Considerations No.67

Hello everyone, today I will tell you about many things. Often people ask us what's up, do you have someone etc. Usually we answer somehow or quite well, some people like to complain. I personally complain about people not having grass because they usually complain all the time. The question you have someone, in my case is a difficult question. It is hard for me to find the right person with whom I would be comfortable. Most people think I'm a freak and I just can't meet a normal, nice person. Most of the people I meet aren't nice, they're often mean, I don't know, maybe it's my fault because I'm kind and that's how I act on them. I have a nice way of being, but I also have a specific sense of humor and way of seeing the world. Maybe that's the problem, sometimes I don't know. I am a brave honest person, sometimes people are afraid of everything that life gives them. Maybe this is different. In life after what I have been through, I am not afraid of anything, even death. Sometimes I am afraid of the pain associated with death, and sometimes I am not even afraid of this pain, because it would be the last pain. Most people fear death and that is their biggest problem. I will tell you what happens when you are not afraid of death. You treat each day of your life as the last one and you want to live it as well as possible. However, this is difficult to achieve with people who fear death. It's hard to find someone who can understand you because everyone else thinks differently. It's not like I'm going to die today, but I realize it can be, and that's how I take care of my every day. In order to come to such a state of mind, you need to be as honest with yourself as I wrote about it. Why is love so difficult for me, because I have goals that I would have to achieve in order to fall in love. The person I meet should understand me, should be nice not only when they want to get me, but have a nice way of being because you can feel it from a distance. If she understood my point of view, it would be cool to be such a person, without anger and hatred towards the world and people. Love is not a simple matter, but it is based on mutual help and support in difficult times, most people do not. At least I have not met such a person, neither among the sick nor among the healthy. Everyone is nice when he wants to achieve the goal. You used to try to be nice to someone for no reason, because I do, it gets into my blood every day. Sometimes it is worth trying once and taking it further, this is how we learn behavior, positive behavior. Today people are distrustful, everyone suspects you of the bottom line, and there was a time when you didn't. I remember those times people were more nice, honest and direct. Those were the times when people did not stay indoors. Today, we teach a new generation of behaviors such as shutting down at home, alienation, etc. The world is thus striving towards destruction, dehumanization. It is because of such behavior that it is difficult for me to find a close person. If I have to meet a person with whom I am going to struggle, I prefer to be alone with my thoughts and thoughts and let you know about it. Most relationships start with us needing something from that person, and that's the wrong approach. I start off with the fact that I like to spend time with a given person. Today, however, it starts mostly towards money. He's got money so I'll be with him because I'm gonna be having fun. He will take me to Majorca, he will buy me gifts, I will feel like a princess. This is a very wrong approach to the matter. Have you ever thought about something that I will spend time with him, because I like to smell his scent nearby, feel his peace, not go to Majorca, just lie in his room, touching my fingers and doing nothing. Just get bored together, but not alone together. The coolest thing about a relationship is that even when we're bored it's together. Love is the willingness to be together in every situation, in the good and worse. I am 44 years old and I have not met a person like that, it is always about something, there is always a bottom line. It's the problem that people can't cheat. Personally, I don't want to be with a person who can't love, because I would get tired of them. That is why I am not alone because I am fussy like most thoughts. Love is about loving and being loved, not just one-sided love, because it doesn't make sense. I prefer to be san than with a person who cannot love Each of us is an individual who can do without the other person, but love completes happiness in our life, so we want to be with the other person. However, if we are to be with a person who does not love us, it is better not to be with them. You think sex is important in a relationship, it's important, and very much in a relationship where love is on both sides. Do you need a woman for sex? Not necessarily. What is important in sex is to achieve orgasm. Orgasm, however, can be achieved without a woman and without a man, everyone has two hands, and if there is no need to seek help. Sex itself is not something big, orgasm is an experience that we are waiting for, because that's what we have sex for, and orgasm can be achieving in many ways. You can be alone and have unearthly orgasms every day, or do we need another person then, no. We need a second person to talk and feel close to someone, and when we have sex with her, it is heavenly, especially when we reach orgasm. This is my analysis of love briefly. Whether I will be with someone, it depends if I will meet the right person. This is the hardest part of life. I wish you and myself that you would meet such a person who you love and who loves you. With this wish I end my today's statement, have a nice day ...




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12 September 2020

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