Considerations No.55

Hello and warm welcome to everyone, these are my next thoughts. I watched a Polish film today called "Heart to fight", a very interesting film. He talks about the life of a family, marriage and two brothers. Their father is killed in an accident. Within a month, one of the brothers lands in a wheelchair. He defended his brother against hooligans and hit his spine. The other brother wants to help his brother to go to surgery, which is very expensive, and his family cannot afford surgery. A healthy brother learns to fight, he works for the mafias, who order to win once and lose to earn cash. In the end, the brother manages to win the championship, he has a problem with mafiosis, because he was to lose, but everything is going well, he meets the girl and everything. But not the film itself is interesting only the message in this film. A hard-working mother, two brothers who help and support each other. At the end he fights with a boy who caused his brother that he was in a wheelchair and wins. My brother on the wheelchair is depressed that he is on the wheelchair, but even in difficult moments you cannot give up. There is a conversation with the priest that God took this boy's father and power in his brother's feet. The priest says they should go to church because it gives relief. But this is not true, you need to earn yourself relief. The priest says that God gave faith in God and in himself and here is part of the truth. But it was not God who gave faith, but Christ who was crucified and the memory was left after him, he showed what faith is. The most important faith is not in God, but in yourself. If we believe in ourselves, we can achieve everything, pain and suffering help us achieve many things. That's how it is shown in this video. The boy, being nobody, fought for the championship belt and won with hard work which he put into preparations for the fight. I know how it is because I fought my weaknesses myself. Whoever did not survive this does not know. For twenty years I struggled with the disease and I could not cope with it, but I never gave up. I finally went straight, I know what is important in life. Above all, self-confidence. At the end of the film is shown the conversation of the master with the boy who trains, but is not convinced to fight. He would like to be like a champion, but without putting a lot of work into it. The master says to the boy that he doesn't have to fight, he can be whatever he wants and do what he likes. Not everyone must be a master of kicboxing, not everyone must be rich, not everyone must be a rock king. It's important to do what you like and believe in yourself. For most of my life I did something I liked and believed in myself. Although I was ridiculed, despised by what I do, I may still be, but I don't care because I do something for myself and I believe in myself. I am a schizophrenic, it wasn't easy for me, I didn't find a way, but I didn't give up, I fought to the end and fate rewarded me, I showed my heart to fight adversity, not in the ring, but in life. Doctors say that the disease gets worse with age, but in my case it is not so and I know where the cause lies. The problem is the thinking of schizophrenics. They live memories of what was, think what will be, but these are only dreams, not reality. When they realize what is real and what is delusional they will definitely get better. They think about former loves, ponder it, hope that they will be with such people again, but these are dreams, stupid dreams and fantasies that are not worth believing in, because such thinking makes the disease get worse. Stuffing these patients with medicines by doctors is not good either, because they fool those people and in fact the disease is getting worse, the doses must be small so that a person can think normally and function in society. Because they condemn these people to madness and deepening illness. I've seen many sick people in my life, I feel sorry for my heart, how these people live, who they are and what they think about. People with schizophrenia can be said a lot, this disease is that these people believe doctors, society and everything that surrounds them and make a big mistake because they do not believe themselves. Because of the drugs they can't believe, because they don't really know what is happening to them, which is why I write that medicines should be in small doses and not given like horses from the stable. Doctors are fools and see it as their own business, they don't really want to help these people. Families are depressed that they have a mentally ill at home and are unable to help them, and why? Because they believe doctors who have no idea about this disease, just load drugs in tons of their patients. If there is a God, I would like to see these doctors load all the medicines they gave people who did not need them in such quantities. Maybe it would be their hell or purgatory that would teach them something. Doctors have an oath to help, but they can't or won't help. What matters is only money and how much they earn and where the family will go on a trip at the expense of other people's lives, for me they are ordinary murderers who will pay for it someday, if hell and heaven exist after death. What is important in human life, not faith in God, not faith in money, not faith in other people, but faith in yourself and what you do. To live happily you have to do what you love and have your passions. I have it, I run programs, sometimes I sing even though I don't have a voice, but I like to do it. I don't care about other people's opinions because I don't live for people, I only live for myself. I am to be happy, not other people, let everyone take care of themselves then everyone will be happy. The world is based on the fact that some want to be happy, while others try to make others happy at their own expense, so this world is fucked up and there are so many unhappy people, when everyone will take care of themselves will be able to take care of others. To change the world you have to start with yourself, with the individual. Because it is the individual who builds the community. When one link is weak, the chain will break, when all links are strong, it will look like this in life. Do not try to make others happy only yourself and everyone should know and remember this. It's a real faith in a better tomorrow, but make yourself happy so you don't hurt others. This is the foundation of a healthy system. It's a really good life for all of us. With this accent I finish my considerations.




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25 May 2020

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