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Hello everyone, today my considerations will revolve around doctors and how they treat and what increases they deserve. Today I posted some of my photos, from the hospital and from the period after a year after the hospital. It's hard not to notice the difference. In the pictures from the hospital I have eyes like a drug addict or drunkard. I felt that way too, I didn't know what was happening to me. On one of the photos I look like I'm about to die and I felt like that. They treat in psychiatric hospitals. This is how a person looks during hospital treatment. You think that they help people there, I think I can end up. You also see my photos after a year when I left the hospital. A completely different person. Often people ask me why I don't smile in the pictures, what I went through doesn't allow me to smile, and when I smile it is through clenched teeth. This is how Polish doctors treat in psychiatric hospitals. As you can see in the pictures, they load tons of drugs after which you do not know what is happening to you, you do not protest against such behavior. Besides, you can't protest there, you have no rights, you are nobody and you will not complain to anyone. If you have any, but you don't need a dose of medication that you don't know what's going on with you, and if you stand up, four nurses will fasten you in a seat belt and pour you under you. I haven't been in hospital for years, but I wanted to go to therapy to help. I was doomed to medication therapy, I had to take this therapy. After two weeks of taking their medication, I reported that I felt bad about them. You think that somebody didn't care, they told me to keep taking them. They told me that there are no other medicines. I started to close myself after them, I could not say anything, the therapy itself was cool, I met people, it was cool, we had cool classes, but the medicines that I was taking worked badly on me. I started to have imaginary delusions, I saw things that are not there. Doctors did not care that he felt bad about these drugs, they continued to give them to me. They began to have tics and numbness in the limbs. I told doctors that I can't collect my thoughts, I can't speak, it's getting worse and worse, they didn't listen. After two weeks I gave up the therapy because I would end up there. I had a wedding in the family as the only one I did not go, I could not. It was getting worse with me. You know, they were surprised how I wanted to give up the therapy, what is surprising here when I tell them that I feel bad about these drugs and they still load them in me. I left the therapy, all my friends from there were surprised, but there was nothing to be surprised at home I spent the next half year to recover from this treatment. I was pissed off to the max. I decided that I would not take medicine at all to recover and think about many things. I came to my senses, I thought through many things, organized my life. I felt great, but when you took twenty years of medicine, you can't stop it. After half a year I had schizy, I almost didn't beat my father. He called the police, they came in nice, they talked to me for a while, I wasn't aggressive, I just discussed with them. Suddenly one of them threw himself at me, wrung my hands, put handcuffs on me as if for a murderer, and they wanted to lead me away. I asked them to put on their shoes, but not to remove their handcuffs, and I wasn't aggressive at all, I just wanted to put on my shoes, but I couldn't because I had my handcuffs on my back. My mother helped me put on my shoes. I went out politely with them, they took me to the ambulance and they only removed the handcuffs when they were sure that I would do nothing stupid. I had to explain to them that I was calm and did nothing. In the hospital I went normally with the nurse for registration, I told them that I was okay, I went politely where they told me to. They finally locked me in a room and told me to change into pajamas. I changed clothes because I knew I couldn't win with them. As many as three nurses came in, I told you why, as many as I would do nothing, I politely remained with them, they were hostile to me. They caught me in three to do the injection I say calm down I will give the injection what you use force. This is the case in psychiatric hospitals. Do you think that when you get there, you will complain to someone who? Nobody listens to you, you are morons, psychos. The truth is, real psychols work in psychiatric hospitals. Doctors have deals with patients they know. My parents once brought me fries, you think they gave them to me, no. They gave a friend who was ill, walked and walked around the whole hospital with these fries, and I didn't even know they were for me, only later my mother told me that she had brought me and they were supposed to pass it on, because my parents couldn't visit me first. Why do you ask me because I looked like the pictures tragically? Parents could not say anything, because I would be screwed, they would not let them in at all. Once I went to make coffee in the common room, one type came up and put a knife to my breast, it was good that he was blunt, but it could have ended differently. I kept my nerves under control, nerves are not recommended if you want to survive. Do you think I could complain to someone, to whom? I could not defend myself, I was not able to use these drugs, I walked like drunk. The only plus in these hospitals is that you can smoke, it was the only thing that kept me alive and the music I had on the phone. Now you know why I like music so much and why I like to broadcast. There are things in life that give us strength. When everyone leaves you, you stick to every little thing that gives you strength. In fact, I could only count on my parents in life. Nobody in my family visited me during my stay in hospital except for my parents. Once there was one sister, the other didn't even remember that she had a brother. I have never seen the rest of my family. That's when you realize that you are alone on this planet. When my parents run out, I will definitely be alone, I realize it, so I decided to never go to the hospital again. There just finishing people don't help. I do not wish anyone to be in my place because I will survive the same. When the doctors go on