Considerations No.60

Hello everyone warmly and cordially. Today I will talk about the election. Of course, Mr. Duda won and our luck that he won. He won with a slight advantage, but it did not surprise me at all. A lot of people voted for Mr Trzaskowski. Every day talking to people I saw how they are behind Trzaskowski. I am very surprised by these people, but I see their approach. They are usually jealous of five hundred plus thirteen for pensioners. In my opinion, they are steeped in propaganda from TVN, but also in the work they work for. Heads of companies will always vote for tasks like Trzaskowski. You will ask why, because during the PO's rule the owners were someone. They gave hunger rates and had five in your place. Now they must pay more to you. They tell you not to pay five hundred plus they would pay you more, but honestly they would not pay more or even less if PO ruled. I remember exactly the time of PO's rule. Only thieves and business owners were good. They cheated on the VAC, they were scams, the government was bribing millions of dollars. An ordinary employee got a few zlotys an hour and if he didn't like it, there were five volunteers to take his place. Takei were PO governments and there was no support for families because they said and cried constantly that there was no money for anything. They told you to work for up to 67 years, after all half of you would not live to that age, working at hunger rates. Now you can retire and earn some extra money if you want, you get thirteen next year, there will also be fourteen. Single mothers, but not only, also families receive support in the value of five hundred zlotys per child. Many large families have had no bread today they have. The PIS government showed how to look after people in the state. The Civic Platform said that there was no money, because when they stole Poland, it was not enough to seal the VAT and not go to Peru for trips at the expense of the taxpayer, as Tusk did. When the government took over PIS came out all PO fraud. The tapes that came out showed who the PO was. A lot of scams came out, people thrown into the streets from tenements, taken houses and flats, it was all the fault of those scams that the PO did. During the times of the PO they sold out forests, businesses collapsed and went into foreign hands. Poles did in their country on the rights of Western concerns, for pennies. You think why so many people left the country during the PO's rule because it was impossible to live in the country. Poland was on its feet to decline because they were selling everything to foreign capital. If people did not come to their senses they would sell out all of Poland. They built houses on the lakeside estates and enclosed them, that's how the Polish lords lived and they voted for PO. Ordinary hard-working people, they had no bread on the trash cans. This was the time of PO, but probably many people do not remember it, looking at the votes for Trzaskowski. As for LGBT, they lived and continue to live, no one abuses them, but it can't be that LGBT has more rights than ordinary people, and Trzaskowski strived for it. Once in the US, black people had less rights than white, but today it has changed, you can't say anything about them because you are a racist, but they can offend white people and nobody cares. In Poland, if LGBT had a voice, you couldn't look badly at them, because you would be a homophobe. In today's times normality is stigmatized, and what is not normal is exalted, it is their whole democracy. In democracy everyone has equal rights and is not accused only of being white or black, of ordinary orientation or homo. Some have gone too far in their assessments. You can't discriminate against anyone, and they do it with white-skinned people, with people of usual sexual orientation. It is already fashionable to be black and soon it will be fashionable to be homo. PO and Trzaskowski wanted to make a brothel of Poland, and fortunately there are more wise people in Poland than idiots. However, looking at the election, it was not the educated people who voted for Trzaskowski, but a bunch of idiots who did not have their own opinion, and following the propaganda of TVN and PO. These people are such fools that the head is small, they only worry about themselves and look what they are today, they do not think about tomorrow. They are not worried about what country their children will live in. After the PO takes over governments, there will be no money for anything again, and people will work for pennies. This is the fate of children who vote for PO. German TVN, PO is in cooperation with them, but why. People were already laughing at Poles who went to Germany for asparagus. Why did they go because they had nothing to live for, they had loans to pay for their houses, they went there. It is on hand for the Germans, because there is no one to work with, only Poles are a hard-working nation. When there is nothing to live in Poland, Poles will leave the country to work in other countries, and that's what Germans mean, that's how they propagate PO on TVN because they know where it will lead. PO is a group of sellers for a few million paw, they will sell everything, forests, houses, businesses even their own mother. Yes, mother, because Poland is our mother who feeds us. When I see half of those people in the country who voted for Trzaskiowski, I wonder where they had reason. Why do they need education if they have no reason. He is not intelligent, who has education, but he who can think for himself. You can see less educated groups are smarter than those educated idiots in Poland. Looking at the elections, half of Poland is a moron, without reason. I would give them a shovel and they would learn something. They don't realize that without these less educated people no one would build them a house, nobody would make food because farmers are not educated, and thanks to them we have something to eat. He thinks that they will sit behind the desk and take money, but what if this money is not worth buying because there will be no farmers and no food. What if this can collector doesn't collect them, you will drown in the trash. That's the truth about society. They say LGBT is being discriminated against, and they don't see discrimination against less educated people. After all, even voting is divided due to education, it is not discrimination, they even talk about it on television. They show the difference between educated and less educated, whether it is not discrimination, what these people are worse than educated. They are also hard-working people, harder than the educated ones, but you can't see it, LGBT is important to you. Important moral morality than something good.That is why the world is going to destruction. Half of Poland are rams that are going to slaughter themselves, because when PO will take over governments they will work again at starving rates and there will be no money for anything. Polish nation, wake up finally before it's too late. Vote wisely for yourself and your children and future generations. Do not be sales people like PO and Trzaskowski, you live in Poland and enjoy it. Now I'm finishing my thoughts, I hope you understood something. Who really wants to do good for Poland.




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13 July 2020

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