Considerations No. 40

Welcome everyone to my next reflections. Today I have an interesting topic from Facebook. The question was asked whether on the first date you would invite a second person from afar and spend the night or tell her to go to the hotel. How would you do it, think about it. Of course it works both ways. The question is whether you would invite, but the question how would you feel if someone offered you a hotel. You have to put yourself in both situations. Facebook sentences were divided, some would invite home, some would propose a hotel. This is not about a person from the same city, but from a distant corner. Think you're going to someone a thousand kilometers to spend the night in a hotel and eat a kebab and drink coffee. My question is you would go because I don't. In my opinion, since I'm going on such a trip, it's for a few days, not one day. Another thing to go to a person from so far away I would have to get to know her a little while talking. After all, you're going to another city you don't know. You don't know what time you will arrive, it can be night, you don't know the city, there are no tariffs, where you will go. I had the case that I drove all day and arrived at 10pm, it was dark and zero taxis. Fortunately, the girl married me because she lived nearby. If she didn't leave I would sleep at the bus stop or look for a hotel all over the city on foot because there was nothing there at this time. I could have come across a drunk group that accosted me, beat me or someone who would kill me. Fortunately, this did not happen because the girl came for me and took me home, and did not make me look for hotels at this time. But on Facebook several people said that they would send to the hotel, I wonder what they would do in my place, if no one left after them, they would wander in the dark city as there was almost no lighting. Those who say so do not realize what is waiting for them or for someone. You enter another people's city, you don't know him, you don't drive your own car but the bus, and this changes the form of things, because you won't go where you want. In the car you have navigations, you could handle it, but on foot, at night in a foreign city where the lamps do not burn everywhere. If you were going to someone, you would feel a nice atmosphere that awaits you. The second time you wouldn't go if someone offered you a hotel. Of course, it was argued with me that the hotel was best, but for whom. They wrote that what if he turned out to be a murderer or rapist. I wrote back to the fact that you must first meet the person before you invite them to write and talk with them. They wrote back to me that you would not know if someone was like that because he would not introduce himself as a killer. But you can tell by conversation whether someone is aggressive or not, whether truthful or lying. All you have to do is put a person around and wait what he says. It comes out faster than you think. On the other hand, someone may be fine, and you immediately assume that he is a murderer or rapist, it results from proposing a hotel. Personally, I would be offended because I am not such a person. Continuing this reasoning that he is a killer, I wrote who you hang out with. In my opinion, they look like a tough guy is a nice cake. Such a tough guy is a potential murderer, it can be seen immediately by looking at the proverbial mouth, but not only, after the conversation you can see. If he is too confident, it is better to stay away, because this is bad at the beginning. Usually girls fly on such self-confident, I have often seen girls say that they want a peasant, I don't eat cunt, and then they walk under the watch with my cunt. That is why they got used, they do not give the address but they direct to the hotel, so safe. The ones that send to the hotel themselves are cunts in short, because even a guy can't know what he is like. It's possible they just risk a moron to meet anyone. I'll tell you that a murderer and rapist can be found everywhere not necessarily what you invite home. I wrote to them that if they invited them home they could ask how bad he would behave or call the police. I think these are extreme cases for those who invite and don't meet a person, but sometimes it can happen. Sometimes you have to take the risk and trust someone. You can die anywhere, even in your own bed. I think these people just don't trust others, they lack humanity and faith in people like that. Personally, I would not go to such a person, especially by bus. People lack hospitality, and once there was a saying, a guest at home, God at home. Today, nobody remembers it anymore, just cares about their own ass. I don't know if it is people from certain regions of Poland or everywhere. Recently I had such a story, I strained my leg and I was in the hospital waiting for a doctor. Other people also came, including a girl from Katowice. She took part in the tennis championship, won but damaged her leg. We talked with them and said, here you are nice people, in Warsaw it is such rudeness that the head is small, and we say because they are tailors. Half of Warsaw is not Varsovians, they came from villages and great Varsovians, this is why the straw sticks out from their shoes and they cannot behave. I will tell you that such truth, rudeness and lack of culture. Great gentlemen are seated instead of a little modesty and humbleness. These are the people who invite you later to the hotpeople instead of to your own home. Opinion later goes all over the world. Poles have always been said to be a hospitable country, and they send their own countrymen to hotels. As they gather for Owsiak, it is the first time to throw a zloty, but to invite a fellow countryman is not a ptorafi, such a different culture, probably modern. I just want to laugh at such people. One boy wrote that he could stand and could drive a thousand kilometers on a kebab, because kilometers and money are not important, he just wanted to prove to me that I could not afford it, but I ask what is important, not kilometers or money, a person , and what kind of person is that who even does not invite home to the hotel. There is no one here to go, since she doesn't trust me, I don't trust her either. I will go out in the evening and get off the bus and there will be some suspicious people waiting for me, and how can I know if they are not concerned about my kidney, maybe the cane stuck me out. If you don't trust both sides, you don't go to such a person, it's easy. Therefore, in my opinion, if you meet over a long distance, you must be sure and both trust each other. And as you see it, just like me do you have different opinions. Of course, how many people think so, but I think I do not think wrong. This is the end of my reflections today.




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06 March 2020

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