problem with something, you usually go to a psychologist, but you can also deal with yourself only you need to know the cause of the problem. At the beginning of an examination of conscience and honest conversation with yourself. If you are taciturn you have to do something that they let you tell you. Such a counter weight, if you don't talk you have to start talking, if you are afraid of something you have to do something so that you are not afraid. It's like swimming, if you can't, then you learn. That's how you deal with any mental problem. That is recovery. You just have to do what you don't do. Am I a sick person, I am sicker than healthy, sometimes not. I have schizophrenia, but I know healthy people who are less normal than I am. Constant nerves are not able to deal with simple things. People get sick mainly after their shocking experiences. These are mental illnesses, not the ability to cope with the mental pain that happened to them. A person who will cope with pain will recover, but these are rare cases, because it is hard to get up from terrible experiences. Well, how to be normal? First of all, you need to have a distance to everything and be able to soberly determine the situation that meets us and react soberly to it. How did I manage to achieve normality? First of all, I did the examination of conscience and began to talk to myself, but honestly and to react to human behavior honestly and truly. First of all, I started to take care of myself and think about myself. When we want to help someone, first ask ourselves if we need help. We are in the first place and only later the other way around. I will give an example of a burning house and firefighter's rules. He looks after himself first, because when he is safe he can help others, when he dies he will not help others or himself. This is how we live, we care for ourselves first then we will care for others. We will help each other. You can't go the other way. People often make the mistake of first taking care of someone, helping them, and forgetting about themselves and this is reflected in their health later and they can neither help nor help anyone anymore. Everyone should be a little selfish, but you can't overdo it. Never put someone above yourself, it's a bad habit. Often this habit is met in love and ends badly for us, often with a broken heart or mental breakdown. If anyone with us does not want to be his choice let him go and behave with dignity, despite the pain he will pass after some time. Let us not be hurt by others because we love, love is not an explanation for hurting us. When we feel hurt, let us leave such a person, when we humiliate us, let us leave such a person. This will help us maintain peace of mind and normality. Do you think and what will happen when we are alone? Nothing will happen you will finally reach peace of mind and meet new better people. Can we meet whom we want to meet with new people? Of course, we can have the full right and even duty to have peace of mind and true face. Good and real people appreciate your honesty and truth in your eyes. Sometimes it is worth being alone to think about many things and gain distance to life, people, to yourself. Can you be happy being alone? Of course you can, everyone needs closeness and sex. Closeness can be replaced by conversations with people, today we have the Internet, you can hook up and talk if not with one, then with another person through facebook. Women do not have to wait for the guy's step, they can do the best themselves, it does not come out, there is nothing to be afraid of, we live in such times that everything is allowed. As the first will not be suitable as a partner, the second or third will be suitable, or twenty. Whoever does not give up finally sees the effects. The conversation itself helps a lot in relationships and closeness. And sex, today there are different toys for women, for men, and like nmie toys, your own hands are enough to achieve orgasm. Because sex is all about orgasm, that's how love looks like and how to deal with it. If we don't have reciprocity in love, it's better to be alone, less stress and nerves, and don't get depressed. Once you make an examination of conscience, solve all your mental problems and learn to be real, you will be healthy and normal. Those who do not believe and are still not real, nor honest with each other or others, are simply sick and abnormal. These are the exponents of normality. Without honesty, there is no normal behavior, no thinking, no normality in general. You think why I am telling you about my illness, because I am honest, I have nothing to be ashamed of and afraid of. For me it's a disease like any other and I cope with it better than others. You think I'm afraid of what someone will say or think about me, I don't care, what I think about myself and say. For me the most important word and thoughts are mine, because I am real and honest with myself, I do not fool myself. That is why I am normal, I'm not afraid and I'm not ashamed of my life, which I wish you. Once I was a cheerful boy and there was no problem that I would not he solved, when I got sick I got lost and broke down about the disease, I couldn't deal with anything. I was looking for a way out, I needed many years to find it, others may be guided by my experiences, they do not have to look for the way themselves, although each path may be