Considerations No.58

I was supposed to write this story last night, but I was tired, so I write today. Do you know what is important in life? To be a healthy person and live a normal life. Truth and real life. When do we meet the truth and real life? When we live and realize things that surround us. When we are aware of what surrounds us, i.e. people and the environment. When we realize what is and what awaits us. When we do not look back, when we do not live in the past and what was once. Because we will not come back to this, it was and is gone. What is important in real life is what is now and what will be in a moment. This is real life. When we realize what people are like, when we realize who we can really count on in life. In most cases, we can only count on ourselves, when we have parents, we can also count on them, but when they run out, mainly on themselves and on good people who try to help us. However, in most cases only on yourself. We should be aware of this. When we feel a leg in our lives, all friends leave us only the closest relatives, if we have them. However, under certain conditions and they can leave us alone. They can drink vodka with you and talk to you brother, but in difficult moments they will turn on your heel and leave you. This is the truth, those who say differently just have not yet convinced of it and it is better that they do not have to. I managed to convince myself of this, fortunately I had living parents who helped me. I have gone through a lot and learned a lot in my life. At some point in my life I received a gift from fate. Sometimes I see my future and other people close to me, but also people who are important to me in some way. I will not tell you what I saw and what came true, but it came true. One such thing was that I would recover after a long illness and I knew that at a certain age I would break a blog like a diary in which I would describe a lot. I want to describe something to you, that's why I started with the truth. Because truth is important in life, thanks to it I felt better in my life. The basis of human health is truth. People who lie eventually fall into something like a fake life. I will tell you that schizophrenics deny the truth in favor of imaginary things, they are sick. They usually live in the past because they find them acceptable and pleasant. In fact, lying to themselves, they don't see real life and they are sick. Doctors load drugs in them and they are getting more and more ill. The doctors say that the disease will get worse with age. This is not true, people simply lie to themselves more and more and get lost more and more. To recover from this disease, you need to start living truly, guided by real events and real words without lying to yourself and live the present, not the past. If they don't do this, their disease will get worse. I want to write about one of these truths. It is important to realize that we only live once and that life lasts about a hundred years maximum and that we must leave this world later. You can't be afraid of death because it's normal that we die in the end. We have the right to be afraid of pain that we will have nothing to live for, what to eat, but not death. I have already written that I see the future and want to write about it today. Most of you believe in God, that's good because you have to believe in something. The church teaches us how to be good people, so it is needed. Without him, we would be like animals without the Ten Commandments. Who would be stronger would rule without the ten commandments. Church commandments are important so that there is order in the world. You see that where the commandments are broken, people are like animals. Many of you ask yourself whether God exists. I tell you, it doesn't exist, but there are forces that rule this world. It is thanks to him that I have the gift of seeing the future and not only because of seeing the truth. Maybe this time to open people's eyes to certain matters. For centuries, the church has told people different fables, but it is to keep the decalogue. I think people are intelligent these days and it's time to open some eyes. In fact, you only live once and for all eternity, you will not be born a second time and you will not go to hell or to heaven. Because there is no such thing. Dying, however, you can experience hell or heaven, but only for a short while. The moment is when you die and your heart will not stop, only all the electric charges that are in your body will give up. This is the real moment of death, it ends with darkness and nothingness. Then you feel nothing and experience nothing. The moment of clinch death is not death. This is the moment when your body is still living. You experience different experiences during clinical death. This can be compared to sleep, exceptional sleep. Because all your life flies before your eyes. You know why, because your brain works intensively then, you have many jumps of electric charges in the brain. During clinical death it is very intense, you see people who are not there, because the brain creates images of the past. It is not heaven or hell, it is the work of your brain. Many people are likely to experience clinical death and have similar feelings because your brains work similarly. If you've been told heaven all your life and what it looks like, it creates a picture of your brain and everyone similarly tells it. After total death you simply are gone and you will not and you have to accept it. Therefore, you should enjoy life while you have it. Nothing will give you back your life, no money. Life is something most precious, those who took it do not regret it, because they had a chance to live and did not take advantage of it. Life is more than winning a lottery, you should thank God that you are alive. You may not have been born at all, thank the parents that they gave you life, without them you would not live. Most people hope to meet others in heaven, and that's not true. Only after them will memory in those who live. This is the truth about life and death. I am not afraid of death, when it comes, it will be my turn. Stane, head up, when I leave this world. Maybe these stories will remain in the memory of those who live, I may not be there anymore. If I die, I will know the truth about life, and not live in the lies and stories they feed us. You may not believe me, it's your choice what you believe, but that's the truth about life and death. Enjoy every day you live, even if you are alone. No love is worth your life. Nothing is worth your life. No work, no man and no woman is worth the sacrifice of life, there is no such thing on earth that would be more important than human life. Now you know the truth about life, about something that is most valuable. You want to believe in life after death, in God, but I believe in myself and in the life I have. With this accent I finish my story today. Have a nice day and long years of life.




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30 June 2020

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