Considerations No.66

Hello everyone, today I will tell you about my vocation again. Recently, I have been attending workshops to help me find a job. Working for people with disabilities is not easy. Both for the employer and the employee, work is not an easy task. I am disabled to some extent and finding a job is almost a miracle. I see advertisements on the internet every day, but so what if there is no place for me in any job. How he can tell from my CV that I send for employers. Man, 44 years old, has not worked for almost twenty years, who will hire him. In fact, I had to earn extra money on my own to have a few pennies more, I had to deal with my own business without any activity, I was a sole proprietorship. I could only have that, because I trained myself and knew many things, but the fact that I was interested in it, I took money for the services I provided. If I started Zusa's business, they would eat me. I couldn't go to work because no one would take me to a construction site, but I can't do anything about construction and at my age, after so many years of sitting at home, it would be very hard, after all, I'm not twenty to go to a construction site, no I'm in good shape, and what's worse, I feel bad in construction matters. This is such an introduction to my life. Can the workshops help me, I think for sure, I'm already after a few classes and I've learned a lot, and this is not the end of the news. First of all, in the classroom, I learned that work should be enjoyable and should be matched to ourselves, so that we would not get tired in it. It is not about physical fatigue at work, although it is also important, but mental fatigue that torments us more than physical. First of all, the atmosphere at work, mutual respect and people in the right place are important. Not everyone is suitable to lead a team of people, not everyone is suitable for physical and mental work. First, we have to ask ourselves honestly what we would like to do, whether it would give us satisfaction, whether we would feel good in such work, or it would not aggravate our disease with which we suffer. Will work not lead us to end up in the hospital after six months or earlier? It is very important to choose a job for the state we are in. This also applies to healthy people. Already during the recruitment process, the recruiter can see if we are fit or should work in this position. This one has so many people dropping out and not being accepted. A recruitment interview is very important, sometimes we don't realize how much about it. It's not all we learn, but these are the basics of being at work. Without proper preparation, we will not exist anywhere. Whether to find people with disabilities is hard, I think so. Often, even if they accept, we cannot stand at work because the work is not suited to us, to our abilities. It is thanks to the Laboro Foundation and similar foundations that disabled people have a chance to work and live a normal life. The main person in the foundation is Mrs. Basia, a very intelligent person who knows what she does and finds herself in it, is the right person in the right place. There is also Mrs. Kasia, our psychologist who also shows that she works by vocation, not only for money. Some people show that they are in the right place where they work. There is also Mrs. Magda, she is such a lively and positive person that she spreads such a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere, she is also a person who is in the right place and she also feels at it. There are even more people, but I will not mention all of them well. Mrs. Basia, choosing such a team, knew what she was doing, you can see it straight away. Everyone finds themselves here, because someone knew how to fill the staff. They are just people in the right place, well-matched, I feel right at the first contact with these people. However, there are not such people in Poland and such foundations everywhere, I am glad that he is in my city and that I can participate in the classes. You know why I'm happy, because I know that they will also help me choose a job, because each person has a personal trainer. I've seen them help other people and those people were happy. I am glad that there are people like Basia, Kasia and Magda, that they do something out of their vocation not for the sake of money, but you can feel it, and most of all know their profession. It is worth trusting such people. It is worth opening up to such people and being honest, because only then can they help us. I appreciate such people when they do something of their vocation and are in the right place. If there were more such people in Poland, our country would be doing quite well. Sometimes you don't need words, sometimes you can feel people from far away. Today, participating in such classes and seeing such people, I am eager to write these words and I can see that there are people who are called to work and know their stuff. It just requires the right person to select such staff, it has to be a person who knows himself and knows how to make decisions. This is selecting an employee in their place, it is a person in the right place, it is a calling and feeling good at work. Wouldn't anyone like to work like that? However, it is hard to achieve without proper preparation. These people are prepared and I am happy because, if they are in their place, they can help others, also me. Many in our country could learn from them. Work must be enjoyable, give the opportunity for development and satisfaction. These people have achieved it, and it's not easy, these are my words of appreciation for these people. When you do something out of your calling, you do it well remember it. I greet the entire Laboro Foundation and I am glad that there are such people. Today I am not criticizing anyone, because there is no one, if it were, I would point out mistakes, because I am a sincere person. These are the people who deserve respect, mine for sure, I have a lot to say, but I don't want to drag on anymore. Remember, do something with your heart, and the results will come by themselves, and with this statement I conclude my today's reflections.



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11 September 2020

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