Considerations No. 38

Today's considerations will revolve around normality. I still go on how to be normal. Sometimes I talk to people and say that they are embarrassed to hook someone or talk. This is already a sign of a blockage that caused something. Usually someone hurt such a person with his behavior or word. Such people later have a problem with making new friends. Every block in life is bad for us because it creates more blockages. One lock pulls another lock like a magnet. In the end, we close ourselves and isolate ourselves from society. Are conversations about sex with someone allowed, of course that sex is normal. For years people instilled that sex is bad, that you can't talk about it, and blockades have appeared about conversations about sex, embarrassment, embarrassment. These are blocks that create a barrier in free conversation about sex, and not needed because I think sex is something normal. In the end, nature created us for this. Often there are videos on the internet like a monkey or other animal entertains with its birth, and only animals behave naturally and in accordance with nature. Even for them it is natural, why should it not be for us as we are in the developmental tree above. We are the ones at the top of this pyramid. That's why I think it's normal to talk about sex, and those who are ashamed and crepes have a blockade that their parents or friends have created or the society they live in. I think that any embarrassment that comes across us in life is bad and we should work on it. blockades will be completely healthy. Many blockades arose because of belief in what the church says. Sex is bad, sinful thoughts are bad, and our thoughts are imagination, which we should not block. Food on Friday is bad, in general the church tells us about bad things, it really scares us by going to hell, already small children are scared, and later in these children are born fears and fear, which may later turn into illness, in anxiety. How do I know it because I survived it, my life was strongly connected with the church. I believed in God for good, I was afraid to eat meat on Friday, I was afraid to talk about sex because he was angry because of the words of the church, I was afraid to dream because it was also bad. I put up more and more blockades, I was afraid to hit someone because I had to respect and love my neighbor, but when I was beaten, nobody worried about my fate, it caused me more fears. I got so lost in my life that I got sick with schizophrenia. I recovered when I got rid of these blockages, I get rid of them new ones every day. Each experience cannot end with a blockade, we must solve it immediately. Sometimes toxic people appear in our lives, avoid them or face them. I break up acquaintances if I see that someone is toxic, why do I need such friends, I prefer to have normal friends, and the toxic one shows my middle finger. The church plays a big role in our lives, really driving us into mental illness through their prohibitions and orders. All I have to do is listen to the superhero berets and see their minds distorted by all this ideology. They pat the rosaries for hours instead of devoting this time to more useful things. The hour of patting the rosary can be spent resting, taking care of their interests, but they have no interest, their interest is patting the rosary. Often they barely walk, but at church masses like a snatch it is like eighteen-year-olds at the Olympics. On the bus they say give way to the elderly, but in the church on their knees they kneel for hours, instead of kneeling let them lie at home, they do not get a curvature of the spine for old age and other diseases. This is stupid thinking of people, it is time to work, but it is time to rest. Instead of getting tired in the church, they lay down and rest at home watching a nice movie. Thanks to this, they would understand what life is about, certainly not on constant mortification. As I see how many people are mentally ill, it scares me, the whole society is sick. There are so many sick people, but they will not go to the doctor, because it turns out that he is psychological, and he is normal wherever it is, sick people think, they are afraid to know the truth. Nobody wants to admit that he is upset if it is a mental illness and the majority of the population is mentally ill because of these blockades, church prohibitions and orders. In their opinion, everyone around is sick but not them, and they don't even know what normality is. There are so many hypocritical people, and this is also a disease that devours them from the inside. The church says that the decalogue is the most important, and I will not agree. The most important is the commandment of love, respect your neighbor as yourself. You know what this text declares that we are to respect others as we respect ourselves, with the emphasis that first we respect ourselves and only our neighbor. For how are we to respect our neighbor if we do not respect ourselves, how to love our neighbor if we do not love each other. That is why I say that we are the most important only ourselves later. If we are healthy, we will heal others. If we are normal, normal will be different. Let's start changing the world from ourselves. First, let's get rid of blockades and what limits us. Let's not be afraid to talk to someone else to talk because it's normal. Let's