strike because they earn little, it opens a knife in my pocket. First, let them be people, not animals that are waiting for money, because that's all they care about. Let them treat people with respect and not as a good. I would give all doctors a raise, in the crap of ten years imprisonment for life, for what they do with people. All these psychiatrists should heal themselves. They don't know what the disease is and they want to treat. Where their oaths that they would serve people, they sold for five pieces of silver, as they sold Christ. Where their faith goes to church they pretend to be Catholics and they are mere killers because of what they do. This is what psychiatric hospitals in Poland look like and that's how people are treated there. Instead of helping these people shoot them down. They have to be employed because they have to live on something, preferably to shit the dung from poo to poo instead of helping people. To heal you must be willing to help and be human. Doctors in Poland do not have it, at least psychiatrists, although there will probably be others. The worst thing is that if I am sick and say I feel bad about these drugs they should change, and they don't listen at all, they know better how I feel. This is the reason why many patients do not take medicine because doctors cannot listen. To heal someone, you must listen to the patient. If you say that your stomach hurts, then the doctor should not heal you, it's easy, not that he knows better. Because later we have such doctors in the country that cure is not ptorafa, but for increases it is the first that they deserve their lives. I ask whose life they save their lives. Just look at my photos from the hospital and how I look at home without their care and you can see how they help. At home, I just recovered, it took me some time. If I stayed with them longer, I would probably finish or plant my liver, because of all the drugs they were loading in me. I'm just glad that my parents asked my doctor to let me out and I tried to talk to my doctor. I would not be able to stand there longer, it is the worst time in my life. I would not recommend such hospitals to anyone if you want to go out on your own. The doctors probably proud of themselves that they helped me, the only person who helped me is myself and my parents who took me from there. It wasn't until at home that I came to my senses after three months to look like a human and feel like a human. There, I was a commodity for which they take cash and a fat of my own taxes. If you have a sick person there, he will be pleased to visit him even though he can't show it by himself, he just can't cope with so many tablets. They usually look like death and not developed, but everyone would look like that and would feel like so many specifics they load in these people. Anyone can go there, just depression that will get worse. What I can wish you, just be human, because most of you are pitying on animals, and you don't see the tragedy that happens to people. By my experience I am smarter than many people. Many people do not see many things and do not know this, I write this blog too, so that you notice something more than the tip of your own nose, because tomorrow you can be in my place and you will be alone. Nobody will help you then. The people there look like mad people because of what they load, not because they are, remember that. They were ordinary people like you, you can also be there and someone will look at you like you now at them. This is the whole truth about psychiatric hospitals and doctors who treat there. You too would look like me if you got there, believe me it would be like that. Hikes are only for pensioners who have hunger rates. Because a thousand zlotys is the max that some people can get, how to survive, people break down and end up in the hospital again, give a normal salary, even the lowest ones, these patients will cope in life without hospitals. Some have less than a thousand zlotys and what they say they commit suicide they hang up. Because they can't afford a dignified life. You can say, let them go to work, who will take them to work. Employers are reluctant to accept, they only take protection, and not everyone can be a bodyguard. They punish you working overtime there and you won't tell anyone if you want to work. Such a life is not enough that the disease is still killing everyone around. Someone tried to survive for a thousand zlotys, it is laughter in the hall, you either pay for the flat or buy food, people fall down long afterwards and breakdown comes again. They tell us to choose a government which the government will finally do, that everyone will be able to feel a citizen of this country. For now, PIS is doing something for people, but no one else. At least they gave families 500+, others just said there was no money. Only if someone earns five thousand zlotys, why do they need 500+, they still live with dignity. In life it is important for everyone to live in dignity, not individuals. The politician earns a lot from my taxes, and what he does is just shout out loud. I can also shout and promise I will give you a thousand zlotys, and then say no money now, or give you from your taxes and say they are found. Remember one thing: the world is not created by the individual but the whole, even those pensioners paying taxes, and they should not pay with such remuneration, because they still pay taxes by buying something. Bread every day, milk, something home. There are taxes in everything. How many times can you pay tax. For pensioners with a salary of one thousand zlotys per hand, it is two zlotys, for them it is a lot, it can save their lives. This is what life in our country looks like for those with a disability pension. And doctors want pay increases, although they earn little money, and although they cure or kill, ask yourself this question: Do they deserve something, do they have enough. With such treatment as I have presented, let them stop healing and put dung from poop to poop. The only thing I dreamed about in the hospital was to get out of there on my own. This is the truth and it is the honest truth. Now I will finish my reflection and say goodbye to you, have a nice day.




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01 June 2020

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