Considerations No.65

Hello everyone, today I wanted to mention something interesting. I started thinking about the meaning of life and decided to post a new entry. Have you ever wondered about life, or are you just living and not thinking about it. They say you must have a goal in life, but what goal do you have if you haven't thought about life. Is your destination for a home or a car, maybe a better job, or maybe something more down-to-earth, a new dress or pants, or a new cell phone or watch. In fact, a little thing can make us happy. You just have to ask yourself if it makes you happy. I have repeatedly wondered what life is and what it should be like to be happy. Most people are born and go to school hoping to find a well-paid job and be fulfilled. But what if it doesn't, we are usually broken, we get depressed, we are afraid of tomorrow. We do not feel fulfilled then, we start to doubt ourselves, how else someone helps us by mocking us and laughing at us using different style epithets for nothing you are no longer fit for it at all. Sometimes this is where disease comes from. First, a depression that gets worse. Let me tell you, we will not please anyone, and you know why, because people criticize us to cover their own faults. We should avoid these toxic people, they will eventually collapse on their own when they are left alone. But coming back to life as it looks, more or less the same for everyone. We are born, we grow up, we learn, we go to university or straight to work after high school or vocational school, some after primary school. We work, we find the other half, we get married and give birth to children, then we want to give the children as much as possible what we did not have, although it can be different. Everyone gives what they think is best, most gives money and nothing else. Sometimes, instead of this money, more talk and time are required, but most do not do it in a career or escape into the world of work. Such behavior later affects children, but the fact that money rules the world. As they say, with money bad, but also bad without money. Sometimes it's worth a bit of a middle ground, less money but more time for the baby. However, some are workaholics and find it hard to get out of there. I think it is often a run from home, it is possible that some people only want to spend part of their lives at home. Maybe it depresses them, maybe there are other reasons. In fact, there are no perfect people and there will never be, but I don't think anyone cares about it. I'm just talking about ordinary things here, but I want to show you how your life is. Having children, we will have grandchildren, we will not look back when life is passing by. At a later age, we have children, grandchildren and we have to leave. It's hard for us to leave then, leaving such a beautiful life. However, everyone experiences life differently, not everyone will have children or grandchildren. I don't really have a chance, but I live my life differently. When you have someone to live for, life is different and you have different priorities. When you live for yourself as I do, these priorities are different. You think if someone has children, he has a worse life, not at all. It's important to have a purpose in life. When someone has children, the goal is to lead them to people and have grandchildren. When you don't have children, your goal is your own happiness, not someone else's. However, it can be different, because everyone wants to be happy. For some, happiness is when a child finishes primary school, when he is born healthy. For me, happiness is to fulfill my own whims, and I have various whims. Today I fulfilled one of my whims, I ordered a graphic tablet, thanks to which I will be able to draw. Why did I buy it because I like drawing and it is such a simple whim that will cheer me up. Everyone has such desires in life, some buy clothes, others buy shoes, and still others electronic equipment or a new car. Do we enjoy it, of course. These are our little things that make us feel good and make us happy. Sometimes it is in the short term, but for that one moment when we have it in our hands it is worth working to earn for it. In fact, only moments are important in life, moments when we are happy. The more of these moments, the happier we are. You know when you are happy for some reason, when you put your work into it, the harder you are, the happier you are. Rich people are not happy even though they have money because everything is easy for them. That is why it is said that money does not bring happiness. They really give, but if we earn them hard. This often makes poorer people happier. Because they work hard for every slice of bread. When you work hard you appreciate more things. Happiness is when we appreciate something, when we know the value, then we see how much we have achieved. If homeless people are happy, sometimes more than rich people, they know how much a roll costs. Happiness depends on how we appreciate something and if we know the value. How to make a homeless person happy and buy him food. It's normal for you and you don't enjoy it, but for him it is. When you haven't had a chicken in your mouth for several years, this chicken dish can be something special. Therefore, you see, in order to be happy, you have to learn to appreciate the little things, even if you are rich, appreciate, you will be happy. To sum up my writing, you do not need to achieve anything in life, but be able to appreciate everything, every day, every moment, then you will be really happy. Happiness is the ability to appreciate, and with these words I say goodbye to you.




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07 September 2020

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