not be afraid to talk about sex because it's something normal. Let's not hurt children by scaring them with bum and other things, let's not build borders and limitations in young society, don't put barriers in their lives. Then our society will heal itself. We teach our children to care for themselves and teach them to be able to care for others later. Instead of going to church, let older people read my posts better and learn how to be normal, or don't go to school and learn something useful, e.g. How to use a computer and the Internet, because it is strength nowadays. Everyone goes to church because they want to be buried in Catholic, and what difference does they bury you, after death you will be indifferent to them, they may as well burn you, you will not feel it anymore, and the family may talk to the urn later and not he has to go to the cemetery, parading in the cemetery on the day of the dead like idiots in new clothes. That's the truth about life, people do a lot of things to show off to please others, and others really don't care about what you look like and what you came for. It is only later that jealousy and counseling are born. What should you be guided by in life, truth, honesty and openness without borders. Then you will be normal and you will think normally and be healthy. The older generation built a sick society, today we can change it, it all depends on us. Whether the decalogue is important, it is important, but in a different way than the church tells us. First you will not have other gods before me, here it is that no one would be God to you, because God you are alone to yourself. Exactly the point is that you would be more important to yourself than others and in the first place. Second you will not take the name of God It is about you not humiliating yourself without a reason. Third, remember to make the holy day holy. Here, the point is that after a hard day you will find time for yourself to rest and regain strength, a weak person will get sick and feel bad, you need to find time to rest and this is the celebration and the holy day. Four, honor your mother and father, this is about respect for your parents because they gave you life. Fifth, don't kill, it's not to scold the other person, let alone kill. Sixth do not commit adultery, the point is to respect who you are, because he also has feelings, and we cheat on we hurt this person. It is not about not having sex when we are alone, but when we are with someone, because we hurt this person. In every relationship, we attach to sooby and want to be unique to him, be just him. Therefore, this commandment is important because it creates a bond between people for life. Someone who does not understand this is sick. If you are going to cheat, then better get away from that person and don't hurt him. This commandment is not important, because the church said so, this commandment is important, because we hurt a loved one. Seventh do not steal, just do not steal yourself, but do not give away yours. There are things that are important to us, we cannot give them to anyone because we have worked hard for them. If someone robs us, he doesn't respect our work, which we devoted to getting it. If someone does not respect us and our work is also bad, because we deserve respect, it results from the commandment of love. Eighth, do not speak false testimony against your neighbor. Well, just slandering someone, chatting is a sin. Now tell me how many older people go to church and pat their prayers, and they talk to others, defame the good name of a man, it's a grave sin. Such people live in the lie that their church taught them. When the church slanders partnerships, it also commits this sin. This is a grave sin that the church itself commits. Sam does not stick to the decalogue, but teaches him others. Ninth do not covet your neighbor's wife. This commandment is important, let them take care of your wife, not someone else's, this other person is not better. And by ordering a foreign wife later crimes occur. You have to learn to appreciate what you have, you choose your wife yourself, so respect her and do not look for a better one. Tenth or any thing that is his. That's how jealousy comes out because someone has a better job, a nicer wife, smarter children and a bigger home. learn to appreciate what you have, and not envy, because someone has better, then other sins of jealousy, theft, adultery. We should not limit ourselves, but we should have certain rules to maintain normality in society. The decalogue and the commandment of love are a good indicator of the principles that we should follow, but you need to understand what it's all about. The most important is the commandment of love and the first point of the decalogue, and only the rest of the commandments. Our norm and society are also built on this. If people were what I say, society would be healthy and normal. Let us not limit ourselves, but let us have some rules, this is the basic principle of normal life. You want to be normal, so that your children are normal, follow these rules. It is not the church that is important but you alone. Today it's so much about normality, I wish you would be normal. Now I finish my considerations today and best regards.




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04 March 2020

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