Considerations No.64

Hello everyone reading this blog. I sat and thought what to do and decided to post another entry. Today I'm going to focus on people. We are in the twenty-first century, and people have become strangers, even in families. The ubiquitous facebook has taken over people. People except Facebook can not see anything. All the fashion is based on facebook. New electronic devices advertised on facebook turn out to be completely different than in the ads displayed on facebook. I ordered a watch from Facebook myself, which turned out to be something else, but it cannot be returned, because the costs would only increase. I see every day, being attacked by advertisements that have nothing to do with reality. There are a lot of lies on Facebook about what they advertise. We are surrounded by the lies of equipment, offers and people. Most people are rushing for popularity, adding more and more new friends. These numbers in numbers five hundred and more are impressive, but who. Do these people have so many friends? What kind of friends are they who can't make a birthday wish. What kind of friends we don't talk to. People go to quantity to shine with the amount of friends or likes. Companies are better off, because they have advertising, but people who care about such a number of friends or likes. I'll tell you most, because they think it makes them more liked. The truth is, these people don't even know you, they don't care to get any help from them is waiting for the end of the world. Look at the people staring at the phones, be it on the street or on the bus. These people usually sit on Facebook, texting with someone, watching silly videos, or watching other people's posts. I myself am in several groups and I see how many posts some post, I wonder for what purpose only. That's how people spend their time, precious time. Every minute in your life gives you a moment where you can make use of it, but you prefer watching a silly movie. It's like having a minute of life left and you are watching a silly movie instead of spending that time in a better way, for example talking to people close to you. You will lay down your life without knowing when, your life will pass in stupid videos, stupid posts from groups that bring nothing to anyone's life. As I see posts on groups, I want to live. Stupid games, stupid entries, thanks to which you won't even know anyone. You will not know real friends, you will not make any friends, you will have wasted time in your life. I have been in groups for some time, I thought that I would meet interesting people, make friends with someone, but with people like today it is impossible. Some time ago, a girl posted a post that she wanted to meet someone. So I said, I told her that courage is important and it is worthwhile to talk to someone sometimes, which I just did. The girl said that she has honor and does not take the first step to the guy, and what's wrong with someone to write "hey, what's up", so I wrote to her, so she said that she had her dignity. After a few days I see her photo on Facebook in a bikini, she said she wanted to boast, I think where her dignity has gone. Showing your bikini to the world and saying "hey, what's up" which is more humiliating. People get weird, they don't know what's humiliating. Such people are on Facebook, I don't know whether to cry or wring my hands. Such phenomena multiply like mushrooms in the rain, but not only on Facebook, but also in life. There are even black sheep in the families. Recently I had an invitation to a wedding from my family, I finally gave up, but before I quit I asked my sisters, imagine if they would give me a lift to the wedding. She only goes with her boyfriend, she has two vacancies, first she sang me fifty zlotys for the ride, even though she was going there herself, and later advised that there was no point in going as I said that I would pay her, apparently she did not want to take me, I could see I was a problem for her. I wonder if she tells her boyfriend to pay her fifty zlotys, I think he will not say, he will take him and take him home. Now you can see that with my family it is best to take a picture, I hope that I will have as few pictures with her. I'm her relative, her boyfriend is a stranger, but she won't sing to him paying for a ride when she goes to the same place herself. I'm not worried, because she will also come to ask for help, then I will thank her. This is how hatreds in families are born, and later you look for friends on Facebook. People are becoming strangers not only on Facebook, but also in families. The times are such that it all goes nowhere. Busy people, seeking more and more money, without looking that they are running over dead bodies. Why is all this happening in the world, because of people, the coronovirus, problems with finding a job, human hatred for people. This is what characterizes humanity today, and such behaviors cannot lead to anything good, so don't expect the world to be beautiful. It is the rats' pursuit of money for their own convenience, regardless of the fact that the corpse is thickly littered. Does something have to happen in the end for people to see, I think so, maybe the copronovirus is just the beginning of something bigger. Something people don't expect. Did they deserve it for sure. Maybe if something happens that scares them, they'll get smart. People usually get smart when they really have a hard time. I think there is more than one thing waiting for people to wake their minds. Such is my reflection on people today and how they are today.




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23 August 2020

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