Considerations No.51

Dear, my next thoughts, this time about guys and their love. Every second is the love of life. I wrote earlier about women as they are, but this time I will show you how guys are, although I have less idea about them, because I am not writing with them, but I hear women's stories about men. In groups, men are the best. The best part is that if a new chick appears on the group, everyone is beautiful, you are my beauties, etc. The truth is that they can't even talk to her. The problem is that women blend men, maybe guys don't talk to them, princesses in a word, don't go without money. Some guys are brave enough to send pictures of their members right now. Flood these poor girls with their photos, spread apart, from above, below, with a close-up to make it look bigger. I'll tell you it must be funny, I don't understand why the girls are complaining, they have a reason to laugh. Because these guys are funny. They send their naked pics without realizing that it will go online, later the whole world will be pouring on their fajfuses. Maybe it's their fetish, maybe it excites them, I really don't know. I understand people who send pics to their girlfriend because she wanted to have fun with herself, but strangers who do not want pictures on the private, I do not understand this. Why do they impose themselves, they have nothing to boast about in life only a crooked pipe. This is incomprehensible to me, maybe someone will explain it to me. Where human dignity, where shame, maybe it's just the slopes that blow the Capuchin at the stop, looking at the elderly lady. What else makes me laugh about guys when they are inciting to women in public and not to one. I understand that they want to meet someone, pick them up, but I think it is done differently, not in this way. In my opinion, this must be done in a more delicate way. First you look at a woman, like her, write under her posts, if you see that she is interested then you start a conversation, then you can add, go to the right, talk, in my opinion this is how it is done. If a woman does not suit you, you can see that she is not interested, you are looking further. I see it this way, it also applies to women. If you are interested, give me a sign, please wait, don't be afraid because there is nothing. I am telling you how it really looks like. Princesses insert photos, lots of admirers and she doesn't know which one to choose, if she chooses the most handsome one with a six pack on her stomach, because she has already managed to insert her photo or none. You know why because they like to insert photos and watch men kill themselves when they write you my love, beauty, etc. Women just want to be self-explanatory, and those morons write flower and not only, they get in the ass, and they have no chance why to be ridiculed. Gentlemen, some dignity. Sometimes it is enough to write hey or hello or hello and you know if the chick is interested in you. You can then run to her or shag her just like she oozes you. These are simple and clear principles between people and sincere and true. Dear ladies, if you want to appreciate yourself, take care of something, be good at something and believe in yourself that you are worth something. Because your inserts show that you do not believe in yourself and seek acceptance, but you are creating princesses that are difficult to get. Would I like to get such a princess, rather not, because I don't represent myself, I don't mean her money, I have somebody's money in the ass, I'm just looking for someone normal in this abnormal world. Most men are looking to get fucked, if you find your chosen one really, then you can be sure, but if you send your naked pictures, you will go out on morons, perverts and idiots. That's the truth about men. Guys are not adults up to their age, they behave like small children because some chick has posted a photo from the net of a piece of boobs, and they almost get crazy with happiness, as if they have not seen boobs in their lives. Maybe you can buy a pillow in the shape of a boob so you can calm down, or blow the doll and banging when and how you want. Guys are usually conquerors and want to get a woman, but if they get it they are looking for another victim. You know why this is so, because instead of once finding the right woman, they are looking for a substitute for a woman, and later she does not suit them, betray men guys dear ladies. When a guy has a great woman, he won't cheat on her, but if he has an idiot, he bangs her on the corners. You have to respect both women and men. These are the eggs women are talking about, not the bare photos with shells and crooked fajfus. So what if you shave down there and you can have hair like you have some brains, not hay. Because you may have shaved downstairs, but such a hay sticking out of your head is a massacre. Gentlemen simply have no way of picking up and they don't do it, while ladies are only looking for acceptance of the environment and sweetening because the ex-husband did not sweeten, they just want to appreciate themselves, they really have these guys deep in the ass because they have already run over one all the guys up to one sack. Begin to love, finally, think, not everyone is the same, do not throw everyone in one sack, because there are exceptions only hard to find. If women go for cash, if men go for it, you'll never find anyone seriously, or you have another toxic relationship. This is the whole truth about looking for love. Look for someone intelligent, not a moron. This is my next statement and my considerations. Greetings...







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15 April 2020

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