Considerations No.54

Hello everyone, this is my next reflection and statement of facts. I write my blog, they are often imaginary stories, but they are based in real life. I described some of my experiences, but also wrote about myself. The fact that I'm sick is a fact, but the disease is not chosen, everyone can get. Nobody wants to be sick, but if they get sick what they can do, nothing really can be cured. I met with words unpleasant to myself, but I do not intend to stop blogging because I write real life stories. Do I care about flattering words, I don't have it somewhere. Those who want to tease me are ordinary idiots who have not experienced anything in their life, would not write anything from their lives, because first of all their life is bland, secondly they cannot write, they are unable to convey their experiences in the way I convey them . When it comes to the disease, I can't do anything about it, thankfully you don't die from it. Thanks to her I have many life experiences and rich imagination. Believe me, I have survived and saw a lot in my life. Because of my sickness, my senses are sensitive and I see what others cannot see. You must learn to live with every illness. I prefer schizophrenia than if I had to land in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I can walk, run, do everything I want. I have a lot of time for myself, others don't have it. I can run programs that I love so much, I could lose my voice but I didn't lose and I can sing even if I fake a little. In fact, I can find myself in every situation and find the positives of this life. I am smarter than many healthy people. Thanks to my life experiences I know more than healthy people. Am I ashamed to say about my illness, no, because it is a disease, and patients should not be judged on the basis of the disease they have to live with, because no one has ordered the disease on their own and certainly did not want to have it. Are there people who feel worse than me, of course. There are cases I have encountered in my life and I regret looking at these people, especially to me, because I survived it myself and I know what it is like, I know what these people are struggling with. Most of these people do not know what world they live in, they live from day to day . They have hundreds of thoughts per minute and they can't stop them and they are not nice thoughts. These are fears, terror, a maze of mind that they cannot overcome, but I have succeeded, but not everyone is successful, in most people the disease gets worse. However, I solved my problem and the disease let go, I feel good and I know how to deal with the disease. I know my mistakes that I made earlier, which made the disease worse, I know what to do so that it does not get worse, I know what to do so that the fears that torn me do not come back. It is possible that I could help other people with this disease, but they would have to believe that what I am saying is true and they would have to trust me. They should not trust doctors just because of the fact that the doctors did not survive what I, other patients with this disease, so how they can help if they do not know how, they can only write medicines and ask you how you feel, they are able to . I left this snare and I know how to leave. First of all, you have to change your mindset, most schiosophyrers think similarly, have fallen into a maze of their own thoughts from which they have no way out, this is their real problem. The way is not easy to find, but it is possible, I am speaking from my example. First of all, these people cheat themselves, they should be honest with themselves, above all, it will help them find the right path in life. The whole should be supported by drugs, but not in the quantities prescribed by doctors. Because they even load tons of medicine in these people, which makes them numb and can't think normally, so how do they find their way. Drugs should be in doses such that the patient is able to think but did not have symptoms of the disease. Small doses are enough, but doctors want to push out the medicine and prescribe the dose for a horse. These people walk like zombies, and the rest of society looks at them as UFOs. The problem of this disease is anxiety, which did not come from nowhere after traumatic experiences. You have to be honest with yourself and look inside yourself and deal with this problem. You have to learn to stop being afraid. You have to realize a lot of things and believe in them, this is a longer story that I don't want to move now. You have to learn to live with yourself and accept yourself as you are, do not look at what people say, just believe in yourself and what you think is self-acceptance. You have to remember that it can always be worse. We must remember that we live and we have one life, no one will return it to us, we must learn to use life. Living with this disease can be pleasant if we believe it and do something about it, first of all we will take care of ourselves and not others. To help someone first we must help ourselves, this is very important and true. There is nothing to be ashamed of, it's just like any other illness. Let them be ashamed of those who do not understand her. I have no reason to be ashamed, and I stupid comments. Intelligent people do not laugh at the disease and I am not interested in stupid people's opinions. It is better to be sick but intelligent than a healthy fool, because there is no cure for stupidity. Another important thing is to have the courage to admit to the disease, I have this courage, I have gone through too much in my life not to have it. Only weak people are afraid to admit to the disease. People often judge sick people like me without really knowing them, simply by their cover. Sick of what you say is probably psycho, so often people think about people with this disease. This is not entirely true, each case is different and you have to take this into account. Because one might as well say that when one guy cheated, everyone cheats, when one woman lets go, they all go away. Each person is an individual and on the basis of how it needs to be assessed, and not on the basis of other similar people. Do these people have the right to a dignified life of course, but if you have a thousand zlotys or less pension, how to live with dignity. What the state is doing in this direction, nothing. Even the lowest national will not yield let alone the national average. As these people are supposed to support themselves, the state eagerly locks in care facilities to pay there, and this money could be given to people who need it, but it is best to close and test medicines on them, because they test like animals. Only a few manage to leave, but they do not talk about it. Only healthy individuals that work count, and the rest would be best picked up like the Hitler Jews. This is the approach in the countries. Anyway, people are no better, it's easy for any healthy person to say, let them get to work, but if they get sick, why don't they do it? Let them die with stupid flu at home, and if someone suffers from something more serious, let them go to work. I heard more than one statement from healthy people who work, as they complained, that they must work on parasites. Many people have told me go to work if they don't even want to accept me with my papers. More than one person said that five hundred plus is not due to people, because they will not go on parasites. They say this because they are not in the place of these people. Sometimes I want to say something to these people, if you do not want to give them a life to kill them, take their lives, you can and then do not give them what to live for. Only if the flu happens to you and you want to go on sick leave, then you are going to die, then you will start to think normally and you will appreciate that something may happen to you or your child. If you still think that something is not right for you, then hang yourself on a dry branch, because you do not deserve life, no one feels sorry for you and no one will cry for such a person, because you are not developmental. This is the truth that someone works for someone, nobody works for anyone, everyone works for themselves and their own face, which will be summarized accordingly after death. You can't take this money, you fools, I'm saying what they think is working for someone and that something is not due to someone. Later, the children will tell you that you do not get a pension because they will not do it to you. Here is the whole truth about work and earnings and what you deserve. You have health, you work and don't complain, because if your health leaves you, you'll be on the other side and start talking differently. It is better to be healthy and work than sick and get poor pennies that you can't survive for. That is why I think that I have nothing to be ashamed of, because I have a healthy approach to life. I am honest and say what I think, and above all I tell the truth. Not everyone must like the truth but it is true. If someone wants to judge me on the basis that I'm sick, I can show him the middle finger to say goodbye. It's important in life to be yourself no matter what and be faithful to your ideals. With this accent I finish my today's reflections.




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13 May 2020

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