Considerations No.59

Today I will tell you stories from Facebook. I am on several groups and some time ago a new person appeared on the group. She wrote a post that she would meet group members, so I wrote a short hello, maybe we'll meet. I wrote maybe with 3 short sentences, not seeing the response I wrote you do not want to talk hard. The girl did not answer my word, but at that time she had already written five posts on the group. For me it's just rudeness such behavior, apparently not for her. I wrote under her post that she is probably a fake person, not a real one, because if she doesn't answer a word, maybe she is a guy in a disguise. She wrote on the group that I am funny, because how can I expect to write back. I wrote that it is rude when you do not write back and simply that it is rude. The girl was outraged that I could offend her like me. Of course, a group of supporters quickly found, she was not a bad girl, so horny gentlemen applauded her as I could offend her. I just wrote the truth that it's rude to ignore someone when someone politely asks. In a moment she gave a post on the group as men can offend women on the group, just because she did not reply. You know what I didn't offend her at all, I found out that her behavior was rude when someone was ignored. The administration followed her, that as I could write, it was rude behavior. She has the right not to write back to me and of course she has the right to drip me with warm urine, but I have the right to assess this behavior and this is no insult to her. The administration believed that if I wrote to it politely, it has the right not to write back a word to me, of course, that it has such a right, but the courtesy form requires that if someone asks you something, it can be answered in any way. Of course, most people may disagree with me and say that girl had the right not to speak to you, in short, dump you. However, I wanted to explain to you some rules of culture, no matter whether in real life or on Facebook. Imagine you came to a bus stop and you don't have a watch and you don't know what time it is. You see a person who stands and has a watch, you walk over, you ask politely, I am sorry, what time it is now, and the guy blames you, turns on his heel and treats you like air, whether it's culture or rude behavior. Would you have the right to say that this person behaved in Khamsk or not. That's how it was with me, I was the person who politely asked for the time and I was blown away. It wasn't until I said that it was rude. I heard epithets from my address with the administration from half of the group. They said how he could offend a woman, he wasn't a man, that I wanted to make myself known that I was a narcissist, and the like. A lot of people wrote how bad I am, and you know why, because this girl introduced me so and when one crow wrote a text, the content followed her without knowing the subject. They went like rams to slaughter, one wrote that it was rudeness to offend a woman, and I did not even offend but found the fact that it is rude how it blends people. I tell you these people on the internet are stupid rams, if someone told them that a person is a damn thing, most of them would write epithets for such a person, probably a death sentence they would sign for themselves, they have flip-flops in front of them and they can't think for themselves. Admin, trying to make me aware, wrote that something is wrong with me because I removed her from friends the day after my birthday. It is not surprising to me that I deleted it, I had a birthday, she did not write stupid happy birthday, but if it was a help she would write ten times in five minutes. During the day maybe inserted ten posts, but she could not make stupid wishes, which consist of two words happy birthday. You see this people's reason and what should I keep such rams on my Facebook. I prefer to surround myself with normal human people, not a herd of rams who appear as they want. Admin writes to me that she replies when you feel like it and not everyone. It is a pity that I did not know before that he is such a person, because I would pour her warm urine and send her to all devils and not join this group at all ... I will tell you this culture of admins who do not know what admin is about. They set a bad example themselves, riding a man, removing his comments, that would be their right, I am dumped at such admins and I respect them as they did me. You have to earn respect. Respect others, they will respect you, it's true. I left this group because I won't be sitting with a bunch of idiots. Adminka with half an ass on top wants to shine and she calls me a narcissist, an underestimated maiden herself. Such people just administer groups usually and this level is later on Facebook. For me it is a pity of words on them, but I wanted to describe this event to show you how people are. Such people walk the streets just considering themselves cultural, and rudeness crawls out from each side of their person. Because you are on the Internet, you are like that in the world. With this accent I finish my story today.




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10 July 2020

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