Considerations No.46

Hello everyone today, I will tell you about my considerations. Reflections on women. I talked to various women not only from Poland. I watched a video today about how Polish guys can't pick up women. It's a fact that most guys can't pick up, but what's worse, women are even worse than Polish guys. I say this from experience. Today everything has moved to the internet, we are getting up there. I watched a video of how guys pick up a woman, maybe a little awkwardly, but women are a massacre. Polish women are big ladies with their nose turned up. They are just prom queens in a bad word. In the video the guy comes up trying, and the chick picks him up. That's what Polish women are like, why they piss them off. I will tell you because they are looking for a prince from a fairy tale. Only their prince looks like this. It's best not a Pole, some foreign guy from Italy. Why do you ask, because he probably has the money. Polish women are notorious for money, especially for those who do not have it themselves. You probably say this is not true, but it is honest and unpleasant truth. I have told you many times that I am on Facebook groups. I see how many guys are lonely, you think a woman will talk first, of course there are exceptions, but on the fingers of one hand. Guys talk to them but they can count on letting go you are not for me. This is how it looks, they are looking for someone from abroad because they have money. Polish money is too small for them, ladies great. Sometimes I feel sorry for these guys, they humiliate themselves, make fools of themselves, they think they will impress the babes, they write to every nasty chick, how beautiful you are, where they have eyes, probably in the ass, because they want to get wet. Even the nasty ones are dumped on them. Pretty pretend ladies, that someone sweeten them only need applause and telling them how beautiful they are, and they can't even repay it. Sometimes it is good to hear a nice word, but not everyone will pass their throats. Because they will not humiliate themselves. If one puts handsome and muscular guys, mainly models from photos, they will not jump out of their panties, and saliva will flow down the chin from Gdańsk to Krakow. However, they do not see that so many real guys are next door, at your fingertips. They prefer to sit tormenting their cat, which they bought a child, and dreaming of a prince from Italy or from Paris. Where do I draw these conclusions from, I'll tell you, I see it every day in groups and in everyday life. The groups write to me more than once want to add old women, why do they look for friends, let them search in their age range. But the old ones want the young, these are the old baby. And those who now dream of a prince and torment a cat will also be like that, instead of finding a man while they can. Also, someone will remove their invitation from a group of friends, just as I do. You don't feel sorry for these old women because they could shape their lives centuries ago, or now look for your yearbook, and it bothers my ass. And the babes from my yearbook and earlier are also good. Start a conversation with them, you write a lot, and they write back every now and then, yes or good, this is their only answer, they are empty and blunt. If I decide to talk to someone, I talk, not talk. Later they are surprised, we are alone, we cannot find anyone normal, as they are not normal. I will tell you if the Italian would write to them handsome at the checkout, they would throw everything not only, to write constantly, but also to send photos of their ass. This is the truth about Polish women. I once met a woman on the internet. At first she asked me for money, we were not together yet, I replied that I could not borrow or give, she replied that she understood, but she understood shit. She was spinning around me as if she had crumble. She offered to be together, I thought what I would agree to there. You know why she flew so close to me because she thought I was abroad. I just have Italian beauty. I have a dark complexion and I do not look Polish sometimes in the pictures. She was spinning and twisting. Everything was ok, but at the beginning when we were together again she asks for money, I tell her again that I will not give. Focha would hit me right away but I said I don't have myself now. She asked if I live abroad, which shows one, I'm going to the cash register. These are Polish canes. At the beginning she wrote to me every 5 minutes, when it turned out that I live in Poland in addition with my parents, that she can't afford money, that I don't sit with her at night, huj knows what for, because she was so busy pissing with other guys, she suddenly wrote several times a day. Still tired, the head hurts, maybe it hurts from such fucked up thinking. I go to her on the computer, and there the guys write to her, hey doll, you're dating. What do you think I thought that was fucked specifically. If such a chick thinks that any guy with her will be wrong, unless the same as her. These are the canes from the internet. I don't give a damn what someone thinks of me, but I'm telling the truth, even Russian women have more decency than Polish women. I know this because I write with some, they talk about great love, but they are also greedy think that if they leave Russia their life will change. A rich bachelor will change their lives, because everyone who does not live in Russia is a millionaire, let them all come down to earth. Russian women dream of a rich European who will take them to the theater, opera and other cultural pleasures, and they will take care of the house. These are the dreams of Russian women. I will not discuss other nationalities because probably similarly, everyone dreams of a handsome millionaire. Everyone loves the movie pretty women, because everyone would like to be a slut and a handsome millionaire will appear who will tear her out of this world. I will tell you I have lived a long time and I have not met a normal woman in my life outside my youth, where love counted. These older girls think only about the cash register, but tell on Facebook that every reptilian would like to fall in love, but of course they would fall in love with a handsome millionaire, because others have no chance, it would be best if it was Richard Gere from pretty women. In my opinion they are not Polish guys can't pick up, only Polish women don't give them a chance because they're waiting for a prince from a fairy tale. The prince from the fairy tale will certainly appear at the age of seventy when they reach that age, he will be called a clapper and he will scratch the walls if he cannot eat. Sad is but true. Most of the Polish women and not only pretend to be inaccessible, but they do not realize that life has one thing and will not fool it, life will pass and will be all life alone, they will not repeat this life again. In their old age they will cry that they must die for huj then they would cry their whole life to be happy, but they did not take advantage of it, their life was miserable and worth nothing. Such life and death will be these people, worth nothing. I would not even cry after such people because there is no one behind them, they have wasted their lives for luck. Why am I writing this to open your eyes, that your happiness is passing forever, you will not regain it, and the time goes forward with the passage of time, you are older and less time to meet someone valuable. If you look yourself in the eye when you die, you will ask yourself why I took my happiness. It was enough to give someone a chance to be happy, but you were too proud when you die, you will not be so proud that you screwed up your life. For example, I am also alone, but I managed to get used to it and it is good for me myself, but when I meet a special person I will not think about it and do anything if he appeared, I will still be myself. A person with his opinion, having respect for another person and having the humbleness to life and happiness that fate offers me. With this accent I finish my speech today.






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01 April 2020

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