Considerations No.52

Hello everyone, I will tell you my next reflections today. I watched the show today, it was shown how naïve people are, what they believe is not what you need. It was also shown how people gather and pray. What I noticed in this message. People often believe what they shouldn't. They believe those who have more to say, and it often happens that those who have less to say speak less but the truth. People who tell the truth speak less, those who lie tell more to prove their point. This is the truth about the truth. The truth is simple, the lie is complicated and requires more words. That's not all. People usually gather to pray in churches, but they don't see what is happening next to them. The problem is that they are looking in the wrong direction. They look how to pray, not what happens in their homes. There are so many irregularities in human homes. Parents busy with work do not see what is happening in their homes, what is happening with the children. They blame the school and their friends, but the parents bear the blame for their upbringing, because they bring them up. Children often smoke at a young age or drink alcohol, not to mention other things. It is not the fault of the school or friends, but parents, because they did not take care of their education at an early age, and it is too late for morals at an early age, because the child feels smarter than them. Then lies for the sake of peace. That's when children start lying to their parents. Why this happens, because when the children were small parents did not pay them attention. They were busy with work, some with church and prayer, and others were looking for the love of life that has not yet appeared. Those who prayed are still just asking why the hell it won't help anyone. Those who worked still work on taking additional changes, for what instead of living modestly but happily. Those who were looking for love are still looking, they will never find true love because they do not know what love is, even to a child. They live together at home with their children and husband and cannot talk to each other. Now, when the corovirus reigns, they can mostly stay together. I see on the internet how many entries that are bored, they no longer stand at home. This is the time to get to know each other better in the family, to talk, to refresh marital love, but people do not understand it. Instead of being happy that they spend more time together, they complain. Most people are fools who cannot draw conclusions from this situation. They don't even realize that in a moment the whole family may die, just let the virus get attached to them, maybe they will appreciate that they have loved ones with whom they live together. Let them be glad that the virus is not so widespread that it would be in every home, because when death looks in our eyes, we see more than others. Whether coronovirus was needed by people, I think so, if it teaches them something, I doubt it. They will learn how illness affects them as it affects many in the world. Then they begin to value life, people close to them. Then they see what is important in life. You can live together and not see many things, or maybe people don't want to see many things. The wife can't see what the husband is doing, the husband can't see what the wife is doing, the parents can't see what the children are doing. The circle closes because people with eyes are blind. Blind people who cannot see further than the tip of their own nose. In fact, people are busy, busy, they focus their attention only on what they care about, only what is important to them, and they really do not know what should be important for them. Most pretend to be adults and are not adults, sometimes children see more than they do. Adults, because that's their name, don't even grow up to the level of a child. Looking at all this, it's a wonder that this civilization has existed for so long. People are usually staring at each other, striving for their own needs only. They have children and they don't know how to take care of them. First, they make children, and then they don't have time for them, thinking that the school and classmates bring them up. Later, blaming the school and classmates. Like every colleague, he is brought up in the same way as their child, i.e. he is brought up alone. He gets the money and they think it's all, he'll do it. They don't even know what the child is spending on, because they are definitely not on a donut at the age of fifteen. They spend this money on cigarettes, alcohol, legal highs or drugs. The child wants to be an adult, but he gets lost in the adult world, often ending with his life. The life their parents gave them. Why do I think so because I live in this world and see how people behave. I see it everywhere, on TV, around me, in my family, in other families. When I look at it, I want to bite me on people where they have reason, if they don't have it at all. There are often memes that someone has a peanut-size mind, but they don't even have that peanut. These are my current reflections on the world around us. People are ruled by coronovirus, you are families at home, don't get divorced, just learn to talk. That's my message for today. Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoyed it.




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23 April 2020

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