Considerations No.62

Hello everyone on my blog. The year is 2020 on August 2. Sometimes I follow what the clairvoyant Mr. Jackowski says. Sometimes he says utter nonsense, but he's also quite right. He has seen a war recently, but I have to calm you down, at least for three years, there will be no war, at least not in Poland. There will be riots in Germany, people will be afraid to leave the house. Refugees will make themselves known. It won't be interesting there, there will be a lot of different incidents. France won't be a peaceful country either, and it's all because of the refugees they've taken. There will be no major war in the world in three years. The coronovirus in September will mutate enough to cause a lot of deaths. There will be a shortage of hospital beds and equipment, even though they think they are prepared. I know certain events and I know what Mr. Jackowski sees, only he sees it in a moment, and it will only be in three years, when there are elections in Poland. Polish society does not appreciate PIS, they do not even realize how much it is doing for society, for law and order. Today you have a great life, but in three years that will change. I am on a pension, I get a PLN 1000 pension, it is impossible to live on this, not to mention starting a family. How dignified my life is is just nothing. Therefore, in three years, when I do not have a decent pension, I will vote for the PO. You know why, because the PO will bring war to this country. I am fed up with watching others live in luxury, and I do not have a decent pension, I have not asked for this pension in my life. The people who made me sick helped me. I have nothing to lose, I don't have a family, I don't have a wife, I don't have children, I don't even have a cat like Kaczyński, but I have something else, I have a gift thanks to which I can see the future. I know what awaits Poland and not only Poland. Could I help, I could, but did someone help me, so you have the answer. In three years there will be elections, then Kaczyński's cat will die, it will be a sign of what is about to begin. Start in Poland and in the world. You probably say why you don't go to work, first of all, not everyone wants to take a schizophrenic, people have prejudices against mental illness. I have three jobs in total, so I can't work in any of them. I am completely incapable of work, this is how I am supposed to work. Since I am completely incapable of work, why is it not worth getting money to live. This is the so-called world justice. In three years you will see real justice. What is yet to come will be a horror for you. You are not used to wars. You're used to luxuries, and this war will be worse than WWII. People suffered terribly during the Second World War, but you will not see real suffering until the Third World War. What is to come will surpass all expectations. You are complaining about the coronovirus that you have to wear masks. Coronovirus in World War III is a piece of cake. In Poland, the PO rule will come first, they will make you work beyond your strength, telling you that the PIS has made debts. The PIS government will be accounted for by the PO government. Numerous trials will start, they will actually be lying, but they will judge those from PIS. Poland will become a tool in the hands of the Germans. The United States will leave Poland because there will be no one to talk to. Poland will become a German colony, Germany will shape our country. A Pole in his own country will have nothing to say, he will have the right to fuck until he turns around. Retirement will be late in life, going back to the old arrangements. Wages will not increase, only prices will increase. The poorer will have nothing to live for. The rich will use the poor for work even more, it will come to a point that you will only earn for food. It will not be the end, it will be before the war. Doctors won't treat because they won't take because of coronavirus. Your teeth will hurt, you will get sick and die of various diseases. Food will run out. Food will be the most expensive, because everyone will want to survive. First, Germany will be attacked in its own country. Of course, because of the refugees, they are there for a reason. They did not come to Germany for no reason. For now, they are just clashing with the police, exploring the area, in fact, before the offensive they are planning. You know why the refugees left their country because they did not ask for a war. Europe prepared the war for them, they came to Europe. They are waiting for the right moment, they will attack unexpectedly. Nobody in Germany will be safe. When the war with refugees begins in Germany, there will be another war in Poland. Poland is not in favor of the Russians. Russia will attack, the Americans will no longer be in the country, or they will simply withdraw. They won't want to interfere. What it all depends on, one vote, my voice. If you think this will end then you are wrong, the real war is yet to begin. You have three years for people to live better, for me to live better. Sometimes the war starts with the individual. Whether I'm telling the truth, making up a story or just raving, it remains to be seen in three years. We will live, we will see, if I am telling the truth, you could have changed it, the fate of humanity depends on you. Could Mr. Lech Kaczyński change something and live, could he, but he probably did not believe in someone else's talk. Today he is not here, you will not ask him what he knew and what he could change. Whether Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński knows something or can change something, it will turn out in some time. How long Mr. Kaczynski will live, you probably ask, maybe as much as his cat. I have always been for PIS, because they wanted good for the country, but I am fed up with living for alms, enough for a house or food. If I don't have a decent life, no one will. The war will take over the whole world and you will spend the whole day for a slice of bread, being humiliated. You will learn what dignity is for everyone, because this is what people fought for during the Second World War to live in dignity. Today they have a decent life, but only the chosen ones. I feel like useless garbage that no one has respect for, only that I don't work and I have a modest PLN 1000. Why am I writing all this to make people aware of what is respect for other people, what is a dignified life. Today I am nobody, tomorrow everyone will be nobody. The coronovirus is just the beginning of everything that will happen. You don't really know what's coming and I'm not going to tell you. Jackowski will speculate on what he sees, but I'm surprised when the end will come. He will have different visions, but only partial. You will know about the war when it comes. That's it for today from me. Best regards and have a nice day as long as you have it.



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02 August 2020

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