Considerations No.49

Welcome everyone to my next reflections. Today I will start thinking about what is happening in the country and in the world. As is known, there is a coronovirus pandemic. Many workplaces were closed. It is connected with the fact that people will soon run out of savings. What they will have to do, take out loans to have something to eat. They will have to pay back these loans later. It is possible that they will work for pennies to have on credit. I don't know if it's such a policy or what. But this is not the scariest thing. There is a pandemic they don't take in hospitals, dentists don't take it and in many areas nothing happens. We don't really have any influence. If we have dental problems, we won't treat them now. If something is wrong with us, they will not receive it in the hospital. Dental offices and hospitals are empty, the question is why. After all, these people swore to help people. That's how they help. The explanation is one probably do not have the means to treat, the coronovirus is a good explanation why they do not cure, and they have no money sooner. I saw them treating me against a coronary virus, God blame you. Only these dentists and doctors will also run out of money. We'll see what they say then. Just let the car mechanics say that they will not repair the cars, we will see what doctors get to work, maybe by bus. If the drivers also say that they will not drive, the traffic will stop. You know how it can all end. I will tell you a large-scale civil war. There may be riots in Poland and in the world, people are sitting at home, but only because they have some savings which allows them to survive. In the end, the savings will end and what then, as long as you can take loans will take, but maybe not everyone will get. It could be a collusion by banks that people take out loans. However, if they don't get loans, they won't come out on the street. It is possible that the thefts will start. You think why they want to introduce twenty-four-hour stores so that they don't rob them. I have the impression that this pandemic will last a long time. Countries are already preparing to control people. This could be the beginning of the end. It can even lead to war. Maybe this war has already begun. You know why people can die now, even because hospitals do not accept patients. They will, of course, blame the coronovirus. But people are suffering a lot and are not being treated. The world will stand on its head, people left alone. Hospitals and doctors have been dumped on people. People will start dying from a range of illnesses because they can't go to the hospital. This can be done specifically to finish off weak units. People with diseases will start dying if something happens to me now, I would probably die and fall on coronovirus. Such a policy all over the world. It could be a world conspiracy upstairs. And what if there is no virus, and people push the darkness to sit at home and achieve the desired result. What if people rebel, maybe they have a real virus in their labs, and if people rebel really release, you thought about it. I'll tell you first released in China, because there most people wanted to subordinate people, so they intimidated the virus. People are afraid to speak, they are so intimidated. In Italy, they wanted to frighten people with the virus to sit at home, they had their ass in the seat, it really let them out the virus and it died so much. In any other country they would do it where people are not at home. In Poland, they talk about illnesses, and no one knows the sick who have died, and even if they have died, you don't really know for what. What disease in the air persists for so long, it would be a long time after the pandemic, it is enough to isolate people who are sick. In my opinion, this is a large-scale plot. Heads of state are certainly involved. If it was such a deadly virus, no one would recover. In Italy, how many people have died if that is also true. We are not there, the borders are closed, the information may be false, simply fabricated. Normal deaths attached to the coronovirus. Every day someone dies in the world, not necessarily because of the coronovirus. They came up with it pretty well to wreak havoc and fear in the eyes of people. At that moment they have total power over people. Nobody will stand up, nobody will leave the house without permission. You thought it would be like that someday. In small steps they put us in a state of fear and anxiety for life. They want to enslave people with the perfect plan virus. First, cause panic in one country by releasing the virus, and then without the virus alone to scare people. When people believe you will be able to do whatever you want with them. If people do not obey, threaten them with coronavirus and let them sit at home. First check if they will do anything for the authorities by organizing elections. I just wonder how far this will go. People can be easily controlled to enter a pandemic state, and if they come out on the street with such high fines that no one pays off, you have control over the people, you have. Everyone is sitting at home, the churches are closed, people have nowhere to talk, there are units in the houses. It's easy to control such people by entering false information on television. You have just been enslaved dear. You have the power at the top and they will do what they want with you. If you wake up, they'll really release the virus and die, and the wine will blow on the coronovirus. This is total war with the whole society. Whoever wages this war upstairs, they are responsible for that. Now no one will judge anyone for their deaths, blame the coronovirus, they can do whatever they want with you. If they wanted to kill you, no one would ever know who killed you, because everyone is sitting at home and afraid to pull their nose out of it. We have lived to such times that we are again slaves, slaves of the system.







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14 April 2020

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