Considerations No.45

Today, my considerations will revolve around Facebook groups. The question was asked why men pay for sex. When I read the statements of some people, I want to laugh. The best guys who write they don't pay and those who pay are weak. What am I asking this weakness for? They want to shine before the women in the group, this is bullshit. Women are no better, they write that such guys are curators and morons. However, I think iancza, if the ifacet has to be with a woman, it is good that there is a brothel. The guy today wants sex, what is to look for the strength of a woman, walk the streets and get stuck for sex, ask if he doesn't have his own woman, he doesn't go to the brothel. If he wants to rape a woman, he doesn't go to the brothel. It's simple, otherwise it's like having a woman and walking around brothels, apparently at home there is not what she has in the brothel. A guy who does not walk on brothels and has no women is easy, that whisking the horse is normal, so if someone writes in such a group that he does not pay for sex, you can see the will of a horse. Another thing is that there are those who are looking for love. They go on a date, the other spend more than in a brothel, because a crafty chick pulls money out of her way, and from sex thread, she makes him wait for the wedding, after a month he kicks him in the ass and a guy without money and sex. I've seen such cases of idiot men. It's probably better to go to a brothel to pay one hundred zlotys and have a problem with your head. However, not everyone wants to go to a brothel, on the one hand they are afraid, they have no money. Such is only the hand, sometimes some brothel does not turn or paying for sex does not turn, I belong to such people. I don't enjoy sex for money, I wouldn't enjoy it. There must be whore in the eyes of a woman for him to turn me on, for money it's not there. Personally, I like to see women play with themselves, it turns me on. Everyone has some other preferences. Nowadays, there is no problem with looking at it, so I'm in a good position. I say so about men, but women also pay for sex. Once, when I was young, I had such a proposal, an elderly woman was so horny at me that she would give everything to me for the night, she simply told me that she would take me to the hotel and I did not have to worry about anything, but I did not use this offer. We worked together and I would feel silly later, and in addition I had a much prettier and younger girl. She acted as if she had estrus, so let me tell you that women can also pay for sex, maybe not all, but some. These are not all waiting for a prince from a fairy tale who will never appear, because to have a prince you have to be a princess. They usually sit at home with their cats or dogs and dream of a prince. Some of them won't even shoot because they don't fall out. They're just stupid because they don't enjoy life. If they can't have a man, let them at least use their fingers or toys and have this orgasm, they also deserve something from their lives, but they prefer to pet the cat rather than their mouse. Usually these are women who are afraid to take the first step towards the guy they like. Sometimes it is enough to hook up to be happy. There are also those who are not available, who prefer to play alone than with a guy or direct their attention towards women and play with women. The ugly women resent women who are pretty sleeping with a hundred guys just because they can't sleep, so they call them whore, and the truth is that they have no luck with guys, that's what they call them with jealousy. In my opinion, it's best to be yourself and not judge anyone. If a man wants to go to a brothel, it's his business, if a woman wants to pay for sex, it's her business, then all those whore and whore won't judge you as life immaturities who prefer to stroke a cat instead of a guy, same with those who jerks a horse or shoots fingering, no one will judge you badly then. The best way to look after each other, not the lives of others. If you don't judge you, nobody will judge you. Everyone has the right to live the way they want and how they like. Do not take the pleasure of doing something because someone will finally take this pleasure from you. Everyone pretends to be great, but you are not saints, everyone has something behind their skin. Let's just be ourselves. This is the summary of these considerations. Have a nice day and reading ...


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20 March 2020

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