Considerations No.53

Hello everyone, today my reflections on life. So kcohani life is the most important thing in our lives. Life is the most important thing in life, not any money, not women, not family but life. Imagine such a situation, you are born and live after death is nothing, you disappear from this globe. Everyone's life is unique. My life, yours and that of other people living now is very special. You'll sooner win a lottery than you have the chance to be born again, it's simply not possible. Birth is like winning a lot, and even more, because who could predict your birth and the fact that you will be the way you are. Every human being is shaped by life and the way he experiences it cannot be repeated, that's why you are so special. You are one of a kind, no one like you will ever be born again. Remember this, because many of you do not believe in yourself, do not know your worth, and you are really unique, one of a kind. People believe that after death they will have eternal life, but this is not true, you will die and nothing will happen to you afterwards - emptiness, darkness and nothingness. The church believes that after death you go to heaven, maybe you go but only for a certain period, then you have darkness and true death, which is your end. There is really no life after death. This is a false image, I experienced my own and watched various stories about clinical death. There is no life after death, no one has returned from heaven. What people say during clinical death is not life after death. This is your last breath in this life. I'll explain what's going on. When a person dies, he actually sees the light, but it is due to the dying brain and your memories and thoughts are rushing at incredible speed, so you see the light. Then the brain dies and you see all the memories of the years you have lived through, it lasts a moment for you, and at the same time all your life passes before your eyes, then when the remnants of electric charges jump over in your brain creates images, different visions of what you experienced, what you were taught, what you believed. But these visions finally end and you really die, it is your end, it ends in darkness and the loss of all images. Just like a TV that goes out. There is simply nothing. It is sometimes said that people come out of the bodies and see themselves, it is possible that a person has something more in himself that is the soul that is electricity accumulated in us and receives images. But really, it can only be when you live, while your body is alive. When the body dies, you die with it, unless what has accumulated in you over the years, all this electricity lives its own life, such an electric cloud that rises. Only this can save you from dying forever. But we don't really know that. I think there is no life after death, no heaven or hell, though maybe for a while, and for some centuries the period of death goes on and when they were bad people going through their own hell, those good go through heaven, or good times, but this there is a moment that ends at some point. There is really no eternal life. The only life you have is here on earth. Therefore, your life should be the most important for you, because you will not live it a second time. It's just like with fruits or vegetables, you grow, grow and die, you only rot. You should value your life the most, it's the most valuable thing you have, you won't buy it for any money. Nobody will extend your life either. Having the only life and this is the most valuable thing in the world for you, life should be more valuable. In my opinion, the murder should be the death penalty, because someone took something most valuable from someone, should pay the same price. There should be a life sentence for beating someone, so that nobody raises their hands on anyone, because beating can also end in death. For a car accident, they should pay life imprisonment, if lethal, then they would learn to drive safely. Life for life is a fair price, for killing someone. A life sentence if he caused death unintentionally, he will have all his life to pay and understand his mistake. Then people would value the life they have and appreciate the lives of others. You have one life, your life is unique, you are special, no matter how you live. Appreciate your life because you have one. Do everything to be happy. Remember, money does not give happiness, you can be happy without money, it only depends on your approach to life. If you think that going abroad, having a nice villa with a swimming pool or a car will give you happiness, you are mistaken. If you think that your professional position will give you happiness, you are also wrong. Time is the most important thing after life and how you spend it, laughing or connecting. Will you spend a carefree life full of worries? The more problems you have, the more problems you have, remember that. Sometimes such a cloister has a happier life than you with all these assets. What should you do to surround yourself with nice people and those who wish well for you, and the rest of you. Sometimes it's even better to be alone than in a toxic relationship that spoils your nerves and health. Because health is also important because of it you live happily. Is it worth worrying about what people say, I will tell you that no. People are fools, they take care of someone's life instead of their own. They talk nonsense to others without being fer. I don't care about talking to others, I do what I like and what I want to do. If I want to meet someone because I see that it is valuable, I meet them, if someone does not suit me, I break off contact. I live so that I would be happy not others, because you will not make everyone happy, but you can yourself. You want to be happy, believe in yourself, because you are special to you. Appreciate, know your value, know the value of your life, because it is unique and one of a kind. The person who tells you that you are worth nothing is worth nothing. Because everyone has a value, a value for life. When you respect yourself and you respect others. This is the principle in life. When you learn to love yourself, you'll learn to love others. You have one unique life, don't deny it, take advantage of life, meet new people, talk a lot, because conversation teaches a lot. If you like someone, do not be afraid to approach and accost, maybe this is the only chance for true love in this life, in the only life you have. Remember not to waste your life just because you look what people say, they want to let them say you have it in your ass, it's your life not theirs, you lead it not others. It depends on you how your life will go, not from God, not from other people, but from yourself, remember that. Remember to find time for yourself, for your loved ones, and not constantly work and responsibilities, because you will not repeat these moments again. Every second is precious, beloved, every moment without a child or a loved one is lost. It's like you killed them and you didn't get the chance to meet and talk. In human life, it is really important to talk with loved ones, but also with newly met people. It is conversations that give the most pleasure. Today you have the internet, do not be afraid to talk to someone who you like or whom you like, because this opportunity may not be repeated. Today I wrote to you what in life is important and what to look for and what is your life, in fact a long journey through life. For some, a short for others, but in the size of ages life is short, so they should be valued. Live and give life to others, enjoy life without taking happiness from other people and life, appreciate every moment in life, because it is unique. With this accent I finish my considerations.




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29 April 2020

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