Considerations No.61

Hello and warmly welcome from this side Doux, or Mr. Quintessent. What I wanted to address today is loneliness. Every day I see how many people are lonely, our whole society is practically lonely. They have families, they have children and they feel lonely. I browse Facebook or Instagram every day and see how many lonely people right away. In my daily life I also meet lonely people. Then he realizes that man is lonely. After many behaviors, he recognizes it. On the Internet it is especially visible when people post photos, how they pose as someone they are not, how they need approval from others. You can see it all from the posts they post. I can see it both on Facebook and Instagram. I see ordinary people and stars of the television format. Everyone plays someone other than they really is, everyone is waiting for likes. Why do they do it because they want to be accepted by society, they want to feel like someone. Usually someone they are not. Polish society does not believe in itself. I won't say that I don't post photos, but I treat it differently. I treat it as my story, like my mini diary in which I write down various events. I share my interests on Facebook, because it gives me pleasure, but whether someone reads it or not, I don't do it for others, I do it for myself. Most people, however, do a show for others, count on likes, compliments, they want to feel appreciated at least on the Internet, because in real life nobody values ​​them, and most of all they do not value themselves. People on the Internet often want to be noticed, only I will ask by whom. Whose attention is important to you, strangers for whom you mean nothing, your family does not care, you are looking for applause from strangers, how you cannot live with your family. For example, I do not feel lonely, I know that I have parents who think about me, I have myself and that is all I need. Even when I am alone, I will not feel lonely, because I have myself and I can only count on myself. I've lived for a while now and I can only count on myself. When you realize that you only have yourself then how can you feel lonely. We feel loneliness when we have someone and lose someone, I had nobody to lose. I have never had a wife or children, how can I feel lonely when I have no one to miss. Those who had families of their own, children, may miss the life they had before. They may miss the husband who is no more, the children who have already left the house. When they had someone with them half their life, they miss and feel lonely. But that's not all. Often times, people have families and children and feel lonely. You know why, because nobody takes care of them, nobody pays attention to them, nobody appreciates them. So many people are on various websites looking for confirmation of their own worth. They post photos on facebook, they look terrible, but they wait for someone to write you look beautiful today, or give a like. Some people live it because they have to feel accepted by the environment. These are people who feel lonely. These are people brought up on the fact that someone complimented them at every step, now they look for it on the Internet. They invite strangers to become friends because they want to feel and show that they have many friends. The reality, however, is different, on their birthday all these friends cannot even make a wish, and you know why, because they have such a person somewhere. Most of these people go for quantity not for quality. As a result, when they realize it, they feel even more lonely. People often cannot talk to each other. In real life, they boast about what they don't have, what they don't know, how much they or their children or grandchildren have not achieved. There are many topics to talk about, but most people talk to others when they don't boast about something. Such is the society that he cannot talk. Later they are surprised that they don't have real friends. Usually in old age they stay alone or with friends who are just like them. Is Polish society that stupid and thoughtless? Answer this question for yourself. You know when a person feels lonely. A person feels lonely when there is no loved one who appreciates him. I appreciate myself, so I don't need such a person, I learned it when I was alone for a long time. I've started to appreciate myself and I'm fine with it, I don't feel lonely. Sometimes I miss a loved one, but I don't feel lonely. Looking at conversations with people in real life or on the Internet, people are very lonely and need their acceptance and appreciation. The problem is really with ourselves. We don't know how to value ourselves, we don't have faith in ourselves, so later we feel lonely. Because we hope that someone will praise us, appreciate us, and there are no such people. Let's start doing something for ourselves after all, so that we value ourselves. The things I like to do are singing and broadcasting. Thanks to this, I have faith in myself, because I have a hobby that gives me joy. Try to find a hobby for yourself, a hobby that gives you happiness. You don't have to be the best at it, but please enjoy it. In my opinion, everyone should have a hobby, something they like to do, then they will always stay normal. When you are busy you don't think about nonsense and your life is happier. If you have no hobbies, find one, don't be alone. Facebook and Instagram are there for you to share your interests, not to express yourself. You must self-esteem yourself by believing in yourself, appreciating yourself. Thanks to this, you will not feel lonely and with this accent I end my today's reflections.




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17 July 2020

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