Considerations No.50

Hello everyone today, I will tell you about women and true love and respect. I write sometimes with women on Facebook. Let's get to know each other at various groups. People are looking for the other half, but that's for sure. If someone asks in public what you are looking for on the internet, they write real love, and then I want to laugh. How these people are hypocritical. I wrote with younger girls apart. I will tell you how to talk with such ladies. They write half words, "yes", "good", etc. They can't put together a normal sentence. What's more interesting, their answers fall so long after fifteen minutes after I write. What does it mean, I already tell you. They write with five dudes at the same time, they can't keep up with it in time, that's a lack of respect for the person they talk to. They write half words, because they do not think, because if you write with several people, the only thing they can do is so or well. These are the chicks on the internet they write with five, because they hope that they will snatch some moron. If I said that I have a million zlotys and give them I would write whole sentences. That's the truth about some women. I will tell you there are other women older than us. Are they writing to me alone? I would give a medal for courage, but that's not the point. Instead of looking for your age or older men looking for younger, there are many reasons, because someone will watch over them when they can barely wander. I wrote and there are really brave women straight from the bridge asking what you are looking for. Whether a relationship permanently or lovers or just sex. But what sex are they talking about, how do I live in one place, they in another, we have a pandemic coronovirus we won't meet. That's what sex they are talking about. But they are really funny they say they value, they are looking for a permanent relationship, sex is just an addition and I want to laugh again. What does such a woman think she is 5 years older than me and she thinks that I care about sex with her. Let him be happy if I want anything, but she values ​​it. Let it be further appreciated. He writes that he needs trust, security and loyalty. I will agree with faithfulness and trust, but the security that if she lost her job is probably financial security. Later they say that they are looking for true love, then I laugh. They are talking about a moron who will support them, not any love. Says a woman five years older than me and looking like a grandmother. Well, find him younger than himself, let him keep me, sex is an addition, he will rub his ass in old age, really women have imagination and can take care of themselves. Usually they are divorced women and they say they were in a toxic relationship. Certainly it was a toxic compound since they were like this, but toxic because of it. They tell me later that you know a good guy is hard to find. I'm asking what a good guy is. The one who keeps you, rubs your ass and is at your every beck and it is sex this Christmas. I am not surprised at all that such women cannot find a guy, there are no such guys, and how it is later you piss on him and cheat on him, because you say that he is a pussy and a life misfit. Every woman needs honesty from a man, but they are not honest themselves. I cheated on my girlfriend once, it was a one-time betrayal, but she also kissed a guy. When, after years of asking, why did you kiss, she said that she didn't kiss, where is the truth. Did she tell me the truth before or later. Women want honesty without being honest, and you know why. Because they like games, know everything about a guy to be able to control him. Then they can cheat and the guy won't find out. I have always been honest, but as far as the woman was with me, since she is not at the beginning, I am not, and believe me, it can be felt. Since the woman at the very beginning tells me about security, I know that she is about money and will not be honest with me, no wise person talks about security, because she feels safe with a guy, if she really loves him, it is about money, calculating sticks. When the chick tells me after 5 minutes of talking that she loves me, she either has been following me for some time and she has really fallen in love with maybe my pictures, or she is lying hired. Why are they lying to achieve their goal. Women always have a purpose in what they do, they do nothing selflessly. If the chick tells me after a few conversations that she loves me and asks me for money, I know how much she loves me. And you know how love ends quickly. A person who really loves is fighting for a guy, doesn't want the relationship to end. A person who only says that he loves nothing from the breakup of being together does not, lives on and pulls another person. You know how many cheats are on the internet, you don't even realize women. Then top up my phone, borrow money for eternal dedication. I respect those chicks who write to me that they will play with each other, if I pay at least they are honest and I know that if I pay they will do it, at least I will look. I prefer honesty rather than hypocrisy and I have more respect for people who are honest with me. Even if they undress on cams or send photos naked to me. You know why he respects them, for the courage they have and for being honest and making it clear. And the rest of the women are no talk, they pretend to be someone other than they are, they lie as hired, pretend to be saints and they want respect, first let them respect themselves by telling the truth and having the courage to tell the truth and respecting others if they want to be respected themselves. such women prefer to be alone. With this accent I finish my speech today.




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15 April 2020

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