a little different, but the way out is the same. Respect for each other, honesty, truthfulness, taking care of yourself first and distance to people and life, to love as well as sex. Do we have anything to be ashamed of when living? If we don't hurt anyone, we didn't kill anyone, then we don't. We have the right to comment on any topic, make jokes about any topic, be it about ourselves or sex, there should also be no taboo topics, because they limit us, and when something limits us, it creates a barrier with time that cannot be broken. Such a barrier creates in us shame and strange behavior that distort our minds. A normal person is limited only by one harm to another and murder. Today I read virtual Poland and there was news that there could be no godfather in a parish because he did not attend religion at school or was living in a cohabitation. It is a sick limitation, in fact, the exclusion of such a person from society, from the community to which he belongs. It is the fault of the priest who made such a decision should be treated because he is certainly not normal. The church will eventually fail because of bad decisions. I do not go to church, because if they teach that we are to be good, let them be themselves, if we have to love our neighbor, where is this love, if a priest excludes such a person from society, after all, this person did not hurt or kill anyone. They have sick rules that I don't agree with. Once, when I was a young boy, I went to confession with my friends, the priest shouted to us that we did not do a conscience examination, because we did not kneel before the confessional, but we immediately went to confession, and what does the fairy know that we did the examination of conscience, how could he know maybe at home I made a count of conscience. I once saw a young girl screaming at a confessional, you know what a linden tree is among the hundreds who were there. Personally, such actions discouraged me from confession, which is why I don't confess at all, I don't sin because I don't hurt anyone, I didn't kill anyone, that's what. no agonizing person will tell me what to confess and if I have to at all, I have my own conscience. This is my conscience that tells me whether to receive communion or not. And I can confess to God, he will surely understand me and approach me as human. What church rites are at all, just a superstition that people believe or tradition. Baptism is nothing we do as a souvenir, because once it was baptized, just as in the army it was done to mean something in the group, the same is with baptism, we do it to belong to a church, to find ourselves in a group of Catholics. You think that baptized children go to heaven, and those who are not baptized go to hell, you are wrong, good people go to heaven, and bad people go to hell, if hell exists at all. So we all die and go somewhere. You think that if someone is baptized but killed, he will go to heaven, sooner the one who did not kill and not baptized will go. Therefore, baptism is nothing but a simple rite, thanks to which we can see that we belong to the church, it is like a tattoo that means something to us , but nothing more. Will the tattoo go to heaven, or are we better, no, it's just a sign, or rather a symbol. If there is life after death and it is fair, it will accept good people not bad, not those who have a tattoo, or have been baptized or communion. Why do I accept communion as a sign only, I could not accept it and I would survive and if I have to go to heaven I will go too. Knowing life sooner I will go to heaven than others. What of their baptisms, communions how they are hypocritical and hurt other people, be it word or deed. When I leave this world, I don't need confession, God confesses me because he understands me exactly. Faith in the church is sick, many believers eventually go crazy, and you know why, because they believe in the church, not God. The church teaches people badly about God, they teach that God requires, not eating meat on Friday, and I ask myself what's wrong with it, the church imposes only restrictions on people, and people go crazy. I know that after myself, I blindly believed that you have to take care for a neighbor and be good to everyone and forgive, you know where it led me to the edge of madness. When I realized that I was the most important not a neighbor, when I forgave myself for others, when I began to be good to myself and not others first, I woke up from the lethargy I was in and healed. The church is the worst disease of society, worse than the coronovirus, because it has been going on for centuries. You have to believe in something, you can't live without faith, but believe in God, not a church. Sooner God will help you than the church, they will even take a car from the homeless. This is my normality without life restrictions. The only limit is live and let others live without harming them. We should be guided by these values, not what the church and people say. In fact, beloved, you can only count on yourself or God's good humor. People and the church will not help you with your problems and dilemmas. Be honest, open and talk to people and be normal, being a human being for another human being, I wish you that. That's my reflection for today.




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04 March 2020

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