Considerations No. 41

Today, my considerations will revolve around sex and virginity. I read an article today in virtual Poland about late sexual initiation. Thirty years old women and men were served there, it is possible that later people also have a problem with it. They are virgins and virgins because they were waiting for their fairy prince or princess, but they did not live to see it. It's the fault of parents and family and friends who instill us with years, wait for the right person. Such people are waiting for princesses or prince, but usually they do not meet anyone like that. Later, at the age of thirty, they are ashamed of their virginity because they are stigmatized by society as losers or mentally ill. It is all because people talk stupidly and worry about someone's words, as if they had no opinion of their own. I will tell you this is sick because you have to have your opinion and not worry about talking. Usually an overzealous daddy says wait for the right guy, or an overzealous mummy tells his son you'll find a better one. Later, they are distressed by the situation that they have never had a partner with whom they would have sex. Another thing is parents' scaring children, just be careful, don't be responsible, I know how many times I had to listen to it, and I don't have children or wife, now they can be proud of themselves, but in truth I don't I took it, just didn't meet the one I would like to spend the rest of my life with. Everyone has some requirements I have. Anyway, for years of being alone, you wonder more if you want to be with someone. Another thing that affects people is the Catholic church and schools. There they teach that sex is bad, that it is a sin. I will tell you that they sin because they waste the best years of these people. The church and these Catholic schools sin because they drive stupidity into these people. Such people cannot find their way in life later, and by whom it is through the church, Catholic schools and family, for me it is sick. In the Catholic church and schools and some families, they teach sick things. How sex can be something bad as it allows you to maintain normality in this crazy world. Yes, I say it with certainty, sex helps to be normal, look at the world with normal, normal eyes. People without sex go crazy, they can't behave and think normally. People who think sex is a sin are sick, I say it with conviction, how can you think that this is something bad, because you acquire anxiety and disgust for nudity and later your body. One extreme thinking, pulls another, such people later just have problems with nudity with sex talks. Later, when asked if you had sex they say I'm waiting for the wedding, and what are they to say that they have a problem they are ashamed to admit. Such cases should be treated, for sure such people need a good psychologist who will help to understand and solve this problem. Because of all this, because of the silly teachings of the church, society is later sick and lagging behind. Personally, I don't go to church because they don't say anything wise. I am constantly calling for love of a neighbor who doesn't love us, sex is a sin, saying "fuck it" is also a sin, I am asking how to be normal, how the church teaches abnormal behavior. If he wants to curse it is normal that I should, I am doing it for a reason, this is the outlet of my emotions. Inhibiting emotions is sick, of course, that we need to inhibit some emotions, but not all, swearing is in short a safety valve in our lives that we would not do anything wrong. Probably better if we curse than when we accumulate anger in ourselves, and then we gather and explode in a strange way, dangerous to us or others. Where mental illnesses come from by suppressing various stimuli, we eventually explode and go crazy. It is the same with virginity, if a person suppresses it, he will eventually explode, go with the first or go crazy when he realizes what he has done. It is the generation brought up by the church that many people have broken, and mainly parents are guilty about it, that they let it, that they also taught the same. Later such a person at the age of forty or fifty will have a grudge against the church or parents, and even to himself that he has allowed it. Why am I writing this text to make such people aware of what is good and what is bad. If they are guided by their choices, then maybe these are bad ideas, but if they are guided by others, it is definitely a bad choice. They lose their lives and pleasures. I will explain it to you in a different way. You have one life, how you lead it depends on you, you want to live half a life and not try sex your choice, but you do not know how much you lose. First of all, you lose pleasure, secondly normality, and thirdly what you will remember in old age, that you kept for the one and the one did not appear. I will tell you at the age of 90 when you live, you will no longer be able to cry how stupid you were. You tell yourself I survived or survived so many years and did not try, the saying is "it's better to regret trying, than to regret not even trying" . Because you try to learn, if you didn't try anything you would be like amoebas. A man who tries to have experiments he learns will die smarter than those who have not tried. I am not saying that you have to try sex with everyone, but do not push away the person you care about, because it is not right or that it is a sin or something bad. For me, sex can even be on a first date if it sparks between us. It doesn't matter on which date if you both want it. For me, the church is a survival that engulfs people and leads them to not being normal. I used to go to church often, I know what I mean. I was also in a psychiatric hospital, I know what I saw there, some of these diseases were caused by the church and its teachings. Once, with my boyfriend, I was constantly talking about the devil, that he sees the devil and all, how do you think it came from, from the teachings of the church. At first, I spoke of God, angels, whom I didn't see at all, how do you think it came from, because I was imbued with religion and the church. Many mentally ill people talk about God, the church, goodness as if it were something extraordinary, because they deeply believe it, and this faith makes them mentally ill. I have a friend who is afraid of everything, she also says pray for me, as if this prayer did something, she is also steeped in religion and church teachings. I tried to help her, she did not want to listen, she was constantly talking about fear and fear and about God, it shows something that the teachings of the church and faith of people in sacred things do not help at all, but on the contrary. The church makes us sick, mentally ill. I gave up the church and I do not go there, and my mind cleared of sick teachings. Now I have my own rules, which I have established myself and stick to, are healthy and normal, that's why I feel better, and I feel healthy and normal, thanks to the fact that I developed defense mechanisms that allowed me to recover from these sick people ideologies. The church teaches good things, how to be good and not hurt others, but also teaches many sick behaviors. After all, those priests who used children because they had no sex for a long time and had a psychological distress on them, it is the same with ordinary people, with the average blacksmith, certain things cannot be suppressed and inhibited. The church should undergo a thorough reform so as not to create sick behavior. Parents should also learn something from their own example and the example of other people and draw conclusions. Because so far a sick society is created, it is enough that there are viruses like coronovirus, we do not need mental illnesses caused by bad upbringing and habits. This approach should be taken by the church and the rulers who should promote healthy behavior. With this accent I finish my reflections today, let's be normal. We have one life and how we live depends on us, you will not repeat the second time of life, you will not fix the mistakes you are making now. Just take your life and enjoy it as you want and in the way you want, do not look at the church and people they will always be angry that you are good. Be guided by what your heart tells you what is good for you, not what people say. Greetings to readers and have a nice day.




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10 March 2020

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